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One of the moments that make me ship RyuAnn so hard, is that at Shido Palace, I mean, this scene is so beautiful, epic, sad…
The way of who they look each other once that Ryuji made it to the top, how Ann was too shocked about “Ryuji’s dead”, how she start to screaming and panicking… for him

Dude, I’m such a RyuAnn trash, but I really love all the feelings on this part

  • Shido: So…nobody knows.
  • Director: Maybe it was…
  • Shido: SHUT UP!
  • *Director is hit with a box*
  • Shido: Somebody in here, AIN’T a real man. YOU! *Points to Akechi and Sae trying to walk out* We’re on a baby hunt, and don’t think we don’t know how to weed ‘em out! NOW EVERYBODY LINE UP!
  • *Conspiracy and Government members are forced into line*
  • Shido: DJ! Time for the test.
  • *The bossy AD plays the Goofy Goober theme song*
  • Shido: No baby can resist singing along to this!
  • Akechi: *whispering* Sae-san…it’s the Goofy Goober theme song…
  • Sae: *whispering back* I know…
  • *Shido walks along the line of Conspiracy members, intimidates the Principal, and then hears the Yazuka cleaner cough*
  • Yazuka: No, no! I only coughed, I swear!
  • Shido: *Does the 'I’m watching you gesture at the Yazuka’ then continues walking* DJ! Turn it up LOUDER!
  • Yazuka: Whew…!
  • *Bossy AD turns up the volume*
  • Sae: *struggling* Don’t sing along, Akechi-kun…!
  • Akechi: *also struggling* I’m…trying…Trying…so…hard~!
  • Shido: *stops near their positions* I’m a goofy goober, yeah, you’re a goofy goober, yeah, we’re all goofy goobers, yeah…
  • *Akechi and Sae struggle not to sing and their mouths are forced open-!*
  • Beefy and Scruffy Romantic: GOOFY GOOFY GOOBER GOOBER’S YEAH!
  • *disc scratch, music stops*
  • Shido: Heheh, well, well, well… *heads over to the stereotypes* WHICH ONE OF YOU BABIES WAS IT?!
  • Beefy and Scruffy Romantic: *attempt to accuse each other* It was him! Uh…he did it! I’ve never eaten at GOOFY GOOFY GOOBER GOOBER’S YEAH!!! *Cover each other’s mouth with a 'oh crap’ expression.
  • Shido: Well…looks like we got ourselves a DOUBLE BABY!
  • *Everyone All-Out Attacks the Romantics expect for Akechi and Sae*
  • Sae: Man, that was a close call…
  • Akechi: That’s what I thought~
  • Sae: Lucky-shhshh…
  • *Akechi and Sae escape*


Okay let’s actually look at this in a more genuine light. Specifically I want to look at something I noticed about halfway through the game: that there is a weird parallel between Akechi and Futaba that’s never really brought to attention. I mean, you know, outside of the ‘he’s actually like us’ line. 

Both are highly intelligent but have a severe issue with socialization. They both rely on their abilities to sustain the idea of them being around because they don’t feel they have a place among a social society (and are attempted to be drawn out of this shell, with differing levels of success, by the protagonist character). Both have a non-existent father figure who ditched them, and a mother figure who struggled to raise a single child and eventually died when they were young. Both seem to blame their own existence for the death of said mother figure. 

Futaba is the introvert version of Akechi. 

Akechi is the extrovert version of Futaba. 

Both are isolating themselves from society out of an innate fear of stigma and rejection, they just do it in different ways – Futaba by leaving society as much as she can, and Akechi by being an omnipresent celebrity without actually making any meaningful social connections. 

None of this actually means my theory of them being half siblings is true but I feel like these parallels are an interesting thing to think about. But that does bring me to one final point that I would like to discuss REGARDING the half siblings theory: the mother resemblance. While we never see Akechi’s mother in the game, its basically all but stated that he strongly resembles his mother over any resemblance to his father (which is true, he looks NOTHING like Shido aside from that I think they have the same eye color). But…that brings up something interesting too. 

Who does FUTABA most look like?

I don’t know if its just me but Futaba seems to resemble her mother a lot. She has the same sharp chin, a very similar lip structure, and a similar neck and shoulder build to Wakaba. And while her eyes are bigger than Wakaba’s, I could argue that that’s more due to age and that there’s a slight similarity in the eyes too. Where she got the eye color and red hair from, I couldn’t imagine, but this all stands to reason that like Akechi….Futaba has far more physically in common with her mother than her father. So this is another minute parallel that seems to exist between the two. 

Again, none of this directly says that Futaba could be Shido’s child but the parallels between these two characters are so thick that I can’t be brought to believe that its a coincidence of some sort. 

Because I have nothing else of value to say, here’s the promotional art that used red as Akechi’s hair color for the purpose of color parallels with Joker. Because while it has nothing to do with this, I still think its funny that there’s a picture of redhead Akechi when there’s a potential of him having a redhead half sister. Again, nothing for certain, just for fun. 

Edit: pfft whoops I forgot to tag this as spoilers sorry, I’m not used to blogging about shit that’s actually NEW

[P5 SPOILERS] Unanswered questions about Goro Akechi

I’m in a ng+ and noticing a lot of things about Akechi in hindsight that I never gave much thought to in the first run. As far as I know these things don’t have canon answers- if they do and I just forgot something please tell me! Generally I’d love discussion, strangers welcome, come at me.

Putting it under a cut, but once again, spoiler warning for people on mobile!

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Masayoshi Shido and Akechi’s Mother

People seemed to like half-sib Futaba and Akechi so

here I go

I want to talk about Akechi’s mother. 

One of the things that stood out to me the most is the sole time that Shido talks about Akechi’s mother. Firstly I need to point out that the game goes out of its way to establish that Shido has a history of sexual assault that he has hidden with his political ties, and that he considers himself something of a womanizer. While I probably can’t put a number on how many women he’s likely gone after, its easy enough to assume that his list of female targets has been quite large. Simply put, no one women has ever meant anything to Shido. 

Which is why the way he talks about Akechi’s mother throws me off a bit. It’s only a single line, but it brought me to a pause.

“He reminded me too much of that woman.

There’s a certain amount of intimacy to that statement. It’s not intimate affection, but intimate disgust, but its intimate none the less. Yet throughout the game, Shido is stressed to even recognize Akira who INTERRUPTED his attempt to coerce and essentially rape a woman–he couldn’t recognize the kid who he sent away and gave a criminal record, and couldn’t remember the scenario in which he assaulted a specific woman (who, honestly, I can’t tell if he even knows the name of). 

Yet he remembers, to the point, a woman that Akechi reminds him of that he had to have known from at least seventeen years ago

…What the hell was Akechi’s mother up to? 

The fact that he remembers a woman that he clearly has had no contact since knocking her up speaks volumes just by the fact that Shido doesn’t care about the ‘little people’. He doesn’t remember names or faces of people who inconvenience him, just shoves them to the side. It took him the WHOLE GAME to recognize Akira even though, chronologically, he had just seen Akira a month or two prior and had to have taken him to court to get him a legitimate criminal record. It isn’t until Akira actually poses an open, functional threat to his person that Shido remembers him (or, Shadow Shido, that is). 

Yet seventeen years after the point he remembers ‘that woman’. Out of all the women who he’s harassed, he remembers a specific woman. This, along with the irritation in his tone, implies to me that either Akechi’s mother at some point posed a severe threat to him or was a very useful tool in his plans. She was not a nobody to him despite his flippant tone, because the mere fact that he remembers a specific woman proves that he isn’t nearly as unfazed by her as he pretends to be. Akechi himself even directly refers to the relationship between his mother and Shido AS a relationship, not a one night stand or a sexual assault. 

That brings in Akechi himself. We know that Shido was at least halfway aware that Akechi was his son, though didn’t much care about that paternal blood tie. Now, Shido had apparently been looking into the Metaverse for a long time before Akechi bamf’d the fuck in and announced git gud scrubs I can Metaverse. And it seems like Shido himself has never BEEN into the Metaverse based on the questions he asked his scientists. He only knows it from the research of Wakaba Isshiki. 

So…what led him to actually BELIEVE anything that Akechi was saying? 

It wasn’t like Akechi could demonstrate this ability outside of the Metaverse; he only had Akechi’s word to go on and nothing else. And I have to say that Masayoshi Shido doesn’t seem like the type of man who would trust the word of a random teenager who waltzed in and said “Hey, you know that shit you’ve been trying to figure out, well I know how to do it”. You could argue he demonstrated it by killing the first person that Shido requested, but even then that would be on flimsy basis since there would be no direct proof that Akechi himself had been responsible. Especially with how all the breakdowns tend to be set up as suicides. Shido had no way of knowing that this kid could do thing one of what he promised yet he placed absolute faith in the ability that Akechi claimed he had but could not demonstrate. 

Yet he went with it anyways despite the risks. 


I’m going to put forth the theory that ‘Akechi looking like his mother’ to Shido means way more than the game lets on. That the REASON Shido was able to place confidence in Akechi’s skill was BECAUSE of this resemblance, BECAUSE of his suspicion of Akechi being the son of ‘that woman’. Why, I can’t confirm, but its the only reason I can think of for why Shido would believe that Akechi would be capable of using and understanding the Metaverse with no prior knowledge of Akechi himself. The only thing he would know on first impact is that Akechi reminded him of the unknown mother character and in some way that convinced Shido to trust in this crazy ability. 

My only suggestion at the moment of what it can be is that Akechi’s mother had some sort of tie to Wakaba Isshiki’s research of cognitive psience and the Metaverse. She may have been involved in the project, and may well be why Shido ever found out about Wakaba Isshiki’s research in the first place. What her role was, I couldn’t guess. She could’ve been studying alongside Wakaba, or she could’ve simply have been a volunteer test subject. But I am willing to believe that she has some sort of connection to the research, the Metaverse, and Personas. And the reason Shido remembers her is because it is likely that their relationship was his introduction to his greatest weapon. 

Or I may be looking too deep into it and the bastard child was a potential scandal that he had to crush at her expense in order to rise on the political scale and that’s why he remembers ‘that woman’. Either way, I want to know more.

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anonymous asked:

Is it bad I want to read a drabble about the headcanon where Goro and Futaba are half sibling and they find out about it? (Can I just say that I love your writing? ;w; )

Pfft anon I think about this headcanon non-stop, of course you can have Sibtaba and BroGoro drabbles. 

/cracks knuckles 

hooboy okay let’s break out the Oniichan. Also, I hope you guys don’t mind the name I gave Akechi’s mom. She needed some name and this was the placeholder one I’d been using for a while. 

EDIT: Fixed some issues with this one. I hadn’t realized that my strike outs had not transferred over when pasted, so Shido’s letter turned into a rambling mess. It still is (purposefully) but its a little closer to what I intended now. Sorry about that confusion. 

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oumanous replied to your post “Regarding Goro’s situation pre-Shido and how Shido was already looking…”

Well, guess that’s something that will have to be clarified in a spin-off as to whether Goro could have eked out an existence on his own or Shido was literally his only option.

Ah. I neglected to note that his bastard status in particular would have made things.. exceptionally difficult in the work department. That aside, I think there are some clues he leaves in Sae’s Palace as to how he played the system to survive, about how he’s ‘well informed on what it takes to win’. 

At least, it’s the biggest hint to his upbringing I think we’ve had the entire time..

Persona 5 Fic: The Perfect Prison

: The Perfect Prison
Author: Snow Tigra (Jessica Walsh)
Fandom: Persona 5
Summary: A look into the mind of the mind of Masayoshi Shido toward the end of the game.  Spoilers for the final palace.

“It’s safe here.”

“We don’t need to know the details to survive.”

“This place is perfect.”

The air around him filled with the endless voices of the other inmates, the ball and chain around his ankle a heavy and comforting weight. A few moments ago he’d been in the hospital, but closing his eyes he was able to drown out the beeping machines and the sick heady feeling the drug they’d injected him with provided. He’d been so angry, knowing they’d spin everything he said. So upset that they’d made everyone forget his change of heart and covered it all up. But now, in this dark and cold place, none of that mattered anymore.

Masayoshi Shido. The great politician, now nothing more than a drugged and forgetting coma patient in the back of a far hospital wing. The country had successfully elected him after all his efforts and he’d had the perfect plan, only to have it crumble due to a handful of teenagers in masks and another handful of underlings who refused to know when to give up. To think he’d be so happy to forget all of that and just sit here now, in the darkness, listening to the comforting sound of people with no free will.

In fact, he could hear his own voice joining them. Had he been talking with them and agreeing this whole time? Probably. It really didn’t matter. This place was perfect.

“You’re pathetic.” This voice was different. Hauty and sharp, it cut through the comfort around him like a knife, slicing it’s own little path to just the right place. At first Shido refused to open his eyes, knowing who the voice belonged to, knowing it wasn’t worth answering.

“Pathetic and weak. To think you’d enjoy a place like this. Wallowing in your own shit as if it’s a palace. You don’t deserve to be happy, even if it’s all bullshit!” The voice grew louder, cracking in anger. “Get up you bastard! Look at me! I’m right here, you piece of shit! Look. At. Me. for once in your damn life!”

Shido opened his eyes, seeing no point in disagreeing. Standing in front of him, practically frothing at the mouth with anger, was Akechi. Ahh yes, his little bitter soldier, so eager to jump into other people’s minds and rip out their hearts. Of course he would be in this place, just like everyone else. Everyone eventually ended up here. But why was he so angry?

And why were the chains around his wrists and ankles attached to Shido’s, instead of their own thick lead ball. Did that mean something? Did it really matter?

“What the hell is wrong with you!?”

“There’s no reason to yell, you’re only going to wear yourself out. Just listen to them, all the voices. They’re truly happy here. If you stopped yelling, you’d hear it.”

Akechi yanked on the chain, enough to pull Shido a bit forward and out of his comfortable sitting position, the anger clear on his face as he laughed. “Happy? Don’t make me laugh! You’re delusional, they all are! This place, this prison? You want to stay in a place like this? It’s a cell, you’re not supposed to be happy here! You’re locked up! There’s no doors!”

Shido closed his eyes, concentrating on the other voices. “That doesn’t matter.” Doors and sky, windows and air, steering and commanding, none of that was important anymore or needed. Instead he was in a small cell where he could hold out his arms and touch either wall. Yes, this was the perfect space. This was the perfect sized kingdom, he just hadn’t seen it before-

Shido coughed as he was jerked out of his thoughts, the chain between them wrapped tightly around his wrist, making the skin redden and break. Before him, Akechi held the chain with a sick glint in his eyes and a devilish smirk on his face.

“Oh no, you don’t deserve this. Stop dozing off, you shit.” Akechi pulled at the chain again, twisting it tighter around his skin until Shido was hissing in annoyance and pain. “See? You don’t get to be happy here. Not now, not ever.” Akechi stepped forward and turned, kicking Shido hard enough in the side to send him sprawled across the floor in a jumble of limbs and chains, then stepped over and onto his hand, twisting his heel into already inflamed skin.

“You think this cell will be safe? Look around you bastard, it’s just us in here. No doors means no change, you’re stuck with me. And the best part? You’re too pathetic now to even consider fighting back!” Akechi twisted his foot more, little mad giggles passing his lips.

Normally Shido would have fought back. The old Shido would have grabbed this insolent child by the collar of his shirt and slammed him into the wall for even looking at him in such a way. He would have commanded fear with his voice and the threat of further action, turning this child into a snivelling little mouse, just like everyone else. But here it didn’t matter. It didn’t even hurt. It was just another cold and comforting action, drowned out by the voices around him and the need to stay here, alone. With everyone else.

“Say something damn you! Answer me!” Akechi’s hands were shaking, enough to move the chains as he kicked at Shido. “No! Don’t you dare get comfortable! You aren’t allowed to get comfortable here! You don’t deserve it!” Akechi pulled at the chains again, but this time it wasn’t to hurt Shido, no, it was a feeble attempt to break their bonds apart. The thick metal held, not even phased as he screamed and pulled.

Shido, for his part, smiled. The boy would learn, or he’d be miserable until the end of time. It really didn’t matter anymore did it? Questions of who died where and why he was the only person with a cellmate attached to his own chains didn’t matter. The faint images of a grand yacht, another more obedient Akechi, a gun and those same teenagers really made no difference. Everything that had once existed and been such an important part of his world was just background noise, left to be forgotten in the darkness. Even the concrete felt chilly and comforting as he lay there, adding his voice to the others.

“None of it matters anymore. It’s safe here. This place is perfect.”

Endless voices, all drowning out his own thoughts and Akechi’s agonizing screams.

The end.