shidea lane

If you're saying that Shidea Lane 'deserved' to get hit like that, then at what point does a Black woman not deserve that kind of violence?

Yes, her race is a part of the question because its a part of the situation.

How quietly does she have to speak?

How much humiliation is she expected to take?

How much of “a lady”, how much of “a woman”, does she have to “act like” before y'all would say that level of violence was unnecessary?

What kind of behavior would save her from being laughed at and being treated as if she was “acting like a man”?

The Illusion of Progress: terrorism in America

I do not feel safe or proud to live in a country where Black women are set on fire for taking a walk in their neighborhood.

I do not feel proud or safe to live in a country where Black girls are murdered for speaking out against rapists.

I do not feel proud or safe to live in a country where a young Black woman can be punched and choked, dragged and thrown around and the situation is treated as a joke and comeuppance.

I do not feel proud or safe to live in a country where Black trans*folks are being incarcerated, murdered, beaten, consigned to poverty, and assaulted at alarming rates.

A Southerner, I have never felt safe or proud living in a country where the KKK is not persecuted to the full extent of the law as a terrorist organization. It is intimately connected to the United States of America’s history of ignoring and glossing over its history of racist, government-supported brutality, inhumanity, enslavement, and injustice against enslaved Black peoples and anybody of African descent.

People treat the KKK like they’re a myth. Sometimes I feel like people living in the South, like Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana seem to recall and retain what racist terrorism is in reality, because its deeply entrenched in the history and contemporary situation. Its more alive to us.

Its shameful and horrifying that the reason no one in power cares is because largely the people that the KKK terrorizes are Black people. Its all related to how people refuse to see Black people as human and in need of justice and protection and that reaches into the depths of global anti-Blackness and violence against Black women.

I am totally disgusted and sick about ignorant ass people on this she-got-what-she-deserved, wolf pack, survival of the fittest, two wrongs don’t make a right BULLSHIT. They on that other shit and I’m soul-tired of it.

Its not really what happened that’s bothering me at this point. Its what’s being said by people who are only showing their hatred for Black women.

Until I hear from her own mouth that she calls herself a bitch and ho and she runs in circles where that’s normal, I will continue to insist–

her name ain’t bitch

her name ain’t ho

her name ain’t nigga

her name ain’t hoodrat

Her name is Shidea Lane.