It is a new year, new things will be happening, people will come and go. I felt it was time for an updated version of my follow forever.


the sparkling snowflakes of my online life and, for the most part, offline life, too! I could wax poetically for hours why you’re special, but you all know you are and I love you and … yeah.

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the close-knit sisterhood (feat. the occasional man) of my online world. You are fricking amazing and fingers crossed we’ll continue to be in each other’s lives! I hope to meet you all at least once in my life and thanks for sticking with me for … several years now, actually. Wow. You’re pretty incredible!

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aka. the whole amazing rest of the people that have touched me in some way, that I find to be a joy to connect with here and there. Maybe we will be even closer soon, maybe not. But know I thank you nonetheless.

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