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Shino is a bug bank

After Episode 6, I headcanon Shino’s role in his clan as a bug breeder. Specifically, to be the host for as many bugs as possible. Think about it: he’s got the water bugs, the web-weaving bugs, the fire-proof bugs, the flesh-eating bugs, the metal-eating bugs, and let’s not forget the giant summon. And his normal bugs are all poison-resistant. He is a human petri dish.

Actually…didn’t Shibi have a similar role? In the data books, they emphasized that he’s responsible for taking care of the clan’s rare and dangerous bug species. In the war, Konoha didn’t send him to fight, but sent him to guard Naruto…possibly so that if everyone else in the clan died, Shibi could repopulate the hives, like a Noah’s arc for bugs.

Maybe that’s Shino’s role as the clan heir: to nurture all of the bugs. It would explain why his clan is cool with him being a teacher. Spending his days at the Academy allows him to conserve his chakra for feeding the bugs. It keeps all of the bug species safe in the village, kind of like a queen bee who doesn’t leave the hive. As long as Shibi is alive and Shino is healthy, it doesn’t matter what they do during the day.  


Happy Birthday! (September 7th)

  • Mayu Sakuma (Cinderella Girls) 
  • Mitsuru Tenma (Ensemble Stars)
  • Tucker (Animal Crossing)
  • Beni (Pop’n Music)
  • Aiura Mikoto (Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan)
  • Utai Shinomiya (Accel World)
  • Cecile Croomy (Code Geass) - 1993 (24 years old)
  • Elizabeth (Gintama)
  • Shibi Aburame (Naruto)
  • Hibiki Hibino (TYPE-MOON Mobile)
  • Shuichi Saihara (Dangan Ronpa V3)
  • Sakuraku Omuro (Yuru Yuri)
  • Celeste (Animal Crossing)
  • Priscilla Barielle (Re:Zero)

Reasons why i think ppl should like shino:

• He was basically a child prodigy -wasnt considered as prodigious as Sasuke Uchiha who was both very smart but also was considered a prodigy bc of his namesake (but got his shit kicked out of him by Rock Lee in no time) - even so that he was almost recruited to become a ROOT member. He was like what, 8? But Danzo was like “wow shibi your son is so smart and talented, he should come join my top secret organization. No im serious. It’s an order.”
• Blew a mother fuckers arms off in a fight at age 12, like tell me thats not the realest shit.
• Tracked down Sasuke AND sassed Sasuke (“i hate repeating myself” godbless), fought Kankuro and turns out he did this for himself but also to give Sasuke, who he didnt even talk to, time to go fight Gaara without any hindrance. Like fucking he almost died of poison and just laying there hoping he gave Sasuke enough time
• The Shino laughing episode and him just being like god i just wanna fuckin die like me too buddy
• Looking for the beetle to track Sasuke down and him just kinda like “the fuck ever” when 3 grown ass petty adults were like “fuck your clan you 12 yr old fuck.” Like uhh he dont care who tf are you
• Trolled the others hardcore when they tried figuring out what his eyes looked like and was like “oh you wanna see my eyes? No problem heres what my eyes look liBEETLES!”
• Actually has rly rly rly bad abandonment issues that causes him to be wary of trusting ppl (thought Kurenai was abandoning him and his team)
• The episode he secretly trained some pre genin and in his flashback kiba was like “arent you mad hinata has the upper hand” and shino was like “no i am not, why? Because I do not discriminate between opponents”
• Him training rly hard to be good at hand to hand combat bc he didnt want to be weak and not be able to help his friends so he kicked a Jonins ass and was like “ you insult my insects? You hurt my friends? take this!” And fucking just tackles the fucker
• Shino telling his students he has faith he will survive bc his friendships
• The ep he basically almost killed himself trying to save Kiba, Neji, and fucking Akamaru, using his own chakra to keep theirs flowing despite him damn knowing if he runs out hed fuckin die but he dont care
• Uhhh the episode with Torune??? And Shino basically calling him brother??? And young Shino almost being put into the ROOTs as a human tool?? And wanting to be like Torune and CREATING his own fuckin mutated beetles
• GOT PAST his fears of abandonment bc of Torune’s encouragement and bc of everyone else showing him it’s ok to be vulnerable
• Him being asexual as all hell and being all awkward and needing reassurance it’s ok that he didnt want a romantic partner, he just wanted to study bugs and support his pals

Reasons to not like shino:
• Not enough episodes
• Hoodie covers his pretty face

anonymous asked:

Hi! If it's possible, could you do a scenario about Shino's S/O meeting his dad for the first time? Like a nervous S/O? If not, I love your work anyway and look forward to each new post

Thank you for the request and sorry this one took so long. Shino is one of those characters I feel is hard for me to nail because he’s a silent and mysterious type. However I did read my first fanfic of him with an oc  that I found absolutely marvelous. It gave me a different perspective of Shino that I never had before, which can make me appreciate his character a bit more. I’m going to shamelessly promoted that fanfiction here since I liked the story so much.

If you’re a Shino fan you might want to read this fanfiction, the story is complete so you don’t have to worry. I like this author’s work and they create some pretty unique non-ninja ocs for her naruto romance stories. 

To Catch Someone’s eye by leeniejs on 

Reader meeting Shino’s dad

You were going to dig yourself a hole with the amount of steps you took back and forth as you waited for Shino to meet you. To say, you were nervous was an understatement. How could you be nervous? You were just going to meet your long-time boyfriend’s parents. What was the big deal? It couldn’t be that bad, but no matter how much you tried to reason with yourself that you were overreacting, your nerves wouldn’t settle.

“You seem anxious,” a soft voice mentioned out of the shadows as he entered from a blind corner.

You jumped, but your heartbeat soon calmed, seeing it was your boyfriend. “Oh! Shino, you scared me,” you mentioned as you laughed quietly with a hand over your heart.

Shino took in your appearance, noting the hand over your heart. “My apologies. It was not my intention. Why? Because I would never want to scare you,” Shino remarked as he approached you, his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses.

“I know you didn’t mean to scare me. I guess I’m a bit frazzled,” you admitted bashfully, looking down at the basket in your hands that you had been carrying.  


“No reason,” you spoke rather quickly as you switched the basket between your hands.

“Are you sure? If I had to guess, it would be because I have invited you over the Aburame compound today,” Shino reasoned, eyeing you. He could tell you were on edge, knowing you couldn’t stand still when you were anxious.

“Okay, okay.” You resigned, knowing you couldn’t hide anything from Shino. He was too perceptive. “I guess I am a bit nervous.”

“There’s nothing to be nervous about,” Shino stated factually, his tone mellow.

“Easy for you to say, you live there! I’m an outsider. What if your family doesn’t like me?” You anxiously spoke, biting your lip, a slight whine in your voice.

You soon felt a soft hand engulf your own, as you looked down to spy Shino’s hand encasing yours. Your eyes trailed back up to Shino’s sunglasses where you could barely make out the faint traces of his sincere eyes.

“They will like you. Why? Because I like you and I’m an excellent judge of character,” Shino assured, calmly.

Your heart swelled at that as you smiled faintly at him. Your nerves quickly disappearing as you felt Shino’s reassurance fell over you. You nodded your head briefly up towards Shino in appreciation as the corner of his mouth tipped upward. His thumb rubbed against the backside of your knuckles before letting go as he wasn’t big on showing public displays of affection. You inhaled deeply, knowing Shino was waiting on you to tell him when you were ready. You could do this, you chanted to yourself before telling Shino let’s go.

You were confident up until the point Shino had showed you his house. Each step within the confines of his parent’s property set your nerves ablaze again as self-conscious thoughts wreaked havoc in your mind. You were so afraid of making the wrong first impression or them not liking you. You shifted the basket in-between your hands again, hoping that you appeared casual and not awfully nervous.

Shino escorted you around his house to the backyard where a pristine pathway led up to a greenhouse. Shino took the lead, expressing that his father was most likely observing some bugs among their garden.

You quickly followed Shino inside the brightly lit greenhouse and soon found your breath taken away by all the wonderful sights and sounds. The sounds of bugs chirping and buzzing were distinct in the air as a butterfly passed by your face. You suddenly felt relaxed and at peace amongst the sounds and the earthly smells of the greenhouse.

“Father,” Shino addressed, bringing your attention back to your boyfriend. He had stepped to the side, revealing you to his father as he continued. “I would like you to meet, Y/N.”

The man that was before you was kneeled down, but he stood straight to greet you after Shino’s introduction. His eyes were also hidden by sunglasses, which you noticed was a trait among the Aburame clan. Shino’s father was a fairly tall figure with his face half sheathed away from you, making it hard for you to judge his mood.

“Y/N, this is my father, Shibi-san” Shino finished, leaving room for the two of you to speak.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Aburame-san,” you greeted politely as you gave a bow in respect.

Shibi returned your bow with a shallow one. “It is nice to meet the one my son has mentioned frequently.”

You blushed steadily at that, having looked down to avoid direct eye contact realizing you still had the basket in your hands. “Oh! I… uh… had made you and the Miss’s something,” You rambled out as you tried to present your gift accordingly to him by unraveling the towel that cover it. “It’s banana walnut bread. It’s my family’s recipe. I hope you will enjoy it,” you stammered out, smiling nervously. You mentally hit yourself for sounding so chaotic as you held out the basket of bread for him to view.

Shibi’s stare seemed to hold yours for a long time as he barely peered at the bread. He lightly smiled at the gesture but it was hidden behind his high collar.

“Thank you, Y/N. Both me and my wife appreciate your thoughtfulness,” Shibi spoke more receptive, having recognized the nervous air you carried.

You smiled at him a little warmer as Shibi looked to his son.

“Shino why don’t you take the bread inside to the kitchen,” Shibi advised, monotone.

Shino nodded as he took the bread basket from your hands before passing you on the way out to his house. You stood there for only a few seconds slightly panic with Shino gone before Shibi called your attention. He quizzed you on some of your knowledge of the type of plants that were in the garden. The plants you weren’t sure of Shibi began to inform you on. 

Soon you two were conversing on more than the topic of plants as he began to identify certain insects around you two. You were intrigued and marveled at each different insect you were made aware of.  Even when Shino had returned, the conversation you were having with Shibi did not falter as Shino added in his knowledge.

You were delighted to learn and soon found your fears melting away. Shibi was rather pleasant and easy to talk to, much like Shino was as he held up insect for you to inspect.

“Would you like to hold it?” Shibi probed, assessing your reaction.

Your eyes widened before you nodded your head excitedly, looking towards Shino. Shino was right there beside you as you held out your hand. Shibi let the beetle crawl into your hand and you immediately got goose bumps, but you did not convulse as you watched with fascination at the beetle in your hand. The corners of Shibi’s mouth tipped up in a smile at that as he watched you pass the beetle onto his son. The edges of Shino’s glasses revealing just enough for him to see that his son was truly happy which was all that mattered to him.

Ok winter head-canon time!

- The Aburame clan gets way more cold during the winter thanks to their insects going into hibernation and not doing too much buzzing about. 

- They pile up on the scarfs, sweaters, and basically anything else that can keep them warm, not really caring if it’s fashionable or not because boy they are freezing. 

- Most of their days consists of staying inside reading, playing card games, knitting, or various other quiet activities. 

 - Usually it is up to the clan members without the insects in them to go out and bring home supper for however long need be ‘till the next shopping trip. 

 - Mind you those who train do go out to their respective fields and do so, but if they have their way they’ll try to find an indoor arena to spar in. Depending on the teammates, they might be thankful that their Aburame even suggested doing so. 

- Not so oddly enough this is the time we’re they’re much more openly physically affectionate, body heat or heat of any kind, is very welcoming to them. 

- Young children of the Aburame clan tend to be much more active then their older counterparts, mainly due to age, but you can expect to find little snowmen littered about with crudely made snow-bug shaped things right in front of the clan’s gates.

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