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Today at work some lady was there was one of those Shibi dogs but it was a puppy. She was saying “yeah like I’ve been thinking of a name for him and because he’s so chill I wanna name him dabs” to which I asked “are you naming it after what I think you’re naming it after?” And she responded by laughing and saying “yeeeeaaah”

[FP127]艦隊Collection Kancolle

Bismarck: Olivie
Graf Zeppelin: Hachi ハチ
Prinz Eugen: 純情ピュアキュア (純情purecure)
Z1: Yinko
Z3: Chika Cosplayer 千花
時雨改: 桃桃 * Toto cosplay OwO
夕立改: Lui Cosplay
鹿島: Hisui
北上: 兔子@ 小総 & 兎子 Cosplayer
雪風: 小総@小総 & 兎子 Cosplayer
浜風: 好小子(BOSS)Cosplay
愛宕: 布丁
金剛: 真理Makori
加賀: 閒閒星人-Sa
高雄: Bel - My Costume & Play
秋津洲: Inchi めろメロ
武藏改: Arbee Cosplay
Верный: 淳ゆう ღ Yuu chan
香取: Zero Cosplay
雷: Hiu Yee Leung
榛名改二: 兔子星人-Momoko
叢雲改二: 棉糖佬-Marsh Mallow cosplay
朝潮: 空想の世界に生きる細菌。
霰: 瘋
祥鳳: 蓮嘉
瑞鶴: 村長四又@金草堂
翔鶴: Kaoruba Sakura 薰羽櫻
川內: 薄荷 × 彤大叔のCosplay日常 - MinTung Cosplayer
那珂: AkaTsuki~NaNi NaNi !X 暁奈理Cosplayer
霧島: 素姬
女提督A: Serene 向映晴
女提督B: ShiBi@翻車貓 MoNya MoNya
男提督A: せら少佐@翻車貓 MoNya MoNya
男提督B: Sendou Tasuke

Photographer: Felia Photography
Partners: Wilsoncosplayphoto, Biscuit’s Photography, Upita Photography, 楊聰聰攝影速報, 絶奇の間 - とある街の写真屋さん Pairiota Photography
Assistance: 斯Naki Cosplayer, Christ
Device: Saber X (Nikon D800E)
Date: January 2016
Version: D1 (FIT)
Location: HKSAR

Souvenir provided by 翻車貓 MoNya MoNya (

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