shibuya ku


Shibuya bound by Eric Flexyourhead
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Photographed while exploring with Kiyoshi-san and Makiko-san. Harajuku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. December 24, 2014.


The first sunrise of new year | invader - TK_112 by nalice_malice
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The first sunrise of new year - invader - TK_112 - 50 Points | Tokyo Wave 5 | Shibuya-ku


Sendagaya, Shibuya by Worapol Thipmaneemongkol


Shibuya Scramble Crossing by Yoshikazu TAKADA
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at Shibuya, Shibuya-ku in Tokyo


Sea of people at the Shibuya Crossing by Chris Lue Shing
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Tokyo Japan


The last one by Michael IANNELLI

anonymous asked:

Do you know if there is a way to send support messages to Satoko?

Other than sending a letter to the address of the skating federation, I don’t think there is. This is the address of the federation:

Kishi Memorial Hall, Room 414, 1-1-1,
Jinnan, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-8050


invader - TK_119 by nalice_malice
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invader - TK_119 - 100 Points | Tokyo Wave 5 | Shibuya-ku

If you want to show your support to ohno here are a few good ways

If you’re in Japan/going to blast in miyagi show your support and love for him however you can! By uchiwa or however. Make sure the positivity outshines the negativity that may be there!

If you aren’t in Japan or can’t go to the concert, send him a letter(via snail mail) or email his radio show!

Snail mail address:
Johnny’s Family Club
Miyamasu Tower B1F
1-10-10 Shibuya
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8550

Email for radio show:

If you don’t speak Japanese you can either write it and see if someone could translate before you send it or write it in English and send it that way.

Last year I wrote ohno a letter(thanking him for blast and such) and it was in English, it never got sent back so I’m guessing it got accepted. if you go the snail mail route keep in mind that you can only send letters and that it might take a few months at the least to even reach him(it has to pass inspection first and then will get sent his way). I don’t even know if he has gotten mine from last year yet XD

If you email-same as the above, you can write in English or have someone translate if you don’t know Japanese yet. I sent one to him just barely, in English, and it wasn’t rejected so that’s a good sign at least. From what I read before they like to keep things related to the radio show, but even if it doesn’t end up on the show hopefully it’ll still get through to ohno, no harm in trying right?! They should probably have *someone* there that can translate the English emails for ohno. I kept my email simple and short.

Anyway people lets show ohno our support!

You can also go on Twitter and use some hashtags that are trending to show your support for him, since we all know jun goes online he might see them and pass them along to ohno! I don’t know what the hashtags are but they’ve been shared a few times I think or maybe if someone knows them you can add them?!

Go arashians!!! Let’s show our leader he has our support completely!!