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Got to visit the Boku No Hero Academia Cafe today at Tokyo Hands, Shibuya! I bought quite a few random bagged things and was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a bakugo, midoriya or todoroki charm :( i got double Shinso keychains, and double All Might little charms. The drinks were yummy and the decor was absolutely adorable

2-5 Cafe, Tokyo

Japanese designer and creative director Nigo may have made his mark on the global fashion, sneaker and pop culture industries over the years, but you may not know he’s also been expanding his horizons into the Tokyo dining scene…

Years ago, when his favorite local curry shop, Curry Up, was having financial difficulties and faced possible closure, Nigo stepped in and invested in the shop to help them get back on their feet so he could continue eating there. A few years later, he doubled down on that investment and opened a second restaurant, 2-5 Cafe, a casual coffee shop that also serves Curry Up’s Indian-inspired curries and Japanese comfort food…

2-5, which is pronounced “Ni-Go” in Japanese, is a streamlined, modern space, as one would expect from this multi-hyphenate design icon…

Curry Up’s signature dishes remain the main focus of the menu, delivered in their classic “half & half” style…

I went for their famous butter chicken curry on one side…

And the deeper beef tendon curry on the other…

Their signature Japanese pickle & cilantro topping accompanies every bowl…

The menu here also offers a number of other tasty treats, from salads to taco rice to burgers, as well as a truly wonderful plate of crisp & juicy karaage (Japanese fried chicken) with potato salad and homemade yuzukosho mayo…

A complimentary consomme soup, this one flavored with bacon, was also part of the lunch special…

And as if I was not already impressed enough with the atmosphere and quality of the food at 2-5 Cafe, getting to meet Nigo himself made the experience even more amazing!

Thank you for an afternoon I will not soon forget!

2-5 CAFE

2-5 Nanpeidai-cho

Shibuya, Tokyo



Hellooooooooooo everyone!! I finally come back from my trip! ;D Leaf fall in the Northeast part of Japan is sooooooooo beautiful! Although I really caught a cold and almost got my lungs coughed out lol I blame that on not having a caring boyfriend as Tony has ;D

Just wanna share some photos of the Marvel-themed cafe I went to in Shibuya, Tokyo!! The cafe is offering a special Marvel menu (mainly superfamily indeed) which includes a Spidey salad, Iron Man and Cap coffee and cakes. So lovely *cries*

Hopefully I can have some Stony arts post soon! Please stay tuned! ;D



Buckwheat Galette with Ham and Egg by Marico



DAY 2 - SHIBUYA, Shopping, Alice in Wonderland Cat Café, Digital Maid Café & more~!! ♡ 🌴💕

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IIn this video we head to an Alice in Wonderland themed Cat Café that’s in Takeshite Dori, Harajuku! ^-^
After that we head to Shibuya to check out the shops & get some cute clothes & make up! and finally finish up by going to the biggest cutest Disney store in Tokyo and the Maidreamin Digital Maid café!! ^-^ Enjoy~~♪

I hope you enjoy all the upcoming videos!
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