It's September 14 th
  • <p> <b></b> [Nick and Judy were dinning with Judy's parents and brothers in their house at Bunny Burrow]<p/><b>Bonnie:</b> So that was why I have to go to the market.<p/><b>Stu:</b> And it was a looong trip.<p/><b>Judy:</b> Nice story, right Nick?<p/><b>Nick:</b> Yes, it was *looking his watch* Ouh Carrots we gotta go now to our room for sleep better.<p/><b>Judy:</b> What? But it's too early. It's almost 8:30 pm.<p/><b>Nick:</b> Judy *Saying with a seductive voice* It's September 14th *He said getting up from his chair and walking to the stairs*<p/><b></b> -Judy was sitting in her chair thinking about what Nick had said until something came out to her mind, making her a evil smile-<p/><b>Judy:</b> OMG Its September 14 th!!! *He said howling and running behind Nick like a crazy person*<p/><b>Stu:</b> ... hey, why did he say that? And my daughter howl like a wolf in heat?<p/><b>Bonnie:</b> I don't know *She said confuse, until one of Judy's brothers said something*<p/><b>Arthur:</b> I think I can answer that.<p/><b>Stu:</b> What?<p/><b>Arthur:</b> It's their turn for "play with the car lever", "Put Pi times radio squared of 3.1416", "stab the bear"... you know that things.<p/><b></b> -Stu and Bonnie was now more confused than before. Arthur saw their confusing expression and complained.<p/><b>Arthur:</b> Oh come on. You don't get it?. Well...* He came closer to his parents and whispers the dirext answer to their ears*<p/><b>Stu and Bonnie:</b> What?!!<p/><b>Bonnie:</b> *she started a little awkward* Okay... I understand that, but why the September 14th?<p/><b>Arthur:</b> Ouh well Nick told me. They always do every 14th of each month, every first tuesday, their birthdays and aniversaryyyy....and I need to be more discreet .<p/><b></b> This is for you fever!! Or should I say shiver xD<p/><b></b> I hope you like my english version of my "spanish expressions" to have... you know xD<p/><b></b> Happy Spicy Nick day!!!<p/><b></b> R4<p/></p>