shibe face


accidentalfisting submitted:

look at this smug little shit omg

this shiba inu is in the stroller because it’s where it belongs. this shiba inu is just a Big Baby. i hope it enjoys its walk while sitting in its BIG BABY STROLLER FOR BIG BABIES

I made a game. A very wow game!

Shibe! ( for iOS, and Android )

play gaem, win at everything, wow

Shibe! ( for iOS, and Android )

———— Editorial Wow okay, when I started this blog, I didn’t even expect it to break 1K followers, almost 1 year later and I’m sitting at 32K followers, countless submissions and loads of original content, all of this only proof that you’re all godamn insane. Give applause to this person for making a bloody game centered around this shitty dogs face.