Just gathered some information about the flowers that senbatsu members are holding all thanks to my mom and some Japanese wotas on twitter, including meanings of those flowers. If there’s any mistake please inform me because I may get some flowers wrong.

Sashihara Rino: Peony (牡丹)
Flower language: King’s dignity, noble, magnificent

Kashiwagi Yuki: Orange Lily/or morning star lily (オレンジのユリ/姫百合)
Flower language:

  • If Orange lily: brilliant, amusing, hasty, careless
  • If Morning star lily: beautiful because you’re strong, pride, unchanged loveliness, lovely affection

Watanabe Mayu: Sunflower (ひまわり)
Flower language: brightness, radiance, admiration, devoted love

Takahashi Minami: Red rose (赤い薔薇)
Flower language: love, passion

Matsui Jurina: White lily (百合)
Flower language: innocence, purity, dignity

Yamamoto Sayaka: Hydrangea/Ajisai (紫陽花)
Flower language:

  • Japanese meaning: unity, friends, family, friendly
  • Western meaning: heartless, pride, inconstancy

Miyawaki Sakura: Pink Dahlia (ピンクダリア)
Flower language: brilliant, elegance, dignity

Miyazawa Sae: Peruvian Lily (アルストロメリア)
Flower language: gallant, sustained, assistance

Shimazaki Haruka: Blue baby’s breath (青いかすみ草)
Flower language: dearest wish/desire, dearest joy, pure heart

Yokoyama Yui: Blue chrysanthemum (青い菊)
Flower language: please trust me, noble, true love

Note: for YuiParu’s flowers, because they are blue which are not natural colors of their flowers => the blue color is artificial. And usually in Japanese hanakotoba, artificial flowers like that share 1 meaning “dream comes true”.

Kitahara Rie: Allium (アリウム)
Flower language: deep sadness, eternal sadness, kind, courageous
Purple Agapanthus/Lily of the Nile (紫アガパンサス)
Flower language: arrival of love, intellectual outfits

Watanabe Miyuki: Pink Gerbera (ガーベラ)
Flower language: gratitude, mystery, noble beauty

Matsumura Kaori: Lavender Eustoma/Lisianthus (ユーストマ/トルコキキョウ)
Flower language: grace, hope, eternal love

Takayanagi Akane: Pink Bellflower/Campanula (ピンクカンパニュラ)
Flower language: sincerity, gratitude

Shibata Aya: Carnation (カーネション)
Flower language: respect, passion, deep love

Muto Tomu: Gloriosa (グロリオサ)
Flower language: glory, brilliant, bravery

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We’re on with the second season of Ebi Fry! 
And back with SKE48 EbiSho
And the subtitles for the first episode are here already!!
In this episode, there’s a surprise awaiting the members who don’t know about the new show yet!
Hot blooded teachers, sadistic students trying to burn each others’ mouths and a bunch of Amachans freaking out about sea creatures!
The excitement is too high to miss this show!

Watch on Dailymotion or download softsubs for this episode from our homepage here :

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SKE48’s 15th Single 「Bukiyou Taiyou」 will be releasing on 30th July! The details about the pre-order for this single are given in our homepage!


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Timer: Rock~kun
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu, mahousentai

KoAya G+/Blog 2015/02/06

Shibata Aya G+

KoAmi is an idiot.


Kobayashi Ami
m(_ _)m

So you like KoAmi that much

We will be together until Aya-chan’s birthday (´-`).。oO

Kobayashi Ami G+

I’m sorry (T-T) 


Shibata Aya
ばかちん( ; ; )
Stupid ( ; ; )

Shibata Aya Blog

Today KoAmi announced her graduation.

I didn’t know it beforehand.

When I told her “You had to say it to me!” she explained me the reason, that’s KoAmi-like too (lol)

I thought she is able to see through me.

I won’t say the reason.

Because we are in bad terms. But leave aside that.

Actually, just before of today’s Wimbledon e tsurete itte, by chance, because of something like a happening, I knew KoAmi was graduating.

And I perceived the announcement.

After that I was quite shaken so I ended up making a lot of mistakes. I’m really sorry.

Finding it out with such an outstanding timing honestly surprised me (lol)

However, we are in bad terms. I feel relieved she won’t be here anymore.

I’d like to say it.

KoAmi is an idiot.

My rival is only KoAmi.

From now on too, forever. So I think I won’t form a pair with anyone.

It’s not that I was planning to form a pair with KoAmi or anything (lol)

The one who showed me may bad and wrong points has always been KoAmi.

KoAmi is also the only one I fought with,the one I rely on when I’m in trouble, the one who gave various advices.

If I have to think about how big is the fact she won’t be anymore, I can’t measure it, honestly I don’t want her to leave.

I used to always say to KoAmi “Don’t leave” so I put her in trouble.

I have to graduate from KoAmi.

I’m feeling once again how much I’ve been supported.

The moment to give my best alone, without fawning on KoAmi, has come.

I can’t put it in words but when I think that from now on I’ll have to do my best alone, it’s reallys cary.

KoAmi will continue to be in the entertainment, she will stand on her own, so I have to do my best to not lose against her.

Only against KoAmi, I can’t lose (lol)

But I want KoAya’s oshi to keep supporting KoAmi from now on too.

Because I will support with all my strength the KoAmi who will have activities as a solo entrertainer!

And we will absolutely have again a work together.


I really wanted to graduate before of KoAmi.

On my graduation stage, I was planning to watch KoAmi crying and, while laughing, say her “So you like me!”.

It can’t be happening.

I really wanted to be sent off by KoAmi and my beloved members.

But incredibly it will happen the opposite. lol

I became the one who send off. KoAmi and Tsuu, they won’t be here anymore.

But I’ll support her. But to not lose against KoAmi I’ll do my best here.

Keep being my rival forever.

Don’t forget me.

I love you.

Shibata Aya

Kobayashi Ami Blog

I’m sorry I made everyone cry.
Aya-chan is the one who cried the most, I’m sorry (T-T)

Tani Marika G+

They’re so intimate and the first rival to each other…
Exactly like a “Magnet”.