shiba inu pug

Today we’re introducing a sketch of some of our newest characters! Based on the Japanese term for the sound a dog makes, “Wan wan!” we are releasing these little guys, based off of small treats (bon-bons).

This new line will be called Wan-Bons, and will feature different breeds of very fat little puppies! Featured here are Shiba Inu, Akita Inu, Pug, Corgi, Saint Bernard, and Pitbull!

What other breeds of Wan-Bon would you like to see in the future? Please like and reblog with your favorite puppy breed(s)! You might just see it as a future design!



Parody to SHINyan  (why not dogs…?)

(‘Nyan’ is ‘meow’ in Japanese and ‘Wan’ is ‘woof’ in Japanese)

The Dogs-

  • Onwan - Shiba Inu
  • Jongwan - Pug
  • Taewan - Labrador
  • Minwan - German Shepherd
  • Keywan - Toy Poodle
signs as dog breeds
  • Aries: poodle
  • Taurus: yellow lab
  • Gemini: boxer
  • Cancer: sheltie
  • Leo: dalmatian
  • Virgo: chow
  • Libra: is actually a cat
  • Scorpio: German shepherd
  • Sagittarius: shiba inu
  • Capricorn: pug
  • Aquarius: golden retriever
  • Pisces: rottweiler