imagine #3

u nd shin are cuddling and hes in his wolf form for whatever reason

you say something to him,,,,, but only a bork is replied………

you keep trying to talk to him but no words….. only borks…..

he doesn’t even return to his human form and you wonder

was shin just your imagination??????? Were u hallucinating talking to a guy when in reality u were talking to a huge wolf?????

❤ Akita vs Shiba! ❤

Wile at the pet store lookin’ for toys n’ beds for a puppy, I noticed that everytime I mentioned shiba inu everyone instantly thought it was an Akita Inu since they’re a bit more popular here and handed me bigger beds and gave me advice for looking over big dogs; even if the shiba i’m getting grows like a pretty small breed!
And the thing is: this isn’t just in the pet store, everyone just presumes it’s a akita and i find it fun, so why not make a quick doodle by some differences I think i could gather- 

I’m liking the new kinda simple design and how easy these are to make, I’d prob do more in the future (still sticking to dots tho, just experimenting!)💕👏


ShibSibs vlog: Gala time.