this is so gross i cant believe that this is how the media is portraying shia, a jewish man, shutting down a LITERAL NAZI who didnt just “show up” to the protest….. he was reciting the 14 words. he went to the protest to spew antisemitic and white supremacist hate speech at a jewish man and SHIA is the one who is painted badly in the news. i legitimately want to cry .

So this guy came to bring food and asked for money. Then Shia said they didn’t order anything and it’s just a bunch of racist online who ordered it. Then the guy says: “Oh really? Then it’s on me.” And Shia was really thankful and asked what is it and the guy says chickenfingers. And Shia was like:

“CHICKENFINGERS?! Hey thanks Nazis, shit worked out anyway!”

Singing in the Shah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran

The acoustics  in the 400 year old mosque are amazing & notes hang in the air with crystal clarity. The singer is a student from northern Iran visiting Isfahan & had always wanted to sing in the mosque because of its unique acoustic resonance qualities. You have to stand on the tiled square for perfect effect.

  • nazi using literal nazi propaganda and hate speech: lol u mad
  • shia labeouf (a jewish person directly harmed by nazism): HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US
  • white supremacist news (also known as just the the regular news): shia labeouf BULLIES an innocent childlike white boy child kid youngling of the age of 20-something because hes a trump supporter!! the inhumanity of it all.