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how do you feel about black vs. jewish tensions, and jew vs. muslim tensions? i ask as someone who is both black and secular shia muslim, because ive experienced discrimination from jewish folk on both ends…im really not sure how to feel on this one…

I wrote a very long answer to this question because the tensions between Jews and Black people and Jews and Muslims are very complicated. Just addressing one of these issues is complicated enough, but both is even more of an endeavor. Keep in mind that this is not meant to be an end all be all comprehensive post on the matter: I’m still learning about these topics and these are my thoughts from what I have read and observed so far. I definitely open the floor to others who have more knowledge and other perspectives on these issues.

Some of what I talk about here requires background knowledge to understand. Readers who aren’t aware of the complex racialization of Jews or the concept of a model minority, please check out the sources at the bottom of this post first. 

Keep in mind I reside in the US, and what I write is from a US framework, although I do discuss tensions between Muslims and Jews in other countries (especially France). 

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i’m looking for a job atm and i can already imagine me telling my non-shia muslim friends…. “i’m saving up every penny to go to karbala” 

I was a bit jumpy last night because I got home in the dark and I forgot that we have a life sized cutout of shia labeouf in the loungeroom so i thought there was a man in my house and I fucking screamed

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alrighty then let's play 'would you rather' - would you rather be a walrus that can play the trumpet, or have 'shia labeouf' play for ten seconds whenever you open a door

Ok. Walruses can’t read, so I guess have ‘shia labeouf’ play when I open doors. Just imagine being half asleep and going to use the restroom when all of a sudden that plays.
Would you rather not be able to see on Sundays or not be able to hear on Saturdays?

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I don't want this to seem weird or ignorant but I was just wondering being a shia why you're okay with marrying a sunni

It wholly depends on the person. If open-mindedness is there then I don’t have an issue – as long as this person is very open-minded (like I am) and is willing to learn and grow in thought and belief. Also, drawing lessons from personal experience it can work, but only if open-mindedness and general compassion is there. I mean, if the basic and root love of the human is there why would I object? 

The American sectarian approach has created the civil war [in Iraq]. We saw Iraqis as Sunnis, Shias, Kurds. We designed a governing council based on a sectarian quota system and ignored Iraqis (not exiled politicians but real Iraqis) who warned us against it. We decided that the Sunnis were the bad guys and the Shias were the good guys. These problems were not timeless. In many ways they are new, and we are responsible for them.

-Reporter Nir Rosen, 2006

Startlingly accurate predictions about U.S. involvement in Iraq here.

Hyrule Warriors - Cia
Finished hat, mask and collar + necklaces
As I’m nearing completion of the whole costume, I thought of showing some finished stuff :)

So, the hat is wearable, finally! It won’t slide off due to a magnet being inside the hat that connects to a magnet on a hairband in my own hair (underneath the wigcap and wig). It’s a pretty strong magnet so it keeps the hat on place really well. I can turn my head without fearing it falling of my head!

The mask can be attached to the hat with smaller magnets. I can easily put it on and off whenever I want. When on, it’s stays on perfectly!

The collar has a closure at the front with strong, but thin, velcro. The necklaces can be put around my neck and closed with hooks. Just like normal necklaces~

More to come soon as I got a lot more finished of this costume!

You can find a small make-up test for Cia here in the comments: Cia Make-up

The world that we’re creating for our grandchildren is grim. The major concern ought to be the one that was brought up in New York at the September 21 march. A couple hundred thousand people marched in New York calling for some serious action on global warming.

This is no joke. This is the first time in the history of the human species that we have to make decisions which will determine whether there will be decent survival for our grandchildren. That’s never happened before. Already we have made decisions which are wiping out species around the world at a phenomenal level.

The level of species destruction in the world today is about at the level of sixty-five million years ago, when a huge asteroid hit the earth and had horrifying ecological effects. It ended the age of the dinosaurs; they were wiped out. It kind of left a little opening for small mammals, who began to develop, and ultimately us. The same thing is happening now, except that we’re the asteroid. What we’re doing to the environment is already creating conditions like those of sixty-five million years ago. Human civilization is tottering at the edge of this. The picture doesn’t look pretty