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Shia LaBeouf Would Very Much Like to Evict His Aunt and Uncle

Shia LaBeouf (Photo: YouTube)

Shia LaBeouf does not do handouts.

According to Page Six, LaBeouf is working on having his aunt evicted from her New York City apartment as payback for debts owed to him by his uncle. LaBeouf reportedly lent $800,000 to his mother’s brother, Barry Saide, in 2009 when Saide’s employment agency was in dire straits thanks to the financial crisis. Then, last year, LaBeouf won a suit against Saide; a judge ordered Saide to pay the $800K back with interest and legal fees, adding up to $1 million.

Now, LaBeouf is appealing the court to either force the Saides to pay the debt, or to give up their Upper East Side apartment, worth more than $2 million dollars.

Saide has claimed he thought the $800,000 was simply paying it forward for past financial assistance he’d provided to LaBeouf and his mother.

“Prior to Shia’s ascendancy to film stardom . .. I loaned Shayna hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist in the support of [Shia’s mother] Shayna and Shia,” Saide claimed in court papers obtained by Page Six.

Barry’s wife Sharon is arguing that the couple’s apartment is not up for grabs since she bought the place using an inheritance from her grandmother and she is listed as the sole owner on the deed.

“I should not be pressured into giving up my apartment in order to satisfy a judgment which Barry incurred,” Sharon Saide argued in court papers filed in Manhattan Tuesday.

Saide also argues that the apartment’s $2.8 million valuation well exceeds the $1 million her husband owes LaBeouf.

In turn, LaBeouf’s lawyers have served Citibank a subpoena to see who pays the mortgage on the apartment.

Yahoo reached out to LaBeouf for comment and received no response. However, LaBeouf’s lawyer, G. Robert Gage Jr., declined to comment when reached by Page Six.


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