Of course there’s a version with Dorothy Zbornak…

But Rose Nylan was nowhere to be found :(

If you know anything about Blanche devereaux , you’ll understand why her panties are of the crotchless variety.

You can also get Star Wars, Bob Ross, and Shia LeBeouf.

Did I mention Bernie Sanders?



then and now… shia labeouf: motivating us all since 2003.

You're walking in the woods. There's no one around and your phone is dead.  Out of the corner of your eye you spot him

Senator Cruz


He’s following you, about 30 feet back. He gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint. He’s gaining on you.

Senator Cruz

You’re looking for your car but you’re all turned around. He’s almost upon you now and you can see there’s blood on his face. No, there’s blood everywhere!

Running for your life from Senator Cruz

He’s brandishing a knife it’s Senator Cruz

Lurking in the shadows~

Republican nominee Senator Cruz

Living in the woods

Senator Cruz

Killing for sport

Senator Cruz

~Eating all the bodies~