#TBT with Holes

Today we’re celebrating  Disney favorite Holes! Actor Khleo Thomas shares some of his favorite moments, plus, you can add Holes to your Digital Collection today for a special price:

“My favorite memory of making Holes was creating the “Dig It” song with my cast mates. We would be on the shuttle headed to set and we’d slowly begin to sing and freestyle lyrics.” - Khleo Thomas, Zero

“To able to have a small idea and then make it the theme song for the entire film was a great feeling. To know the audience of Holes still remember every lyric is awesome.” - Khleo Thomas, Zero

“My other favorite part about getting the opportunity to bring “Zero” to life was hitting Dr. Pendanski with the shovel.” - Khleo Thomas, Zero

“It’s a great feeling that Holes will continue to entertain generations.”  - Khleo Thomas, Zero

Add Holes to your Digital Collection today for a special price.


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