I’m Crying! 😭😩😂


Happy 10 Year Anniversary to “The Shooting AKA Dear Sister”

So this guy came to bring food and asked for money. Then Shia said they didn’t order anything and it’s just a bunch of racist online who ordered it. Then the guy says: “Oh really? Then it’s on me.” And Shia was really thankful and asked what is it and the guy says chickenfingers. And Shia was like:

“CHICKENFINGERS?! Hey thanks Nazis, shit worked out anyway!”

this is so gross i cant believe that this is how the media is portraying shia, a jewish man, shutting down a LITERAL NAZI who didnt just “show up” to the protest….. he was reciting the 14 words. he went to the protest to spew antisemitic and white supremacist hate speech at a jewish man and SHIA is the one who is painted badly in the news. i legitimately want to cry .

Can I just say how intensely proud I am of Shia LaBeouf for taking all the crap, all the criticism and abuse, from the media, from the legal system, from FUCKING NAZIS, that he does and still getting the fuck back up again. He’s not a perfect person obviously, but he is a good one and I wish I had even half his courage and fortitude. He astonishes me and I love and support him and his message.