This is my second submission to Len-Yan’s Troll Fashion Week. I decided to draw Nepeta Leijon and her adorableness. Sadly I messed up on the bottom part of Nepeta, I hope its not that noticeable. When drawing this picture, I realized that I love polka dot patterns and seem to almost incorporate that design in all the clothing I draw. Haha. Which resulted in a polka dot bow and jacket for Nepeta. I think I might finish up Troll Fashion Week with five more pictures to complete the “whole week”. But, I do not know yet - it’s all depends on school and so on.  However, I hope you guys enjoy my fashion design for Nepeta! C:

When I was drawing this picture, my friend told me that my posture for Nepeta reminded them of a similar position in the song PONPONPON. That made me laugh. Haha.


Man like, people are trying real hard to make him out like he’s crazy, but Shia LaBeouf’s performance art pieces lately have been pretty seriously cool. Like, in a really intense way. He and his partners are doing one now where they’re all living in these tiny remote cabins in the wilderness, in complete isolation, with their only contact being texts sent to each other, or to visitors to an art installation in the museum that is also a tiny cabin. It’s called Alone Together.

Like I don’t know if this hits anybody else as hard as it’s hitting me but. I would give a limb to be close enough to visit that museum. 

The interior & exterior of the Shiite shrine of Imam Ali Reza. Ali Reza was one of the descendants of Prophet Muhammad (swt) and is the eighth Shia Imam. This shrine is the largest Shiite mosque in the world, as well as the world’s largest mosque by dimension, containing the Goharshad Mosque, a cemetery, the Razavi University of Islamic Sciences, four theology/divinity schools, a museum, a dining hall for visitors, and a library.

The mausoleum is located in Mashhad, which is known as the city of martyrdom, and is one of Iran’s holiest cities.

Mashhad, Iran
Shia LaBeouf Is Arrested at Anti-Trump Art Show in New York
The actor and performance artist was charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment, and was ordered to appear in court in April.
By Christopher D. Shea

I was looking up more information about Shia LaBeouf’s arrest. 

In videos online, Mr. LaBeouf — who has a history of provocative behavior and a record of arrests for minor offenses — expresses outrage, evidently aimed at Mr. Trump, and uses expletive-laden language to ask how the public can make it normal “to be a Nazi out here.”

And that history has nothing to do with this arrest.

…Mr. LaBeouf appears to get into a verbal altercation with him before the officer places him in handcuffs and escorts him out of the camera’s view.

I watched the video. Whatever happen mostly takes place in the background. Shia is obviously upset, but I don’t know if I’d call it a verbal altercation. He starts up the chanting passionately, but he complies with the officer handcuffs him.

Detective Navarro said that the police were called after Mr. LaBeouf got into an argument with another man at the installation, pulled off the man’s scarf and, in the process, scratched his face. The man did not need to be hospitalized, the detective said.

What was this altercation about? Was it something along the lines of “Hitler did nothing wrong?” Was it Nazi rhetoric being shoved in Shia’s face? (Which, Shia is Jewish, so I think it should count as a threat if you’re telling someone who is Jewish that Hitler did nothing wrong or you’re spouting Nazi rhetoric at them.)

I’m genuinely curious if there’s footage of this evidence, since it allegedly happened on the stream. I’ve only heard of two incidents: 1) the offending party was spouting Nazi garbage on the stream and Shia shouted him down; 2) the offending party who came up next to Shia - in a video away from the installation, I believe - and told him Hitler did nothing wrong, to which Shia promptly shoved him away.

Don’t let the media paint Shia badly. #ShiaDidNothingWrong

Shia LaBeouf Is Currently Doing Some Kind of Super Artsy Thing in Los Angeles

As you’ve probably heard by now, Actor, director, and mirror to our tortured souls, Shia LaBeouf is doing some sort of performance art thing in Los Angeles. 

The exhibition/performance/whatever is called #IAMSORRY and is being held at 7354 Beverly Blvd until Sunday.

I headed down to check it out. 

External image

I arrived expecting a huge line, but there was none. Just one other guy and a security guard. The guard told me that I was the 75th person to see the exhibit, and that I had to go in alone, “because we don’t want anyone else to ruin your experience.”

After about five minutes of waiting, the security guy gave me the once over with a metal detector, and I was allowed inside. 

External image

I ended up in a room with a bunch of objects laid out on a table. I managed to sneak a photo.

There was a ukelele, a bottle of Jack Daniels, a bowl containing print-outs of mean tweets about Shia, a bowl of Hershey’s Kisses, a bottle of Brut cologne, a copy of The Death Rayby Daniel Clowes, an Optimus Prime action figure, some pliers and a whip. 

A woman told me to choose an object. I picked up the bowl of mean tweets about Shia. 

External image

A copy of the press release for whatever this thing is. 

Bowl in hand, the woman led me through a curtain and into a small room.

Shia was sitting at a small wooden table in the center of the space. He was wearing a suit and the “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” bag that he had on his head in Berlin.

The woman left, and it was just me and Shia. I didn’t sneak a photo of him, out of respect for his art (JK, I chickened out.)

I sat down opposite him. As far as I could tell, I wasn’t being filmed and nobody was listening in.

After sitting there for a few seconds with Shia staring at me in silence, I said, “So you’re not gonna talk, huh?” He didn’t respond.