This is my second submission to Len-Yan’s Troll Fashion Week. I decided to draw Nepeta Leijon and her adorableness. Sadly I messed up on the bottom part of Nepeta, I hope its not that noticeable. When drawing this picture, I realized that I love polka dot patterns and seem to almost incorporate that design in all the clothing I draw. Haha. Which resulted in a polka dot bow and jacket for Nepeta. I think I might finish up Troll Fashion Week with five more pictures to complete the “whole week”. But, I do not know yet - it’s all depends on school and so on.  However, I hope you guys enjoy my fashion design for Nepeta! C:

When I was drawing this picture, my friend told me that my posture for Nepeta reminded them of a similar position in the song PONPONPON. That made me laugh. Haha.