If the sons of Muta can slice their own children, then who are the children of al sham to them? If they have the heart to cut open their own children, then they have a much worse heart to cut open the children of al sham!!!!

Ya ALLAH, we only call upon you, we only ask you, we only turn to you, help the Mujahideen of Al sham wipe
Out the cancerous disease SHIA'ISM off of the face of the earth. Ameen

With ‘Aashoora fast approaching, a time when normal people, Muslims fast, unfortunately we’ll also have to be cleaning up the mess (not literally thank God) of the Rafidah and their acts of lunacy on the streets. I came across this picture, one of the many strange acts carried out by people with no deen, of someone attempting to give water to a picture of an infant. I’ve seen so many strange things from these people that nothing surprises me any more. The child in the image is “Ali Asghar”, an infant of Al-Hussain (ra) who was with him at Karbala, for whom he (ra) beseeched the army for water. Rafidhi sources themselves explain this incident in detail, lamenting over the tragedy of this small, helpless child. Now, the Shi'a priesthood as with all members of Ahlul Bayt, have turned this child into a demi-god after his passing, some labelling him as “Baab Al-Hawaaej” (Gateway to All Needs) i.e. as an object of supplication to call upon when one needs anything.

An issue to consider here is this. Say we put aside the issue of your pagan polytheism for a second, ignoring the fact that instead of calling out to Allah, you’re calling out to the deceased, and even then a defenceless young child who couldn’t help himself in life but now you’ve turned into a super demi-god. Why is it, that your Hussainiyyah temples, your gatherings, your TV channels are filled with banners calling out to Hussain, Al-Abbas, and yes even Ali Asghar, yet there is no mention at all of the numerous other grown, adult men who actually fought valiantly alongside Hussain (ra) and were martyred with him? Numerous Shi'a books mention clearly their names:

Abu Bakr Ibn (son of) Al-Hassan bin Ali bin Abi Talib

Abu Bakr Ibn (son of) Abi Talib

Omar Ibn (son of) Ali bin Abi Talib

Omar bin (son of) Hassan Ibn Abi Talib

Omar bin (son of) Hussein Ibn Abi Talib

Othman bin Ali bin Abi Talib

So where now are the banners exclaiming, “YAWWWW ABAAWWW BAKR MADAD!” or “YAWWW OMAAAAR MADAAAAD” or “YAWWW OSMAAAAAWN!” ?? Obviously you won’t and never will, due to the sheer hatred of this cult for the companions after whom all of these members of the Ahlul Bayt were named after, which according to Shia would be an infallible decision made by infallible Imams. Hypocrisy much?

On a lighter note, not only would I crease up if I ever saw Shia banners in Muharram calling upon Abu Bakr, 'Umar and 'Uthman due to some new guy who obviously hadn’t yet mastered the art of Taqiyyah, doesn’t the picture remind of the Hindus queueing up outside temples to feed the Ganesh idol milk when it mysteriously started lapping it up, then stopped all of a sudden when it was full? Millatul Kufr, waahidah.


Women in shiaism are considered as just TOYS

Nahjul balagha by Syed al Radhi
(Ali)(as) said: “The woman is a sweet gripped scorpion.“

Al Kafi by Shaikh Kulaini (ra) (329 AH), Volume 5

From abi Abdullah (as) who said: The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Indeed the woman is a toy/doll, so whoever takes them should not waste them.” (Volume 5, Page 510)

How many of you have heard the Shia say that Sunnies/Wahhabies/Nasibies/ect. are celebrating the death of Husein (ra) on ‘Ashura?

Yes, they claim that somehow by fasting on that day this is a “celebration”, you see I didn’t know that fasting is a celebration, I thought that playing music in large gathering and drinking and eating sweets is a celebration … but not fasting or praying …

So while we’re on this topic let me show you guys a couple of things, if any of you have been to ‘Iraq or Kuwait during ‘Ashura in the Shia areas he’ll know what I am talking about, these guys get together in large gatherings, distribute sweets and drinks in the streets, play the drums and the flutes and the trumpets and have themselves a party:

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

No! This is not a celebration, this is mourning! Only the Wahhabies celebrate on this day by fasting and praying Nawafil! But the divinely guided Shia are Mourning with sadness… just like this guy, say cheese you Sad sad Man!

And while you’re at it don’t forget to smile to the camera in this joyous occasion and take a couple of memorable irreplaceable photos for those beautiful Rafidhi family moments!

External image

External image

External image

Have a break, have a Malboro:

External image

There is nothing wrong with Tatbeer (smacking ones head with knifes/swords in public and spreading Aids/hepatitis etc.). It’s simpley like cupping (Hijamah), um … yeah, it is, if you really try hard, then you’ll be convienced! Besides, the holy Ayadollar$ have also no problems with smoking! Heck, they beat every Marlboro Cowboy hands down:

smoking is an old Sunnah of the Maharaja’s of Qom. There are much bigger guns, or actually the biggest Gun of Shi’ism in the 20th century (look at my avater), Mr Super-Cowboy the “miracle of Allah” (“Ayatollah”), addicted to cigarettes ABULQASIM AL KHOIE:

And how can you have these festivities without music and the trumpets (like JEWS) and the drums and the flutes???

Have no fear Sistani is here!

External image

What is the ruling on using the drums and the trumpet and other instruments like them in the mourning rituals?

No problem in using them and others like them in the mourning rituals as they are usually used, they are not from the instruments of forbidden amusement.

Link: Official Sistani site

Want it more juicy? I mean, Jewish?

Jewish Shofar:

External image

External image

Rafidi version:

External image

External image

External image

and the drums, just like the polytheist catholics (like in spain):

Ya-Mary-Madad-Mushriks (Catholics)

Ya-Hussein-Ali-Madad-Mushriks (Rafidah Shias)

^Bloody or non-bloody, heresy is heresy.

Oh, there is no good lamentation circus except with some decorations. In Rafidism: the more Jewish the better.

External image

External image

- end -

Now since we have the food and the drinks and the music and we rented the halls, let us get the Party- Ooops! I mean the sad mourning rituals on the way while the filthy Sunnis fast.

All of this is brought to you by the lunatic flying in the sky like Aladdin (even above the clouds he still he has his Huseini stone with him… although in this case he could have used watermelon rinds..hmmm).

External image


As for fasting on this day Ahlul-Bayt ordered it. Yes, they did, it is no “Umayyad innovation” nor a Jewish innovation it is the Sunnah, even according to Shia Sahih Ahadith



“Ahlul Bayt TV” are currently airing a show called “My First Muharram”, described as a show where people speak about finding their way to the “School of Ahlul Bayt”. This false term has been coined as a friendly face for outsiders onto the pagan, superstition filled, polytheistic religion of Shiaism. There are constant digs and swipes in this show at Islam and the Muslim Ummah. What riles me the most is that had there been a show on Islam Channel in which Muslims speak about their journey from the kufr of Shiaism to Islam (of which there are a much greater number), it’d be lambasted for promoting ‘Sectarianism’ and this too mostly from our own jahil, pig-ignorant “Sunnis”. We love hearing stories about peoples’ reversions to Islam from Christianity or whatever else, but little do most of us realise the magnitude of a reversion from the Shia religion to Islam and the depths of disbelief one has to travel back from voluntarily before this step can be taken.

Shia 'converts’ always consist of people who know nothing or very little about Islam and so are easily taken in by their weak yet perfected and perfectly targeted propaganda. On the other hand, they (obviously) don’t mention the huge number of Shia leaving their religion, coming to Islam. Many, many of these are 'Grand Ayatollahs’, scholars of their religion.

One such astounding personality, one who’s life everyone should read about, is the late Ayatollah Al-Borqei آیت الله برقعی. A grand Ayatollah and very senior scholar as he started out from the Shia seminary city of Qom. Amongst his colleagues was Khomeini who he even greater in seniority and knowledge (Khomeini knew no Arabic, Borqei had mastered it, and that’s just scratching the surface). Borqei reached the level of mujtahid in the so-called twelver Ja'fari madhab and penned a number of books on various Shia theological and jurisprudential matters. After he was guided by Allah he wrote numerous books in refutation of the Rafidite concept of “Imamate”, Pagan Grave Worship practices of Shiaism, Defence of Sahaba and so forth, writing volumes upon volumes and thousands of pages as a penance. It is these kind of people that represent the 'uqalaa, those with intellect who left the shoddy, mirage of Shiaism and entered Islam. Not these school dropouts and ignorants who couldn’t tell an alif from a baa yet are now miraculously singing the virtues of a religion they’ll soon leave once it’s unnatural morbidity and obsession with births and deaths of human beings make clear to them this cannot ever, even remotely be a divinely revealed system with a clear benefit for mankind in both this life and the next. We ask Allah to grant these people guidance and keep us all firm on His Straight Path.

This is where your khums, the share of the ‘hidden imam’ is going O Shia. While your starve and empty your pockets for these thieves, they are buying multi million pound properties in London and other cities. Wake up to the reality of these criminals who use the name of religion for thieving money and prostitution.


That’s it, i’m finished. Bazza the local pisshead decides to make a pitstop (more of an unintended stumble) at the local Shia matam on the streets of Birmingham. Tanked up on Lager and Guinness he joins in with the ‘festivities’, sputtering out a “Gawdd blesshhh yaaa”. Of course the cameraman, unable to contain his emotion at the sight of this man drunk on his love for Hussain (ra) (not to mention about twelve pints of the landlord’s finest) in a truly robust Rafidhi fashion, elevates Blessed Bazza to the level of a pious individual demonstrating the love all of mankind and every race towards AlHussain. Go on my son, I bet you never figured after a night out on the lash you’d end up as Bazza An-Najafi Al-Karbalai Al-Kazimi, salawatollah alayh.
Would destroy Kabbah for Bashar al-Assad, Fayez | The News Tribe

Meanwhile back in Syria, more words of divinely inspired wisdom from the “vanguards of the Muslim world against Zionism and Western Imperialism” as the Islam-affiliated morons crying sectarianism due to their unadulterated ignorance, and kafir Galloways like to proudly claim. Read my note about Bashar and his forefathers and their attack on Masjid Haram. Wallahi these people are pure Batiniyyah harbouring a festering hatred for our Deen, while many of us are still busy lining up to hug them.