shia text

exo during an interview

xiumin: *is highly educated and intelligent* 

reporter: anyway here’s exo’s eye candy xiumin 

suho: e-x-o we are one let’s love i am so tired

lay: i am not leaving exo

reporter: resident traitor zhang yixing [confirmed] to be leaving exo

baekhyun: *repeats something another member said but in a slightly higher voice*

chen: *drops a line of poetry and stares at suho for 25 to 65 minutes*

chanyeol: i like to play the drums i compose songs i am very tall i just bought new shoes i am going to dictate the entire interview by talking incessantly about myself and about me all the time always

kyungsoo: *holds microphone, smiles at the camera once, that’s it*

kai: *looks great and talks about dogs*

sehun: do it! just do it! don’t let your dreams be dreams! yesterday you said tomorrow so just do it! make your dreams come true! just do it! some people dream of success while you’re going to wake up and work hard at it! nothing is impossible–


Hungary was unamused. Romania eventually fixed both that and the whole Hunger Games thing.

For the anon that requested: “Include these things in one text. Shia LaBeouf, HongIce, avatar the last airbender, hunger games, Romania and Hungary, and finally Jamaican bananas.“


Just saw this letter from TTP and LeJ addressed to Pakistan’s Shias - I haven’t seen this one before so I’m assuming it is recent. The introduction reads

Mother Aisha, peace be upon your greatness,
Amir al-Mu'minin Khalid Khorasani’s open letter to Pakistan’s Shia Rawafidh, “and wage war against the nonbelievers in the name of Allah until they come to the true path, and crush the bones and flesh of the hypocrites into pieces.”

The text warns Shias this is their last warning to abandon their beliefs and accept the true path of Ahl al-Sunnat wal Jama'at, and that their beliefs have been proven to be illicit based on the works of many Sunni Muslims, namely: Fatawa Alamgiri, Rasheed ibn Rasheed, Sawaiq al-Muhriqa, Tafsir Durr al-Manthur, Tarikh al-Tabari, Tarikh ibn Khaldoon, Tafsir al-Jalalayn, and Tarikh ibn Kathir. 

They invite the Shias to abandon their beliefs once again, and if not, “Be prepared for a painful punishment just as how the Sahaba treated the Jews of Banu Qurayza." 

"If you foolishly believe Pakistan’s apostate, atheist and impure military or security institutions will protect you, then you are living in a heaven of idiots.”

“Abandon your Imambargahs, your Jamaat Khaanas [my note: a direct warning against the Ismaili Shia population as well], your innovated and polytheistic declaration of faith, and other evil Kufan innovations and immediately accept the true religion, the majority group, the Ahl al-Sunnat wal Jama'at - the religion of Abu Bakr and Umar.”