shia quotes

‘If only, if only,’ the woodpecker sighs,

'the bark on the tree was as soft as the skies.’

As the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely

He cries to the moon, 'If only, if only.’

'If only, if only.’ The moon speaks no reply.

Reflecting the sun and all that’s gone by.

Be strong my weary wolf, turn away boldly.

Fly high, my baby bird.

My angel, my only.

Louis Sacher, “Holes”

جن و بشر میں دیکہ رہا ہے تو تنہائی میری
جانتا ہے تو ائے خدا بس توہی خوائش میری

Amongst jinn and men You see my isolation
You are well aware, O God, all I desire is You.


Jinn o bashar mein dekh raha hai tu tanhai meri
Jaanta hai tu, aye Khuda, bas tu hi khowaaish meri

I was an open wound bleeding on everything.
—  Shia LaBeouf
I ask the Prophet 
Who was more patient
He or his granddaughter Zainab?
I do not deny you lost many children
Yet Zainab was forced to watch
As you were slaughtered twice
In one afternoon.


“I see nothing but beauty.” -Zainab (sa) in the court of the Caliph Yazid when mocked and asked, “How did you find the way Allah treated your brother and your family?”