shia hadith

How beautiful is
The journey of Salah:
When you fall to your lowest 
You draw closest to Allah (96:19).
So fall in your sujood and cry,
As you praise your Lord the Most High.


The servant is nearest to his Lord during prostration, so increase your supplications therein.
 -Prophet Muhammad (saww) [Sahih Muslim]

If a praying person knew to what extent he was surrounded by Allah’s Mercy, he would never raise his head from Prostration.
-Imam Ali (as) [Tasnif al-Ghurar al-Hikam]

I am surprised at those who think about their food for their bodies yet they do not think over the spiritual state of their food and themselves. They protect their stomach from harmful food yet are careless as to what filthy thoughts are entering their mentality.

عجب لمن يتفكر فى مأكوله كيف لا يتفكر فى معقوله فيجنب بطنه ما يؤذيه و يودع صدره ما يرديه

Imam Hasan (عليه السلام).

—  بحار الأنوار ج ۱ ص ۲۱۸
Be on your guard against your desires as you guard against your enemies, for there is nothing worse as an enemy to men than following their desires and the consequences of their tongues [i.e. speech]
—  Imam al-Sadiq ع
al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 335, no. 1
Let the weepers weep over someone like Husayn, for verily weeping over him reduces the burden of great sins. Then he continued, saying, ‘As soon as the month of Muharram would set in my father (AS) was never seen laughing, and he would be overcome by melancholy until after the first ten days had passed. When the tenth day dawned, it was a day of grief and sorrow and crying for him, and he used to say, ‘This is the day when al-Husayn (AS) was martyred.
—  Imam al-Rida (AS)
Wasael al-Shi`aah , v. 1, p. 394, no. 8
Imam Ali (as) & the Astrologer....

Imam Ali [as] and the Astrologer There are some who are heedless with respect to reflection, reasoning and Tawakkul (Absolute Trust), and instead, turn to soothsayers and astrologers, who have cleverly started their business in order to swindle the people of their money,and that you will find every in this world.

Of course, the issue of Aulia Allah (Friends of Allah) and those, who have strived towards spiritual purification, differ vastly from the others, for their words are light (nur) and if, at times, they were to say something to someone, it would surely occur and hence such personalities should not be compared to the others.

As an example, we shall present an incident that transpired during the time of Imam Ali[as]. and his army had started out for the battle of Nahrawan against the Kharijites (Kharijite means one who rebels against religion), and having reached the city of Madain, they pitched their tents. The next morning, as they were about to commence their journey, an astrologer approached them and said: “My astrological calculations reveal that it is not in your interest to advance in this hour. Commence your journey after three hours and you shall be victorious.”

Hearing this, Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib [as] said: “Whoever upholds your words has rejected the Noble Qur'an of Allah[swt].”

Surely Allah is He with Whom is the knowledge of the hour, and He sends down the rain and He knows what is in the wombs; and no one knows what he shall earn on the tomorrow; and no one knows in what land he shall die; surely Allah is Knowing, Aware. Noble Qur'an (31:34)

Imam Ali [as] then asked: “Do you possess knowledge as to which family has taken over the reins of leadership in Chin…? Yani China..?”

The astrologer replied: “I have no knowledge.”

Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib[as] questioned: “What is that star, which when rises, stirs up lust within the camels……?”

The astrologer confessed: “I have no idea.”

Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib[as] asked: “The rise of which star stirs up passion within the cats?”

The astrologer said: “I do not know!”

Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (as) asked: “Inform me of the thing that is concealed beneath the hoofs of my horse.”

When the astrologer had once again pleaded ignorance, Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib[as] said to him: “Within the earth, below the feet of my horse, lies a jar filled with gold coins and beneath which a serpent lies asleep.”

When the place was dug up, the people witnessed that the scenario was exactly as it had been described by Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib[as].

Observing this, the astrologer was totally bewildered; Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib[as] took possession of his books, ordered them to be destroyed and then said to him: “The next time you try to attract the people towards yourself by means of astrology; I shall put you behind bars.

Ref- The Judgment Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib.a.s pg 65-hadith 34

Man Kunto Maula

“For whoever I am Maula, Ali is his Maula,”
Were the words Muhammad proclaimed,
For Muhammad and Ali realise each level of this claim:
Indeed like Muhammad, Ali too was but a slave of his Lord (72:19);
And like the Prophet, the Imam was named Wali by his Lord (5:55);
And like the Messenger, the Guide was an Intimate of the Word (13:7; 56:79);
Indeed like Muhammad, Ali too is Master of the creations of the worlds.

The Right of the Mother

Then the right of your mother is that you should know that she carried you where no one carries anyone, and she fed you with the fruit of her heart - that which no one feeds anyone, and she protected you with her hearing and sight, and her hands and legs, and her hair and skin and all her other organs. She was highly delighted to do so. She was happy and eager, enduring the harm and the pains, and the heaviness and the grief until the Mighty Hand expelled you out of her and delivered you out to the Earth.

She did not care if she went hungry as long as you ate, and if she was naked as long as you were clothed, and if she was thirsty as long as you drank, and if she was in the sun as long as you were in the shade, and if she was miserable as long as you were happy, and if she was deprived of sleeping as long as you were resting. And her abdomen was your abode, and her lap was your seat, and her breast was your supply of drink, and her soul was your fort. She protected you from the heat and the cold of this world. Then you should thank her for all that.

You will not be able to show her gratitude unless through God’s help and His granting you success.

Imam Zayn Al Abideen (as)