shia labeouf


AU where Kanye West and Shia LaBeouf work on a collaborative rap album and in the quest to find a great singing voice for a featuring, Shia remembers last summer in Korea when he went to the 127 / dream concert and met the reincarnation of Michael Jackson: Lee Donghyuck.

Shia: “I have an idea, it’s an idol from a Kpop group he sings and dances really well, I think that’s what we’re looking for”

Kanye" “I don’t know men … can he come to the US? He looks like someone busy”

S: “Oh … he is not, his company is sleeping on his talent”

They finally hire Donghyuck and as soon as he enters the recording booth, Kanye and Shia look at each other with a smile on their faces, they know they have made the best decision of their careers. However,  Snakelor who had been spying on the trio makes a sudden call to Lee Soo Man…

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Happy 10 Year Anniversary to “The Shooting AKA Dear Sister”

So this guy came to bring food and asked for money. Then Shia said they didn’t order anything and it’s just a bunch of racist online who ordered it. Then the guy says: “Oh really? Then it’s on me.” And Shia was really thankful and asked what is it and the guy says chickenfingers. And Shia was like:

“CHICKENFINGERS?! Hey thanks Nazis, shit worked out anyway!”