Imam Ali (as) Seven Rules for Happiness

1. Don’t hate anyone regardless of how much they’ve wronged you

2. Don’t fret regardless the extent of your worries

3. Live humbly regardless of how high your status reaches

4. Be positive regardless of how many trials accumulate

5. Give abundantly even if you are deprived

6. Smile even if your heart is bleeding

7. Don’t stop your Duas for your fellow Muslim brother in their absence

Do not care when you associate with the intelligent even if you are deprived of his generosity. You may benefit by his intelligence, but be cautions of his ill manners.
Do not neglect associating with the generous even if you are deprived of benefiting by his intelligence. You may benefit by his generosity for your mind.
Escape as remote as possible from the mean foolish individuals.

Imam Ali Amirul Mu'mineen (as)

Tuhaf al Uqool