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Aging Chinese series style (Women) Only the hair ages, everything else remains the same.

Gong Li <The Dragon Maidens>, Li Bingbing <The Forbidden Kingdom>

Vicky Zhao <Painted Skin>, Zhou Xun <Painted Skin II>

Yang Mi <Xuanhai mi zong>, Tang Yan <Chinese Paladin 3>

Liu Shishi <The Fairies of Liao Zhai>,  Ma Su <The Bride with White hair>

Sun Xi <The Glamorous Imperial Concubine>, Zhang Meng <The Magic Blade>


“Thanks for all the arrows!” — The Trickery of Gen. Zhang Xun

In the 8th century AD China was in a state of civil war as two rival forces battled for the Imperial throne.  On the ones side was the Tang Emperor, who was the current Emperor of China.  On the other were the rebels led by General An Lushan, whose wanted to seized the throne for himself.

In 755 AD Gen. An Lushan’s army went on the offensive against the Tang Emperor.  An Lushan saw many successes early on in the war, until he came upon the Yongqui Fortress, manned by only 2,000 Tang soldiers.  An Lushan left 40,000 men under the command of his best general, Linghu Chao, to take the fortress.  Outnumbered 20 to 1, it would seem that there was little hope for the defenders of Yongqui.  However the small Tang garrison was commanded by a brilliant tactician and military leader named Gen. Zhang Xun.

The enemy tried several attempts to storm the fortress, but the defenders held firm.  Under the direction of Gen. Xun, the defenders made large balls of dried grass soaked in oil. They were lit and thrown over the side, they burned down siege towers and ladders, as well as  rebel soldiers.  Eventually Chao decided that a direct assault was fruitless, and chose to surround and lay siege to the city to starve them out.  The defenders of Yongqui were prepared for a long siege, however Xun had some tricks up his sleeve to strike back at the rebel army.

At night Gen. Xun ordered his troops to play war drums, forcing the rebel army to mobilize for battle.  However the fortress gates never opened and an attack never came.  After several nights of this, the rebels simply ignored the drums, believing the to be an idle threat.   Once again Xun ordered his men to play the war drums, and once again the enemy ignored them.  After repeating this several nights, Xun and his men snuck down the fortress walls on ropes and conducted a surprise attack on the enemy camp.  Worn from sleep deficiency and unprepared for an enemy assault, the rebels were taken by surprise and suffered heavy casualties.  After several more random raids the rebels had lost almost 5,000 men to the clandestine assaults.  The assaults also damaged the rebel’s morale, spreading fear and sleeplessness throughout their ranks.  The rebels had to be prepared for an attack 24/7, lest Xun’s soldiers kill them in their sleep.

60 days into the siege a problem arose where Gen. Xun’s archers began to run low on arrows.  Gen. Xun devised a brilliant trick to remedy this situation.  He ordered 1,000 scarecrows or dummies to be constructed, each clothed in soldier’s armor.  That night he ordered his soldiers to sound the wardrums.  The rebels, now very wary of a surprise attack, snapped into action and prepared for battle.  Gen. Xun ordered the dummies tied to ropes and hung off the fortress walls.  From the rebels viewpoint it appeared as though another surprise attack was under away.  Believing them to be real Tang soldiers, the rebel archers immediately opened fire on the dummies, shooting them up full of dozens of arrows.  The rebels believed that they had finally got the best of Gen. Xun’s troops, but to their dismay the real Tang soldiers appeared and hauled up the dummies while gleefully gathering their prize of free arrows.

After a few more repeats of this trick the rebels ceased to fire on dark figures hanging from the fortress walls.  Gen. Xun ordered more dummies hung from the walls, but again no luck.  On the last attempt dark figures were once again lowered down the fortress walls by rope.  Once again the rebels ignored them, believing them to be another one of Gen. Xun’s tricks.  Oh yes, it certainly was a trick, except this time Gen. Xun lowered down 500 of his best soldiers for a surprise attack.  Thinking the soldiers to once again be fake dummies, the rebels ignored them until it was too late.  Thousands of rebels were taken by surprise, either being killed at their guard posts or killed in their sleep.  The attack was so ferocious that the rest of the army took flight and ran away in a panicked mob.  

The forces of An Lushan continued to surround Yongqiu, except, instead of laying siege to the fortress, they ignored and bypassed it.  In return Gen. Xun conducted a bloody guerrilla war against the rebels, leading a series a ambushes against rebel troops and supplies behind enemy lines.  In 757 An Lushan was murdered by his son An Qingxu, who continued the quest for the Imperial throne.  Gen. Xun was called upon to lead the defense of Suiyang.  After a long battle the forces of An Qingxu were victorious. However Gen. Xun inflicted casualties that were so heavy, it made An Qingxu’s victory seem more like terrible defeat.  Gen. Xun was offered the choice of joining Qingxu’s forces, but he refused, choosing to be executed instead.

The An Shi rebellion continued for another three generations.  In the end the Tang Dynasty was victorious.

Xin Zhan (心・战) ~Red Cliff~ War of the Heart
阿兰 Alan
Xin Zhan (心・战) ~Red Cliff~ War of the Heart

Xin Zhan (心・战) ~Red Cliff~

War of the Heart

fan tian fu di xie shou lang zhu lang
Earth shattering hand holding waves after waves
qian bei bu zui zhi zui yue guang
Drunk not by a thousand cups but by the moonlight
hui xin yi xiao bu bi jiang
A knowing smile needs no elaboration
dui kan yi qie dou xue liang
Everything seen is dazzling

✶ 赤手空拳心机里攻防
chi shou kong quan xin ji li gong fang
Empty handed scheming to attack
tie bei tong qiang ye gan peng zhuang
Daring even to knock down metal and copper walls
今生不枉这一趟 烈火 烧出凤凰
jin sheng bu wang zhe yi tang lie huo shao chu feng huang
Would be worthwhile in this life for a phoenix to emerge from the flames

把累风干 这一仗 心的战场
ba lei feng gan zhe yi zhang xin de zhan chang
Tired winds dry this battle of the heart
赢得漂亮 一起上 输也坦荡
ying de piao liang yi qi shang shu ye tan dang
Together embarking on a beautiful victory or an unselfish loss
谁怕也长 狂啸当歌 相知 最难忘
shei pa ye chang kuang xiao dang ge xiang zhi zui nan wang
Who is afraid still grows, wild roars like music, to know each other is hardest to forget
滚滚长江 滚烫 依旧在胸膛
gun gun chang jiang gun tang yi jiu zai xiong tang
Rolling rivers, hot still kept close to the chest
狂啸当歌 何妨 惊涛裂岸 不枉
kuang xiao dang ge he fang jing tao lie an bu wang
Wild roars as music, why not shock waves and split shores, it’d be worthwhile

tuo koucheng ju yi duan qing qie chang
Drag words into sentences; short meaning but long tales
qianbei bu zui zhi zui yue guang
Drunk not by a thousand cups but by the moonlight
hui xin yi xiao bu bi jiang
A knowing smile needs no elaboration
对看 一些都雪亮
dui kan yi qie dou xue liang
Most things seen are dazzling

心理交战 这一仗 心的战场
xin li jiao zhan zhe yi zhang xin de zhan chang
Psychological war; this is a battle of the heart
以战止战 一起上 痛快一场
yi chang zhi zhan yi qi shang tong kuai yi chang
To embark on a fight to the end; an enjoyable battle
谁怕夜长 狂啸当歌 相知 最难忘
shei pa ye chang kuang xiao dang ge xiang zhi zui nan wang
Who is afraid of long nights, wild roars like music, to know each other is hardest to forget
滚滚长江 滚烫 依旧在胸膛
gun gun chang jiang gun tang yi jiu zai xiong tang
Rolling rivers, hot still kept close to the chest
狂啸当歌 何妨 惊涛裂岸 不枉
kuang xiao dang ge he fang jing tao lie an bu wang
Wild roars as music, why not shock waves and split shores, it’d be worthwhile

这一刻 在何方 这一杯 我先干
zhe yi ke zai he fang zhe yi bei wo xian gan
In this moment anywhere; I’ll toast this first glass
为你受过伤 是我的勋章
wei ni shou guo shang shi wo de xun zhang
To suffer for you is my honour
多少的悲欢 都尽付笑谈
duo shao de bei huan dou jin fu xiao tan
No matter how much joys and sorrows we’ll make light of it
今夜这月光 先喝光
jin ye zhe yue guang xian he guang
Tonight under the moonlight; let’s drink to it.


Shi Xun asked, “To Lu?” and looked at me. Baozi(1) said “Woo, Lu~”, then the staff noticed and forced me to change to an English name. Hah.(2) [smile]

(1) Xiumin.
(2) original phrase: “呵呵了”; literally “hehehe”, but has a negative connotation i.e. mocking.
* Background information: The original poster wanted them to write her Weibo account name. Her account was 鹿瑶十七97 (she just changed it to 瑶十七97). “鹿” is “Lu” in “Lu Han”. Sehun asked because he recognised the word.



160608 Jackson’s Interview for Sina Entertainment

I: Because you recently opened a Weibo account–

J: Right.

I: –after opening a Weibo account, have you had a more realistic sense/feeling of your exceptionally high popularity in China?

J: Actually I…. honestly speaking? 

I: Yes honestly speaking.

J: Honestly speaking, I haven’t felt it.

I: Why?

J: I could feel that there are a lot of uh…. our baby birds (IGOT7). Just our GOT7’s baby birds. They’ll see my Weibo post every time I post one. But I haven’t felt that I have popularity, me. Why? Do you know why? Because every time I go to the airport, when I pass by, (the people) beside (me would go) “WHO is it?! WHO?! I don’t recognize him! WHO?!?! Tsk, who is this guy? Who? I don’t recognize!” So I feel a bit like - ‘Ah I’m not popular, ahh, I need to work harder. I need all of China, my country, just - my family’s people - to know me’. 

I: Mm, mm, mm. You know as well that people online leave comments, they’d leave many interesting comments, there are all kinds of comments, have you seen any that are very amusing?

J: I was a bit - in the beginning I was a bit - I didn’t quite understand a comment called uh…. 'front line’ (aka first to comment)! 

I: Ah, ah, ah.

J: I didn’t understand in the beginning. After I thought about it for awhile, (I thought) does 'front line’ mean that after I made a post – within a very short amount of time they (replied)? That’s what 'front line’ means right?

I: Right.

J: Ah right. Yes, yes, yes.

I: Then what kind of evaluations would they make of you that you find very amusing? Or what kind of compliments that would make you think 'Pretty good. I should show off’.

J: Haha~ I feel they would… flatter me to make my happy. Just I feel – even if it’s not true, they’ll flatter me to make me happy. It makes me very happy. Every time they’d say “Jia Er, your legs are very long,” um “Jia Er your legs are the longest,” “You’re the most handsome,” “Your legs are 1.8 metres long,” and such. I’m very happy. I’d be very happy. Even though it’s not true – I know my legs are short. You can see yourself too that my legs are short and they’re thick like elephant legs. But - them being like that – stop looking okay? Haha! Stop looking with a fixed stare okay? Haha~ Just I feel their flattering me like this makes me very happy. Even if it’s not true.

I: Mm. Then after you’ve joined Weibo, because there are a lot of popular internet words right? Have you learnt/understood any very modern and popular internet words, phrases, or such?

J: Oh this I don’t know. But every time I make a post on Weibo - in the beginning when I made posts - even now - I would - those hashtags, I would put them at the very end. But many of our baby birds and Jacky (Chinese Jackson fans) would tell me that those hashtags should be put at the front. If it’s put at the front - I don’t know, something about - it’d be a little better, they’d said. Does it make a difference?

I: Haha I don’t know. I don’t know about this.

J: You don’t know?

I: Right. I’ll look into it.

J: Oh reposting (akin to reblogging and retweeting)~ I recently reposted once. It was my first time reposting.

I: I’ve heard you recently gotten really good with using Weibo.

J: Right. Because I learnt from He gege.

I: He Jiong?

J: Right, right, right. He gege. Right. I learnt from He gege and… who else did I learn from? Just our staff geges and jiejies have been continuously teaching me how to use Weibo. So I learnt a lot of things. 

I: Then do you know you’re known as the 'little socializing king’ to fans?

J: Really?

I: That’s right. Many fans have said that because of you (/through you) they’ve come to recognize a majority of people in Korea’s entertainment circle.

J: Oh really?

I: We discovered that without consciously realizing it, there are a lot of Korean celebrities you’ve become friends with, or have connections with, or show compatible communication with during events.

J: Just, just, it’s just - we’re all friends. Right.

I: How did you socialize to become friends?

J: How did I socialize? I don’t know either. Just - how did I socialize…. No just, I very naturally started talking. Just like right now I’m also talking to jiejie (the older female interviewer). The next time we meet, we’ll be very good friends too.  

I: Mm, it’s just–

J: Wouldn’t we?

I: We’ll see.

J: /turns to face camera/ I’m sorry, Sina friends. Haha~! She rejected me.

I: It’s just because if we were to search your name on Weibo for example, it’d be followed by - for example Wang Jia Er - Wu Shi Xun (EXO’s Oh Sehun), Wang Jia Er - GD (Big Bang’s G-Dragon) - just it’d be followed by those that are probably your friends.

J: Oh that – for example the Big Bang geges. Uh Seungri gege, Taeyang gege, they’re both - how to say this - there’s nothing like – how is it that we met? We were performing together and they were standing next to me, so we just started talking.

I: Are you the type of person who takes initiative to socialize with others?

J: Just I said “Hi~” I spoke in Korean, and then he said “Eh, are you a Korean who lived abroad and then returned?” And then I said “I’m Chinese” (and he said) “Oh really??” And then like that we slowly started (to become friends).

I: Oh I understand now. Ah then right now - because this time you’ve also met for example Wang Kai, Jing Boran, and those kinds of geges, and you’ve already begun to use your social machinations on them. How are you socializing with–

J: Is that considered “social machinations”?

I: It’s a teasing kind of phraseology.

J: Is it? But no I just–

I: It’s just how do you get along with them–

J: Just I feel, when it comes to making friends, I don’t approach it with some intention (/ulterior motive) of wanting to become good friends with this person. Nor do I use whatever “social machinations” that you said. I just feel um… if you’re sincere to others, they’ll be sincere to you as well. I just feel that’s how it is. 

I: Mhm. Then this time you met geges like Wang Kai, Jing Ting, and etc, and you gained more understanding of them. How will your interactions be moving forward?

J: Oh we’ve become good brothers already. Just - it’s impossible to believe right? In one day?

I: Right.

J: But watch - if you watch the episode, you’ll feel that we are - you’ll see why it’s like we’ve been together for a long time. Really. If you watch the first episode.

I: Then you’re not going to tell me further right? You’re telling me to watch the broadcast. 

J: Yes, of course you have to watch.

I: Haha, uh huh.

J: It’s Jiangsu TV (The Phone’s broadcast station). Can I say that? Jiangsu TV.

I: Yes you can. You’re advertising again.

J: Right, right, right. 

I: Then it seems those that are close to you are mostly geges. There are very few jiejies (older sisters).

J: I have a lot of jiejies too! I have a lot of jiejies - for example, if it’s in Korea, there’s Sunny jiejie and Gukjoo noona - do you know her? - Gukjoo jiejie.

I: What is it in Chinese?

J: Guozhu jiejie, it’s called? Guozhu jiejie. Just I know a lot of jiejies too. But for meimeis (younger sisters) or didis (younger brothers), there are very few I know.

I: Do you feel it’s because you’re more affectionate (/have greater affinity) that perhaps makes friends like you? There are many seniors/veterans that are rather good to you.

J: Just- I haven’t thought about others liking me or disliking me. Just - I feel - umm no matter where I go – right now I’m most – since I was young, no matter where I went, I was the little brother. Just to others – although I feel I’m very manly, others would, no matter where I went, they’d go “Aww Jackson! /motions for him to come over/” Right, right. Just a child, the same as a baby.  

I: This time the show is called “Let’s Fight Male Gods” right? 

J: Right!

I: Then what trait of yours do feel is most Male God worthy? For example personality, appearance, of whatever else, that to you is rather good?

J: Do I really have to speak honestly?

I: Speak honestly.

J: Umm…

I: Don’t say you don’t have any. 

J: I do have. Of course I do. Why (would I) say I don’t? I feel like I have it everyday. Every time after looking into the mirror, I would feel like I have it. It’s my mermaid line (S-line).

I: Uh huh.

J: Why are you laughing at me? Are you making fun of me right now? I do have a mermaid line! 

I: It’s because you haven’t shown us, so we don’t know.

J: Mermaid line and… my thighs. 

I: Mm? What is thighs? Do you mean your (thigh) muscles are big?

J: Just I practiced fencing in the past, so my thighs are really big, very strong. They’re very impressive. 

I: Mhm. Then in your heart are there any specific male god candidates? Those that can be male gods in your heart?

J: Today I - honestly speaking?

I: Yes honestly speaking! Why do you ask 'honestly speaking?’ every time?

J: Hahaha~ Yang! Today that Yang Shuo gege– Yang Shuo?

I: Right. Yang Shuo.

J: Yang Shuo gege. My first look at him and I truly felt– honestly speaking?

I: Mm.

J: (He’s) approximately - how to say this - of all the men I’ve seen he’s one of the most manly. 

I: Mm.

J: Just I was very astonished. He’s just very much that kind of - just that kind of Man Feel. Just, do you know which feel (I’m talking about)?

I: I know. I can see myself as well.

J: Right? Just I felt wow– I really like it. And there’s also Wang Kai gege. He’s also very - how to say this - first of all, those two geges’s legs are very long right? And then they have muscles too. And when they’re handling things, they would think very clearly.  

I: You could feel this while recording today right?

J: Right. Just I want to – when I see them I have the kind of feeling of wanting them to protect me.

I: Mm, I understand. Then with He gege and Da Zhang Wei gege from before, you don’t consider them to be your male gods? Haha~

J: If you say it like that, doesn’t that make me a bad person?

I: Yes.

J: Hahaha~! /faces camera/ Why, Sina friends? Hahahaha~

I: So then-

J: No, with He gege it’s a real - how to say this - honestly speaking? When I look at Wang Kai gege and Yang Shuo gege, the moment I look at them um… they’re very far. There’s a bit of distance. It’s just - they’re the very cool kind - just they appear very cool, very cold, but behind the scenes they’ll slowly love me, it’s that kind of feeling. But with He gege it’s a family feeling. And Zhang Wei gege is just a gege who doesn’t value his health kind of feeling. Just that kind. I want to go protect Zhang Wei gege. Right, that kind of feeling. 

I: Mm. Ah did you know that there a lot of fans who created a CP (couple nickname like He Er Meng for He Jiong and Jackson) for you and Zhang Wei? Because they feel there’s a lot of love.

J: No, I’m He Er Meng. 

I: Haha~

J: Do you know He Er Meng?

I: Yes I know. So then-

J: I was, I am right now, I will be in the future, and I will forever be He Er Meng. 

I: Mm, mm, mm. (You) previously said to He Jiong (on Go Fridge) that Zhang Wei is like China’s GD.

J: Oh right!

I: Can you elaborate? 

J: Wasn’t I the one who said that? Or did he say that himself?

I: You said it.

J: Yes I said. I feel-

I: You think he’s China’s GD?

J: Just he has that kind of style. 

I: Haha are you referring to his music? 

J: No, on my program he rapped a verse. Just during the opening of the show. He rapped a verse. And I felt it had a lot of, a lot of personality. Right.

I: He Jiong has mentioned before that you, Xue Zhi Qian, Da Zhang Wei, and Sa Beining are the four big MCs of Bilibili (Chinese video hosting site).

J: What’s Bilibili?  

I: Do you not know what Bilibili is?

J: I really don’t. Bilibili?

/Staff explains Bilibili and how Jackson is ranked as one of the four big MCs/

J: /pretends he knows now/ Bilibili~! Bilibili!

I: So fake.

J: Hahahaha! /turns to camera/ Sina friends~

I: Did you know you’re exceptionally popular on Bilibili?

J: I really didn’t know. Because if you went to the airport with me, you’d know. “WHO IS IT??!!!” Then you’d know. Haha~

I: Then I recommend you to go take a look next time–

J: Especially when I’m going through security check. Dee, dee, dee, that time. (They’ll go) “I don’t know who it is. Who is it? I don’t know who”. Just that kind of “I’ve never seen him before. What kind of person is he? Oh Chinese person? I don’t know” Just that kind.

I: Ahh. Then you should take a look at Bilibili. Because you’re ranked at the very top. And as long as it’s your videos– there will be comments on the screen right (comments for many Chinese video hosting sites appear on the video screen rather than below)? 

J: Oh really?

I: As long as it’s your videos, it would be completely full of comments.

J: /turns to camera/ Thank you Bilibili. Thank you.

I: But do you know what a lot of fans love you for on Bilibili? They’ll eh – did you know about how they call you very 污 (dirty)?

J: What?

I: Dirty.

J: Dirty? 

I: Yes, dirty.

J: Why? 

I: It’s because you often say things very innocuously on the show (Go Fridge), but to viewers listening to them it would seem “coloured” (like innuendos), and cause their imaginations to run wild.

J: Mmm.

I: Did you have that intention? 

J: I don’t know what you’re talking about.  

I: Do you not understand these innuendos?

J: For example?

I: Ahaha… for example?

Staff: For example, when you said your lower half was very impressive.

J: Oh! This! Honestly- honestly speaking? In that moment I was only – I didn’t know. In that moment. I said my lower half was impressive but why was it like that (as in why was everyone’s reaction like that)? Everyone was laughing and such. I was very serious. But after I finished recording the show, all the geges and jiejies /mimics their whispering and explanations/ told me about it. And then I was like 'Ahh, so that’s what it was’

I: Then can it be said you’re originally a very innocent person?

J: No, I’ve dated before too. I’ve had a girlfriend before.

I: /laughs/

J: That’s right.

I: So then?

J: I’m not very innocent.

I: Haha~ Okay then. Because there are also a lot of your female fans on Bilibili right? Often times in a joking manner they’d leave comments like “I want Wang Jia Er’s legs ,” “I want Wang Jia Er’s chest,” just comments that are a bit dirtier–

J: Really?

I: They’d say “If I can’t sleep with Wang Jia Er in this lifetime, what meaning is there to life?” Comments like those.

J: Ahh. 

I: What kind of reply do you have for these fans?

Staff: /repeats the last comment for Jackson/ “If I can’t sleep with Wang Jia Er in this lifetime, what meaning is there to life?" 

J: If you can’t sleep with— ahh. Does Sina Entertainment usually ask these kind of questions? Hahahaha~ Would this be broadcast past midnight?

I: Yes, it’s a late night show.

J: A late night show. Then I’ll have a pose with "feeling”. Let’s have one of those. Uh thank you Bilibili friends. I really miss you too. /In a deep voice/ Let’s see each other for a long time all right? But don’t see me at the airport anymore. If it’s at the airport, you’ll hear “Who is it! Who is it! Who is this!” /winks/ I love you, Bilibili friends.

I: Very good. The last question. What is your ideal type?

J: Ah?

I: What is your ideal type?

J: Ideal type? To be honest I used to have one. Just around a year or two ago, I did have one. But recently my thinking has – I don’t have the time to think about it. But sometimes when I do have time to think about it, I feel as long as I like the person it’s good. Umm it doesn’t matter if the person is tall or short or whatever else, I don’t think that’s important. What’s important is that person and I are compatible. Right. When I look at them, I like them - if there’s that feeling then I think it’s good. 

I: But do you have any future plans for yourself? For example, what you would do in 10 years, would it be marriage and having kids, career, or whatever else—

J: Oh! What I’ve always wanted to do is uh… I want to – 10 years into the future, or 20 years, or 30 years, I hope to have my own solo concert. Just to do my own music, do the music I like, film a music video according to my own ideas. MV. Concert. Right.

I: Then I wish you success. 

J: And I want to – even 20 years or 30 years later to be together with He gege hosting shows. To play/have fun together.  

I: Mm, mm, mm. Then jia you! Today’s interview will end here.