shi tzu puppy

Guys. I met a puppy today.

Mom and I were grocery shopping and a mom with her boys had this TINY shi tzu puppy in their basket.

Immediately, we stopped shopping and exclaimed over this puppy. And it wasn’t a standard type shi tzu, he was a coppery brown color all over, even his little nose, and SO pretty. The lady was so nice, she instantly got him out of the basket and held him out for me to hold.

Y’all. This puppy was a CUDDLER. He booped his face up and kissed me then laid his LITTLE HEAD right on my NECK. DUDES. I could have CRIED and I told them this. He maybe weighed a pound. My heart felt SO BIG. I will love him forever.

I just had to share, it was such an amazing experience. It’s always a great day when you get to meet a dog.