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5 dramas I am waiting for - Spring Edition

You might have noticed that I have been quiet or should I say completely gone over the past weeks. Unfortunately (aside from life giving me lemons) I have gotten into yet another dramas slump. Even Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, which started pretty well, wasn’t strong enough to keep me away from the slump. The good news is new dramas are coming and I am really hoping it will change everything, so here are 5 dramas I am waiting this spring.

Man to Man (JTBC) - April 21st

Okay, at this point it isn’t even a surprise for anyone that I am waiting for this drama. And in about two weeks my wait will be finally over! I am trying not to get too hyped cause it has not been working my way lately but damn Park Hae Jin is back on my small screen and the trailer looked awesome! Now I am hoping he will sign on Bad Guys season 2 planned for later this year.

Fighting for My Way (KBS 2) - May 8th

Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won, two of my favs, in the same drama? Add to that a story of best friends turned lovers and of course it took a spot on this list. 

Suspicious Partner (SBS) - May 10th

 Set in the prosecutors world (this year’s trend apparently) the drama is about an amnesic murderer who targets Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun’s characters. Now, I don’t know how it will turn out but I am very excited to see Ji Chang Wook in something else than an action role.

The Best Hit (KBS 2) - May 2017

Following Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Min Jae as a top idol and an aspiring singer respectively, this drama is said to take a similar approach on filming as The Producers. In between the drama and the documentary, The Best Hit will be directed by former 1N2D’s director Yoo Ho-Jin and actor Cha Tae Hyun. I was really weirded out by The Producers but for some reason this drama is very appealing to me.

Secret Forest (tvN) - June 2017

Bae Doo Na in a drama. I repeat. Bae Doo Na in a drama, after 7 years!! I just cannot not watch it. I love her. She is such an amazing actress. The drama will be following the current trend of crime, police, thriller as the story revolve around a prosecutor, played by Cho Seung Woo, and a police lieutenant who partner up in order to resolve a murder. However, the prosecutor is left emotionless after getting a brain surgery.

Like I said earlier I am trying not to get my hopes too high because this slump was pretty violent! Still, as an eternal optmistic I can’t help but think they will all be great. And you which drama are you waitng for?


Secret Forest (Stranger, tvN) - Ep.15

“Yes, you are completely right. There certainly won’t be any person by my side. For the rest of my life.” (Hwang Shi Mok)

They are soooo married! They are more married than any other married couple in this drama.

Kamiya Hiroshi,Kaji Yuuki,Ishikawa Yui,Inoue Marina,Taniyama Kishou


Guys,I just finished the Attack on Titan Gag drama CD and I MUST share something with you.I’m going to translate a little conversation between Eren and Levi.This is just a little part from it( I recommend it especially for Eren x Levi fans,lol) Sorry,my English is not perfect…. For those who understand Japanese,you can also listen to the audio file.

So,basically the whole story is about Jean,Eren,Mikasa and Armin organizing a celebration party to Levi.They’re cooking and preparing for Levi’s party all the night.The party has started,but Levi didn’t show up.Everyone thought that he forgot about the party,or didn’t even had the intetion of going to it,BUT he finally showed up.The conversation before Levi enters the room:

Eren:-It takes a lot of time to take a bath!Maybe heichou is taking a long bath!

Jean:-What!? Do you think he’s a little princess or something?!

*Levi is entering the room*

Levi: - Sorry for making you wait.

Jean:-Oh,we were waiting for you,heichou. *he gets all excited*- Please,come in,sorry for the small place.*touches Levi’s shoulder and trying to guide him over the place* -Hey,everyone!Prepare the black tea for heichou,immediately! *ordening everybody*

Levi: - Hey,horsface! Don’t touch me,it’s disgusting! (눈_눈)

Jean:-I am really sorry,heichou!

Levi: *ignoring Jean* -Hey,what’s up,Eren? I made an effort coming here and you don’t even want to greet me?!! Are you restrainig your shit,or something?

Eren: *nervous* -Mikasa,HIT ME! With your full strenght,HIT ME!NOW!

Mikasa: -But….

Eren: It’s an order! HIT ME!!!!

*Mikasa hits Eren and breaks his tooth*

*Eren feels the pain*

Eren: -It’s not a dream! IT’S NOT A DREAM!IT’S REAL!!

Mikasa:- I’m sorry Eren! Don’t talk until your tooth grows back!

Armin:It’s not dream,heichou it’s really here!!!

Levi:-AAh.  (눈‸눈)

Eren: *get’s really excited*- Heichou,thank you very much for coming today!Let’s celebrate until we die!



tfw you waited every episode for their game scene to air only to find out it doesn’t exist.


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Dreamingsnowflake’s 2014 year-end shout-out

I think 2014 in Asian Dramaland has ruined me for all the years to come with the manifold of fantastic shows. All of them have had the golden trifecta of writing, acting and directing plus the little extra which is what makes you so utterly addicted and maniacally fanatical. However, each has been unique and awesome on its own.

It’s been the year of epic love stories for the ages, soul-stirring emotions, unforgettable OTPs, magnificent noona-dongsaeng romances, sizzling chemistry, passionate lovemakings, mind-blowing and open-mouthed kisses, swoonworthy embraces, passionate confessions, and last but not least, it’s low on noble idiocy (thank you, drama gods, for that!). 

I’ve gained six I repeat SIX!!! deliciously perfect OTPs who have made it to my all-time favourite OTP list in this year alone, whereas usually it’s only 1-2. Though, Healer is there still with a question mark, but come on! This is the pairing of Song Jina (who made me insomniac for the first time in my life when I stayed up until 4am only to catch a first glimpse of my Faith OTP’s new stills) and the dreamy Ji Chang Wook (who made me singlehandedly with HJW watch a 50-episode! long sageuk which had gone completely makjang twice! and whom I’d found unattractive, into his devoted fangirl). Therefore I find it’s pretty safe to say Healer will deliver. There were other dramas I watched and liked like Bad Guys, Valid Love or Nobunaga Concerto but none made me as obsessed and squealing as YWCFTS, Secret Love Affair, High School King, Empress Ki, Sound of the Desert and Healer.

In conclusion, when I’m now looking back at the previous year I have to say that I’ve spend it squealing and fangirling from January 1 until December 31. Perhaps it’s symbolic that I’d begun the year fangirling over YWCFTS and finished it in the same fashion as well. I’ve received more messages, likes and reblogs than ever before and for that and for more I would like to thank everyone who’s been fangirling, squealing, swooning and fetching their smelling salts along with me. I LOVE YOU!

If you ask me for my expectations in 2015 in the vast Asian Drama Universe, I have to admit that it will be close to impossible to beat THIS! It’s difficult to beat perfection and 2014 has been as perfect as it could possibly get. Though, I have one wish or rather an admonition: Jdramaland, get your romance finally on track or rather get it back! Or else, I won’t be visiting you anytime soon in 2015! I’m already sick and tired of all the procedural dramas and boring leads you are overpopulated with.