shi kyung x jae shin


Day 07: The most heartbreaking scene?

After all the tap dancing and the not admitting that there is something there between them, the fandom finally gets a kiss from Royal Guard Eun Shi Kyung and Princess Lee Jae Shin. And he promises to return to her, but only if she kept on with therapy so she could walk again. He made her promise before he went out on a dangerous mission with her brother that she would practice and never give up.

…only for him to die. 

He never returns and all poor Jae Shin gets is a video of him basically laying out how much he loves her. They never officially end up together. All we (and Jae Shin) get is an unfulfilled promise because he died a hero to save her brother and their country. This scene is so heartbreaking because its purely Shi Kyung and Jae Shin – no rules or crises to keep them in check – and it’s their goodbye. It’s their goodbye before they had even begun. 

It’s so heartbreaking to see sweet Shi Kyung conveying his love and sorrow while fierce and strong Jae Shin breaks down and cries. UGH. THIS SCENE.