isn’t it funny how when carol killed two people over half the fandom jumped at the opportunity to hate her for it, and say she was dangerous and irrational and should be kicked out, and that the trauma she’d experienced in her past and in loosing her daughter didn’t earn her the slightest amount sympathy or forgiveness.

isn’t it funny that so many people have literally forgiven the governor for slaughtering an uncountable number of people and among other terrible things, sexually assaulting maggie and hunting down andrea like an animal just because he got an episode about how he lost his daughter.

isnt it funny.

australian politics is such a joke we just had the worst storm in 50 years and it took out 22 power transmitters and left a whole state blacked out and our prime ministers response was to literally blame it entirely on renewable energy



watching tony abbot sloppily stumble his way through his visit to the US is literally like having your mum force you to take your younger obnoxious socially inept sibling to the movies with your friends, and you’re there silently mouthing the words ‘im sorry’ every time he says something and hoping they dont think youre just as shit this is so embarRASSING

‘kinks’ is one of my favourite words its just a really cute way to describe it like you have little kinks in you like kinks in a piece of paper but its describing you wanting a woman to step on your face with a high heel or something

you know what’s great!! shoulders are great! putting ur head on shoulders is great! hugging someone from behind and burying ur head in that bit between their shoulder blades is great!!! backs are great! collarbones are great! kissing shoulders is great!! anD NECks!! wow kissing in ge neral is generally just p grea t a++ well done evolution than k you

tbh no other legend of korra scenario makes me happier than the one where asami steals makos girlfriend like don’t get me wrong i want v badly for her to take korra on a date and buy her flowers and listen to her and for them to be cute together- but before all that, there has to be a moment where asami walks up to mako and casually says btw im stealing ur girl, im gonna take her out and treat her right like she deserves, so better go find another girl to fuck around with b/c i can guarantee she’s not going to remember you tomorrow haha later you aint worth shit

it’s really interesting how humans act about physical contact like there’s this scale and for some reason every person we meet gets placed somewhere on that scale, and with some friends you can sit really close to them and hug them all the time and play with their hair and it doesn’t even phase you because it feels really natural but with others even when you’re just as close it’s kind of always going to be weird? idk its just really interesting humans are great


this is probably the best game of thrones parody i’ve ever seen