shhhut up mimi

i think what upsets me most about the ending when you choose to save chloe is that the entire story was about max gaining confidence and being able to show that she can be a positive influence to people. that made max feel like she was finally deserving of love, especially after the 5 years of guilt she went through because she didn’t talk to chloe

so now that max finally feels like she’s worth something, now that she has her best friend back (who she’s totally crushing on and thinks that chloe might feel the same way) and the feelings of guilt are alleviating, the game is like “every effort you’ve spent trying to keep this girl alive is going to destroy an entire town. you can either choose to love her and kill the town, or save everyone else and let her die”. the game even phrases it like “sacrifice chloe/the town”, instead of “save chloe/the town”, which presses more guilt into the situation. it’s saying you’re not saving anyone, you’re choosing who will die

it’s a completely unfair decision, and falls into the horrible “queer relationships must be tragic to be valid” trope. max only used her powers for good, albeit with some silly exceptions, but most major decisions were made in order to better somebody’s life. she just wanted to make her own life better too, and chloe made her feel like she could do anything. nobody should have to be punished for loving somebody