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WHAT'S WITH ALL THE BREAD MEMES honestly I look away for 2 days and the Royai fandom is full of baguettes....??? Is this the new flower crown? Has anyone edited the roystache on a loaf yet? Is Ed the Whole Wheat Alchemist? I have so many questions. X'D

Reka this is what happens when you look away for two days. You’re never ever ever ever ever ever EVER allowed to look away again, even for a minute.


Oh, the Woes of Imprinting
  • jared / kim one-shot 
  • around 3000 words 
  • part 2 of an imprinting series that can be found here 
  • rated T for language, and Paul 
  • link to my fanfiction profile here 



 Paul rolled his eyes for the fourteenth time in a single hour.




 Paul had been patient for too long. Annoyance was beginning to bubble up inside him and he found himself wanting to rake his claws across his best friend’s face.

 “Jare.” Paul sighed, looking at the wide-eyed boy next to him with exasperation.

 “Don’t you think she would be here by now if she walks this way?” Paul slumped against the tree and ran a hand through his dark, newly cut hair.

 Jared shrugged.

 “She walks home this way– I think.” Jared muttered, his exceptionally sharp eyes peeled back for any sign of the stunning goddess he’d laid eyes on in class.

 “You think.” Paul rolled his eyes again. He may as well just keep them rolled all the way back into his head. His best friend was an idiot.

 Jared Cameron and Paul Lahote had gone back to school three days ago, after two weeks of missed school. Both were on edge the whole day, and it was their very last class that turned everything onto its toes.

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“Ten Things Girls Secretly Love”
“Twelve Ways She’s Showing You She’s Interested”
“Women love it when men —”
“Six Ways To A Woman’s Heart”
“Fifteen Things Your Girlfriend Wishes You Would Do”

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Women are not one homogenous mass, we do not have a hive mind with identical likes, dislikes, wants and needs and ways of showing them. Women are individual people that vary wildly from one another.

Shocking, I know.

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Sakyu had the advantage though? Vampire Shin had no grounds to negotiate on. She could have finished him off while he was stunned in pain from her prayer. Can I get some headcanons for them now that Sakyu is a vampire and living with him?

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let it happen, Sakyu was being nice and listened to him

- She HATES being a vampire

- She loves the daylight

- She loves to think of heat from the sun warming her up

- Also she is absolutely cold all the time

- Shin tried to explain that this suits her better

- She flipped him off and tried to kill him a few more times

- Eventually she gave up and doesn’t care anymore

- They can’t even transform

- Being a vampire is worthless to her

- for the most part at least…

So…I blatantly stole most of this idea from David Levithan. So if you recognize it, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway: Dean and Cas. At a pride parade. :)

Cas is nervous.

He has plenty of reason to be nervous. For one, he’s snuck out of his home under the premise of staying at a friend’s house for the weekend. To go to a gay pride parade in the city, of all things.

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Sh*t Stage Monitors Say

A list of everything you’ll ever hear your stage monitor say at your upcoming major…
-“Can I have quiet in the hall, please.”
-“i’de like to remind everyone that cameras are prohibited in the hall.”
-“Can I have quiet in the hall, PLEASE.”
-“Can I get the [girls/ladies/mens/boys] under [age] side stage, please.”
-“And our adjudicators are…”
-“And now competitor number [number] dancing the [set dance] at speed [number]”
-“Please note there is no competitor number [number]”

Note: They ALWAYS have a thick Irish accent.