• richard: francis is so intriguing to me, a prince of a boy, an unexplainable miracle
  • richard: everything henry does is worthy of worship. henry winter, actual God, a creature above this earth
  • richard: i am fascinated by charles. i stare at him all the time, literally 24/7
  • richard: i, a hetero,
jervis tetch headcanons

• 4'10" and wears large hats
• lots of bright colors
• nervous all the time
• stutters a lot
• his obesssion with alice is not a sexual attraction(reasons will be explained later
• always has tea with him in case of emergency
• really enjoys the classic books(alice in wonderland, peter pan, things like that)
• 100% owns a giant comfy armchair
• has alice in wonderland themed nicknames for all the rogues

ok so his father left before he was born and his mother died during childbirth. so he was raised by his grandmother who wasnt quite right in the head. like not mental problems just batty old woman.
and she started his obsession with books. shed read to him constantly and had a well stocked bookshelf. now, he was perfectly fine with all of this happening. he had a normal childhood.
he had a friend throughout his childhood who’s name was in fact, Alice. she died young, when jervis was about eleven and thats when his mind started to snap.
he turned to Alice In Wonderland for comfort, hoping to find his Alice there and was never able to really accept her death.
his grandmother only fueled the obsession. and then she died two years after he graduated university and he “fell down the rabbit hole.”
and now he carries around an old pocket watch given to him by his grandmother with a photo of Alice inside.

as an adult, jervis is still looking for his Alice. he randomly fixates on random women and calls them his Alice.
therein lies his problem. he obsesses over them and he would do anything for his “Alice”. these women(once they find out he’s willing to do anything for them) take advantage of that.
they almost have complete control over him. he’d steal, kill, etc. just to keep them there with him. but once they get tired of him, they call the police and have him taken away to arkham.
after he gets out, he latches on to a new Alice and the cycle continues.

gitwrecked  asked:

Microfill prompt! Keith + Shiro, Star Wars AU, reunited after a long time apart

this is not the fic fill i think you were looking for ;)


“You’re still alive.”

“Hello to you too,” Shiro says, dropping his bag down by the door. Keith doesn’t get up to greet him, but that’s no surprise; his ankle’s still heavily bandaged, propped up on the low table by their couch. “No need to sound so surprised. How’s the ankle?”

“Slow,” Keith grumbles. Force-healing isn’t exactly his specialty, a fact Shiro’s sure Keith’s been lamenting for the entire last week. “And I am surprised. Lance didn’t kill you?”

Shiro rolls his eyes fondly, stepping over to check their two little plants. Both are alive and flourishing. They’ve done well under Keith’s care. “He’s not that bad. We actually have another mission assignment in a few days. How were things here?”

Keith’s eyes widen with surprise and - relief? Or is that hope, brightening up his previously sour expression? “A mission assignment? We do?”


“Sorry,” Shiro corrects, sheepishly. “You’re still on medical leave. I’ll do the next one with Lance again.”

Keith drops his data pad. “No.”

Shiro blinks. “He’s fine, Keith. It went well.”

“I’m your missions partner,” Keith says, flatly. The scowl’s back, full force.

Shiro raises one eyebrow, amused despite himself. “You also can’t walk.”

Keith grabs at the crutches leaning against the back of the couch. “I can walk by next week.”

“Keith,” Shiro begins, shifting around the furniture to help. Keith glowers at him; Shiro holds his hands up in empty placation.

“Don’t start,” Keith says, levering himself off the couch with the help of the sticks. If he leans heavily on the crutches, Shiro doesn’t exactly think now is the time to comment on it.

“I was only going to say that this is probably not your best idea,” Shiro says, meekly.

“Watch me,” Keith snaps.

(Loosely takes place after this, in the middle of this, and right before this)

I love a lot of people who
can’t love me back; rejection
feels less personal when I
can blame something else for
it. Some people only need to
be hurt once to never get over
it - the truth is I never want
to be not loved again the way
you didn’t love me.
—  Rebeka Anne, from now on I’m in charge of who hurts me

video game challenge
  → [1/5] pre/sequels

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (2013)

Five years before the events of the game, metal-clad warriors invaded Eorzea with flame-spewing weapons and colossal airships. The army came from the Garlean Empire, and it didn’t take long before the mightiest of the six city-states, Ala Mhigo, fell under their force. The other city-states united their power to defend themselves, but just as fast as it had arrived, the imperial army was gone. A new era began at Eorzea, known as the Age of Calm, which the city-states spent by building up their defenses and training their armies “