shhhh this is my favorite scene

Shownu Appreciation!!

So I was feeling bad about all the torture I put you guys through last night so I decided to make you babes a Hyunwoo appreciation post! These are some of my favorite Papa Bear moments! Enjoy!!

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This is the very first Monsta X video I ever saw and this scene is the one that sealed my fate! (Also the reason why my initial bias was Shownu before watching No Mercy….Shhhh)

“Adorkable Woo”

Gawd where would I be without “Daddy Moves Woo”?

His eye smile can cure the world of all pain!

And what would a Shownu appreciation post be without stopping to the the lawd for his glorious backside!!

I mean who doesn’t love the Showbooty? And that backside? Good Gawd!!

These are obviously just a few of a ton of my favorite Shownu moments but ain’t nobody got time for that post lol!!

I hope you enjoy ya thirsty hoes (I say that with the utmost love!!) and that this post makes you embrace your inner Jooheon!! 

I think my favorite part of the FitzSimmons scenes in Emancipation is that Jemma doesn’t really need to be in the server room. She’s not really doing anything more than handing him components, and anyone can do that. Besides, this is outside of her area of expertise, which is why Fitz wishes Mack could help (I mean, she WAS able to hack into Mike’s feed but shhhh).

No, Jemma isn’t there because she’s needed.

She’s there because that’s where Fitz is.

She’s there because she doesn’t ever want to be without him.