shhhh don't speak

no but Ghost Language Danny would be just adorable. Danny’s a little of a worry wort remember? I just can’t imagine anything else other than him getting all flustered about randomly slipping into Ghost all the time and Tucker not helping at all and because he finds it so hilarious. But Sam would mostly be annoyed about it or support him on it–it mostly depends on how you like your Sam, and Jazz would giggle and tell him it’s adorable even though at first it was creepy because this is Danny and he makes such a big deal about it and it embarrasses the fuck out of him. I still stand on my personal Headcanon of his ghost speak just being whatever language he’s speaking backwards so when he slips into Ghost he would be talking like

No, But Sam, you don’t understand. I’d choose Sam over Dean yadyna esuaceb Naed dluow eb os tespu….M'i gniklat ni Tsohg niaga, t'nera I?

And Danny would be so embarrassed and his face would be tomato red and it’s just adorable just think about it.

And Sam would try to process it like

Wait what, Danny. No. Speak English. 

And Tucker would be laughing so hard because his best friend is so obviously upset about it and it doesn’t even bother Tucker anymore because it’s their new normal right and Danny still is self concious about it and Tuckers like 

No, dude it’s okay

but he’s laughing the whole time and he’s not really helping at all.

I’m sorry I just love Ghost Speak Danny.

If all my future husbands met
  • Me: *holding Jack's hand* well I'd like you to meet all my other husbands...
  • *walks into a room*
  • Jack Johnson: Sammy? Really?
  • Sammy Wilk: What she finds me hot as well
  • Dan Howell: Who the hell are you two
  • Michael Clifford: Oh hey Jack!
  • Jack Johnson: Hey dude, it's been ages!
  • Dan Howell: okay so how does Michael Clifford know him but I don't?
  • Sammy Wilk: I didn't even know they were friends
  • Rapmonster: Uh hi?
  • Sammy Wilk: what Kim is a -
  • Dan Howell: shhhh don't speak