mercury signs (but ig sun too)

aries: wild as hell, very honest and can come off as bitchy because of it. a good time honestly. exaggerates their stories like hell but u know what it’s hilarious
taurus: really good advice even if it’s not what u want to hear. actually a good sense of humor but if they’re bored w you they’ll be v passive aggressive
gemini: super smart n not afraid to let you know it lmao. lots of funny stories and will be upfront with you
cancer: incredibly easy to talk to about your problems, even if they don’t have great advice they’re good listeners. sweethearts!
leo: CHARMING BITCHES, can come off as absurdly cocky/sure of themselves. will talk your ear off but you’ll feel grateful honestly
virgo: usually down to earth as hell but have a wild side if they like you enough to show it. really dorky humor typically
libra: really funny and good at talking w people. masters of making up bullshit facts. so annoying in arguments because they’ll make you feel like a dumbass but still such good friends
scorpio: can seem negative. incredibly intuitive like they’re the BEST at reading people and their emotions. actually incredibly smart and won’t always show it but when they do you’ll be amazed about what they know
sagittarius: such good storytellers, super funny as well! again very very blunt with their honesty. enthusiastic and impatient
capricorn: can seem boring at first but there’s so much under the surface. practical and so dorky with flirting it’s adorable
aquarius: one of my favorite mercury signs because of how fun and interesting they are to talk to. incredibly smart too especially with the specific things they are interested in they are such good researchers
pisces: really really sweet and they change their opinions/moods a lot. can be shy at first but so encouraging of others. starts projects but doesn’t finish em lmao but honestly same. amazing friends

Have you no idea that you’re in deep? 

I’ve dreamt about you nearly every night this week 

How many secrets can you keep? 

‘Cause there’s this tune I’ve found That makes me think of you somehow 

And I play it on repeat Until I fall asleep