shhh you dont know that


Why are you trembling in front of me like a scared little mouse? ( )

consider: dirk has 0 grasp on pop culture references

todd: i’m not your watson, asshole!
dirk: wh- what are you saying? what are we talking about right now, what is this? we don’t have time for gibberish, todd.
todd: don’t speak to me ever again.

.̴ ̵. .̷
( antisepticeye )
.̴ ̵. .̷

@septicdreams: After hearing Dark comfort someone who’s crying, could Anti be comforting someone? You don’t have to do it, just an idea!

@wildhorsewolf: Dark comfort someone was so cute could we get anti calming someone down from a panic attack

anonymous: Could you do Anti comforting someone? Thanks!! <3

anonymous: Hey Anti How would you calm down someone who was crying? It be nice to hear something “Caring” Coming out of your mouth when Im sad.

anonymous: Can you do more like the “listen closely I need you” one that Anti did a while back (before the group started)? It’s my favorite

( @anti-support-group )

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raisesomehale asked for nr 30 from the color me sterek palette :)

I will always find you
Like it’s written in the stars

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ELDER MCKINLEY: We used to have game nights and we played all sorts of games like Mormonopoly, Who Wants to be a Mormonaire, Are you Smarter Than a Mormon… etc. All of the elders seemed to enjoy it, but

ELDER MCKINLEY: Elder Price isn’t a very good sport, so I had to ban game night.


okay,this is the Ziam version of, THAT IS NOT PLATONIC…

as I said last time, “fetus first” (sorry not much x factor but we all know how different Larry and Ziam are…)

I honestly don’t even think Zayn is awake,and maybe I’m a bad friend,but if Jamie fell asleep on me and was crushing my boobs with her head, I would make her get up…. (sorry babe)

yes Zayn, just leave Harry your other friend out of the hug before realizing that you cant do that…  And Liam, Nuzzling into Zayn’s neck, totes platonic…

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Imagine Daryl and you are in love and him being very over protective of you when someone at the prison hits on you.

It was another back busting day here for you at the prison . You were going back and fourth between tasks . Rather that was cooking , doing laundry , or taking care of the young ones . You couldn’t complain though , you loved helping out in any way you could . You were currently heading towards the prison’s kitchen to help Carol with dinner when you felt a hand go around your waist .

You giggled at the familar feeling that surged through you , knowing fully well who it was . “ Hey ” Daryl rasped in your ear as he basically hugged you from behind . You stopped moving completely and leaned your head back to look up at him “ Hey you ”. He gives you a light squeeze “ How’s ma girl ? ” . You blushed lightly . Even though you two have been together since the farm , you still blushed when he referred to you as his .

“ Im good Dare . Was just headin’ to help Carol cook some dinner ” You tell him and he nods . “ Why don’t ya just skip tha’ and we can - ” you cut him off with a raise of your eyebrow . He winks at you and you laugh at him . He honestly loved to make you laugh , your giggle was like music to his ears . Anything you did really made him crave more of it .

“ Tempting , but I think I’ll pass Mr. Dixon ” . He scoffs , but realeaces you anyways . “ But you can walk me to tha’ kitchen if you’d like ? ” you give him a soft smile and he nods . He never really could tell you no . You walk side by side and roll your eyes playfully as you could tell Daryl was contemplating on how to go about holding your hand .

He never was good at it all , but you knew he was trying to learn how to get used to it . And thats all that mattered to you . So you grabbed his rough hand in your small one and gave him a cheeky smile . You two than proceeded to the kitchen where Carol and Beth awaited you with warm smiles . “ Well if isn’t Mrs.Dixon ” Beth teases you and you groan with a light blush . Daryl doesn’t seem to think anything of it and kisses the side of your head with a whisper “ We’ll have to make tha’ official huh? ” .

You were really blushing by the time he left . You tried to regain your composer , but his words made you feel like no others could . You tucked your hair behind your ear and looked to see that the two ladies were about to burst with enthusiasm. You rolled your eyes playfully “ Lets get dinner going ” .


After dinner was served , you were sitting with the people you consider family now. You were laughing along with Glenn and Maggie about some joke when you suddenly felt a tap on your shoulder . You looked back to see a some what familar man who smiled widely at you “ Hey Y/N , how are you ? ” . You smiled , seeing as you smiled at everyone “ Hi , I’m doing well and you ? ” .

He smiled in a somewhat creepy smile back “ I’m doing well now that I’m talking to such a pretty lady like you ” . You blushed at his statement . Not from liking what he said , but the fact that it wasn’t Daryl saying it . And that ? That made you feel un easy . But you tried non the less to keep small talk “ Did you like your dinner ? I think I mightve cooked the chicken too long im afraid ” .

He quickly changes the subject back to you “ Your so beautiful . Does anyone ever tell you that you have the prettiest smile ? ” . You swallow nervously and bite your lip . something you have grown acustom to when your nervous . But again you force a smile “ Thats mighty kind of you to say , but yes my boyfriend tells me quite often ” .

He seemed to want to ask who your boyfriend was , but was cut short when he was shoved to the wall behind him . Your eyes widen at the scene and it seemed that all chatter in the cafateria stopped . Daryl held the man by his shirt with a look of pure hatred “ Got sum’ you wanna say to ma’ girl? You go throw me from now on ” .

You stood up to try and stop him , but rick beat you to it . He placed his hand on Daryl’s shoulder , but even the man he looked to as a brother now couldn’t stop his jealously. The man in his grip was about to say something , but Daryl was quick to speak again “ Wait , ya know wha? Don’t even think about talkin’ bout’ er’ ! She’s mine ! ” . With that , he dropped him to the floor and stormed out .

You were speechless at this point and all eyes landed on you . You muttered a “ sorry ” before walking out yourself . You wanted to talk to Daryl and calm him down . You went to the cell you two shared , figuring he’d be there , and found him sitting on the bed . His knees were spread apart with his head hung low as he bit at his nails . You leaned against the door frame “ Dare ? ” .

He didn’t look up “ Yer’ mad at me aren’t ya’ ? ” . You push yourself off the doorframe and kneel infront of him with a soft smile . You took his hands away from his lips and cuppes his cheeks into your skinny fingers “ No Dare , im not ” . He searched your eyes as if he thought otherwise “ I didn’t mean ta’ .. I don’t know wha… ”.

He didn’t know how to explain , but he didnt have to . You knew that he never had anything to really hols onto as his and it took everything in him to just accept that he liked you in fear that he would lose you too . He was afraid that one day a man that he thought was better than him would steal you away from him . But he always failed to realize that he was the love of your life .

“ Shhh , I know hun’ . You dont need ta’ explain ta’ me what you did . But always remember this .. I love you with all the days I do and don’t have left put together . Ain’t no man taking me away from you Dare ” you promise him and he nods . “ I love ya to Y/N . So damn much ” he tells you before pulling you into his arms .

“ So much that I’m gonna make ya ma wife one day ” .

I find something about the OPM opening to be kind of sad

It just seems?? kind of sad in some small way 

There’s another line that says “What’s going on? I can not feel a thing” and that’s just. Awwww what that’s sad implicitly

"Do you fancy me?" part 10/10

Previews chapters

Word count: 2788

The sun burning on your eyelids forced you to get out of dream land, the clock to your left mark 10:46 a.m. in bright red numbers. Dan wasn’t by your side like you expected he would have, but you assumed he was long awake and on the middle of his morning routine a.k.a a bowl of cereal and creeping Tumblr.

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