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10 Ways to say I love you - Peter Parker imagine ( part 2)

Summary: This is the second part to 10 ways to say I love you, you don’t have to read the first to understand this part as there is no connection to the first part but I suggest you do. (Part 1)

a/n: I meant for these to be up way sooner than today I’m just terrible at keeping myself on check. Link to Masterlist Here. I’m sorry the last one is so long i got carried away!

Not even two seconds after stepping out from the tiny corner restaurant you and Peter had ate at, the rain started pouring. You hadn’t gone out of your way to impress, but you had put effort into your look today and weren’t about to let the rain ruin that.

You grabbed Peter’s hand and pulled him under the closet cover for the rain. Neither of you had thought to bring an umbrella, so here you were stranded under a random cover for protection in the rain.

“Isn’t this the part where you grab my face and kiss me in the rain Peter?” you teased, nudging his shoulder with yours. “Do you want me too?” Peter shoots back smiling at you.

“I just think it would be ideal, you know, considering the setting and all” you reply stepping into the rain and facing upwards. “Hey, come here” Peter brings you back under the cover embracing you. Only letting go to remove his jacket and hand it to you. “Here, Put this on so you don’t get cold” he says.

“But you will be soaking by the time we get home” you counter, taking the jacket into your hands. “Don’t worry about me” He says looking away for a second, then facing you again. “So that kiss in the rain?”

You had come over to Peter’s for a movie and food, although you and Peter were together, you denied being so. However from the looks May was giving you from the kitchen when she thought you two weren’t looking, it seemed like she had put two and two together.

You were snuggled into Peter’s side with this arm wrapped around you comfortably. You had let Peter choose the movie, while you chose the snacks. 30 minutes into the movie the snacks had been long forgotten and You had unknowingly drifting off on Peter’s shoulder.

You had woken up around 10 minutes before the movies end but tried your best to steady your breathing to make it seem as if you were asleep. For a few minutes you had thought you had pulled it off until the entirely of the credits had rolled and he spoke up. “I know you aren’t actually sleeping” You tensed being caught.

Shhh I like being in your arms” you whisper, shifting but your eyes still closed.

“See! Plus your lips slightly part when you really are asleep” he states as if were nothing.

“You creep! you like watching me sleep?” you ask stretching your arms in front of you, only to wrap them back around his torso.

You loved ice cream it was no secret and Peter knew this, he would always let you finish it. Today was no different you sat in a booth enjoying a sundae at a place Ned had told you guys was the best in town.

You both talk about how your days were going and you being thankful he finally took a day for from his ‘Stark internship’ to spend with you. Throughout the conversation you grab three more spoons of ice cream while Peter grabs half a scoop. If only could even call that half a spoon.

“Do you always hate the flavors I choose or do you just hate ice cream?” you question him sadly.

“I don’t hate either” He laughs off your question.

“Then why don’t you ever enjoy the ice cream we get together?” you ask picking at it with your spoon.

I love ice cream, almost as much as you do, but I love giving you the last scoop more.” he answers as if it had been obvious this entire time. You lean over and kiss his cheek lightly. However that doesn’t stop the blush that creeps up on Peter’s neck.

“I love you too Parker” you say, interlocking your free hands together.

Sitting across from May on the table you were looking through some of her old photos she had decided to share with you. You picked one up of her and uncle Ben posing with a red backdrop in a studio.

“This one is really nice” you said facing the picture towards her and smiling.

“I remember when that one was taken, it is isn’t it?” you replied with a hint of sadness in her voice.

The sound of the door unlocking made you redirect your eyes to the door and in waltz Peter. “Hey, didn’t know you were coming over” he said throwing his backpack down and coming to sit next to you.

“Thought I’d surprise you, how was decathlon practice?” you asked, sorting through the photos again.

“Good, what’s all this?” Peter motioned towards the table.

“Just a few pictures, look at this one” you said handing him the one you had showed May early. You didn’t let him speak before you begin again, “We should go and take pictures like that” you offered, preparing for him to decline.

Instead Peter agreed, “Wait seriously?” you asked in shock.

Yes, I’ll do whatever keeps you happy” He said with a genuine look of adoration on his face.

“You’re the best” you said wrapping your arms around his torso and putting him in for a hug. Even just a hug in front of May made Peter blush and May smiled knowingly.

You walked up the tiresome seven flights of stairs to reach Peter’s door. Aunt May opened it and let you in with no hesitation. “How was school?” she asked returning to the kitchen to tend to the stove.

“It was good, eventful as always you” you replied, making your way to Peter’s room. “Peter’s not home but you’re welcome to wait for him” May stated and nodded towards Peter’s room. You open the door slowly with one hand while the other dug through your backpack until you looked up.

“What the F-” you begin and Peter instantly turn around and slammed the door shut with a kick and clasped his hand over your mouth. You quickly pry off his hand and whisper yell, “Peter what the hell is this? what the hell is that? what the hell are you doing?” you question him, motioning all over his suit. Peter immediately slams his hand over his chest, deactivating his spiderman suit.

“I can explain everything” he stutters out. You just stare at him eyes wild and making an attempt to steady yourself using the side of his bed.

Aunt may opens the door and peter swiftly kicks his suit under his bed, “I think I may have overcooked the food and hey what did say about keeping the door open? and- Peter oh my god put some clothes on” she says ushering him into his closet. “He will right out after he is decent, in the mean while we are going out for thai soon, care to join?” May asks with a smile on her face.

“I-uh I can’t, parents want me home soon, very soon. thank you though” You tried to say as normally as possible with everyday that has just occurred in the span of two minutes.

“Well alright I’m going to open some windows in here before the fire alarm goes off” She begins to exit the room, and you let out a heavy breath.

Peter stumbles out of the closet, pulling his shirt over his head. “Look I can explain, it’s just-” he begins before you cut him off “Does May know? Does anyone else?” you ask. “No” he says. and you wrap your arms around yourself. “Well crap now i know and I wasn’t suppose to know, I’m-” you start pacing around his room.  

It’s- It’s okay, I feel safe sharing my secret with you” He says caressing your cheek.

You lean into his hand closing your eyes for a second but then open them again remembering he’s spiderman “Wait you’re out there every night and you are putting yourself in harm’s way?!”

A Favor Between Friends

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A Favor Between Friends
Rated: Mature

“What did you just say?” you sat up hastily looking over at Mino.

He sighed heavily, his eyes never leaving the screen. “I was just asking. You don’t have to get weird about it.”

“You asked me to hook up with you and I’m being weird?” The two of you were just enjoying a movie night at his dorm, laying in his twin sized bed and watching from the screen of his laptop. The two of you had been close friends for years, so you’d often spend your free time with him. It was more so whenever his schedule accommodated it but you never had any complaints.

He looked at you with a small pout. “It’s just been a while alright…I’m a little pent up. It wasn’t going to mean anything.”

“Yah” you smacked him with a pillow. “It’s been awhile for me too, but I still have standards.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“You’re not my type”

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Fix You- Song

Themes: Rain// Time// Phonecall// Song//

Note: And I am back with the next chapter for Fix You! Thank you to Ate Donia for editing this <3 and to you! as always~ :D Thank you for sticking around~

Pairing: Jaehyun/ Y/N/ Taeyong

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“What are you doing here again?” Y/N asked as she stared into the smiling face of Jaehyun. His dimples were showing again, eyes crinkled into half-moons.

To her, his smile would always make her think that everything was easy for him. That the life he led was as easy as a breeze during summer. It was as if smiling was all the answers to the mysteries of the universe.

It wasn’t.

Rain fell from the heavens again early that morning, reminding her of the time when Taeyong decided to end things up with her. However, oddly, that seemed like a lifetime ago already. Her mind barely recalling that painful memory.

All that was left were traces of heartaches but even that was slowly fading away.

Still, she couldn’t help but associate the rain with heartbreaks, when before it used to mean cuddles, thick sweaters and hot coffees.

Now, gray skies, tears and sadness replaced those.

Y/N was still hopeful, however, that time would come when she could finally look up into the pouring sky and smile again.

But not now.

Currently, she and Jaehyun were hanging out in her apartment. They laid down blankets on the living room floor, brought out a few of her pillows for comfort, and amused themselves by listening to that familiar pitter-patter on the roof. The curtains were open a tiny bit, allowing light to shine through, making everything appear soft and hazy.

Jaehyun joked that they could take a photo and wouldn’t even need a filter.

“It’s very Instragram-esque,” he said as soon as he  stepped into the place and noticed the atmosphere.

He suggested the two of them to watch a movie, but he lost interest halfway through. As the characters droned on, no one was paying attention anymore.

“Just hanging out,” Jaehyun replied. By then, he already had the buds of his earphones on, shutting out the sounds of everything around him.

Y/N rolled her eyes at him. “I thought you wanted to watch a movie.”

“I did,” Jaehyun agreed with a nod of his head, “but it got too boring so…”

He let the rest of his sentence hang.

Silence engulfed the two of them for a moment as Y/N tried to focus back into the movie. Jaehyun was still listening to the songs playing on his phone, now with eyes closed and the barest hints of humming.

As she heard his low hums, Y/N thought that he actually wasn’t bad. Accompanied by the gentle taps in the background, it felt relaxing even. That was until she decided to break the silence with a question.

“What’re you listening to?” She noticed how peaceful he looked with his eyes shut, all the while bobbing his head to the music she couldn’t hear.

“Hm?” He cracked one eye open. “Com’ere.”

She shuffled to get closer to him. When she finally settled down, Jaehyun popped off one of his ear buds and placed them in her left ear.

Y/N heard nothing at first. Only the sounds of their breathing as well as the muffled voices of the movie playing filled her apartment. Even that was fading away as she tuned in to the music. Slowly, the first strumming of the guitar began.

She noticed how Jaehyun closed his eyes again to savor the music flowing through his ear. With the two of them in close proximity, Y/N couldn’t help but think how intimate they were being. The sound of rain falling did nothing but amplified the romantic ambiance.

I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing
Just praying to a God that I believe in

Y/N glanced at Jaehyun as the sweet voices serenaded her ear. It was such a sight to see him enjoying the sound of music, and she realized how soft he looked in the light, almost with a halo forming above his head.

It brought a smile to her lips watching him was so satisfying already.

As the song progressed, Y/N closed her eyes too, and it seemed like they were in their own little bubble where only the two of them existed.

I’m falling to pieces…

That particular line made her open her eyes and frown. She hit Jaehyun lightly on his arm, earning a chuckle from him.

“I hate you,” she whispered.

“Just listen to the song,” Jaehyun said with eyes still closed.

Y/N sighed. Then, almost as if her body moved on its own accord, she snuggled closer to him, right into his waiting arms that were ready to tuck her in and give her warmth.

“And I was doing such a good job too,” Y/N whispered again before fresh tears fell from her eyes, landing on Jaehyun’s white sweater, making a wet patch near his chest.

His hand patted her hair, inhaling her scent. He no longer minded how he was getting soaked.

Y/N realized the process of moving on wasn’t as easy as depicted in books and movies. It’s already been a month, yet she was still a prisoner to her old memories. But who could blame her?

It was not easy throwing away two years worth of precious moments. In that span of time, she learned to love without hesitations and cry without reservations. Taeyong had been there during her saddest times just as she had been by his side during his proudest.

The song ended and another played and Y/N wanted nothing more than hit Jaehyun again. He was making fun of her, if the teasing smile on his lips were any indication.

“You’re mocking me,” Y/N said flatly.

Jaehyun peered at her with one eye open. “I am not.”

“Then what’s up with your playlist?”

“What’s up with it?”

“All the songs seem sad.”

“Only because you think so.”

She only frowned at him and crossed her arms. The tears have long dried.

“Fine.” Jaehyun chuckled. He pressed the home button of his phone, bringing it back to life. “Listen to this.”

I’d give forever to touch you,
‘Coz I know you feel me somehow
You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be…

A fresh wave of tears threatened to escape her eyes because the words were all what she ever wanted to say to Taeyong.

“Shhh,” Jaehyun cooed before grabbing his bag and fumbling its contents.

“Before you smudge your mascara and ruin your makeup and my sweater, I got you this.” He chuckled again.

Y/N just rolled her eyes at him before being taken aback when he produced a toy gun. The best part, however, was that it blew bubbles in a continuous stream by pulling the trigger.

“Thought you’d like it.” The feeling of being proud made its way to his chest as he saw how her entire face lit up when he handed her the toy.

“I love it!”

When Y/N pressed the trigger, the bubbles floated out of the plastic barrel and into the air. As the bubbles caught light, they became iridescent.

For a moment, Jaehyun grew content watching her play.

“Do you want a turn?”

He had to resist the urge to laugh out loud because she asked as if she were talking to a kid.


She gave him the toy, and he had the idea of blowing out the bubbles in rapid succession and reloading with the soapy mixture as fast as he could.

When Jaehyun did it, the effect was magical.

They were encased in bubbles and for a moment, they were in a world of their own. Y/N looked up to her sides and the bubbles were all she could see.

“Wow.” Her voice was full of amazement and wonder; and Jaehyun wanted more of it.

So he did it again and again just so he could wrap themselves in the illusion. He was also actually enjoying it.

Yet, Y/N paused for a moment to look at him who was distracted, looking at the mixture of light and air.

"Thank you, Jae,” she said.

“You’re welcome,” he said, smiling yet again, showing off his dimples.

“But you know what, I would have truly given up everything if it meant staying another minute with him.”

“I know, Y/N.” Jaehyun nodded, as if he already expected this.

“I know I would too. For you.”

Notes: Yes, the lyric change was intentional. In fact, listen to this version of Breakeven.

Listen to Iris here.

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Anonymous:  I was wondering if you can make one about Malik getting jealous of Altair cause you’re hangin out with him more than Malik. I know it’s probably not much, but I can’t get Malik out of my head! I’d really love it if you can do something like that! ;)

A/N: NOW. NOW IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE. MY TIME TO SHINE AS A TRASH OF ANYTHING AT THIS FRANCHISE. I’m so glad you asked me this! Omg! This couldn’t be more perfect, I swear! Love you, I’m serious. I’m gonna have so much fun writing it, omg. Thank you!! Have some Malik in your life. Live better. Live Malik.

Your name: submit What is this?

“No Y/N, you are doing it wrong. Again!” You heard Altaïr rant at you for the uptenth time. The weather was so hot at Masyaf that you had to push the hood down, sweat accumulating at your back, making the robes cling to it. Had you know the man would be so bossy about it, you wouldn’t have asked him to teach you a few tricks with the long sword. Damn Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, the arrogant prick.

“How am I supposed to block the enemy’s sword, then?! With bare hands?!” You shouted back at him, sweeping sweat from your brows, aware of Malik’s curious gaze. It had been a few weeks like this, with the Master Assassin screaming at you whenever you failed in a trick that he had just displayed while Malik watched, making a few acid comments about the other man’s teaching techniques.

Though he never criticized you.

Thinking about it, you practically hadn’t been spending time with him lately, all of it dedicated to improve your swordship and accomplish missions. At the few spare times you had — Allah bless them —, you would spend it resting; sleeping or relaxing your sore muscles. You weren’t as present as you used to be for him, this being one of the reasons you suspected he would come to watch the practice almost everyday. And when you did have time for him, he’d stay as quiet as possible and would not even look you in the eyes; barely sustaining a conversation. The thought almost made you feel guilty.

“Be wise, Altaïr.” He spoke for the first time, nearly scaring you, sounding a bit annoyed; but still with a soft voice. “It is better for Y/N to evade the sword, not go against it. She’s small and agile, not big and strong.”

“Shut up, Malik. You fight like the dead.” Altaïr snapped back, swinging his long sword in quick movements. “Perhaps you forgot who’s higher ranked here?” The Master Assassin said with an arrogant smirk, approaching the other. Malik’s jaw clenched, his annoyance displayed at his dark eyes. Oh, shit.

“If she tries to go against the sword, she’s going to get herself killed.” The man snarled back.

“There’s a lot of other small assassins that can go against it. I’m sure she can manage that much.” Altaïr retorted with an impatient frown. The idea of both man having an argument near sharp objects wasn’t pleasing at all.

“Use your head, Altaïr. If Y/N dies in a mission or at a battle, her blood will be at your hands!” Malik growled, gesticulating towards you. “You’re only leading our sister to certain death.” The tension at the air was almost palpable, both man staring at each other with hatred eyes.

“Uh, boys?” You said with a tiny voice.

“If you are having a jealousy attack, then teach her yourself!” Altaïr growled, shoving the sword at Malik’s hand. Wait, jealousy? “This way, her poor swordship won’t be my fault!” Well, that surely was mean. And awkward. The Master Assassin turned around, storming away from the training grounds with an air of baffled annoyance. Malik rolled his eyes, coming closer and you could notice a vague redness at his face.

“Don’t worry.” He smiled in a knowing way. “He’s unwise. I’ll teach how to fight, if you wish. In a way that you shall be successful.” The man chuckled slightly, which made you smile. Malik was nearly perfect with a sword, more of an agile and quick warrior, just like you.

“Well… I’m sure you’ll be a better teacher than Altaïr. He’s annoying.”

“I told you.” His smile widened. “But you did not listen to me. You never listen to me, thinking about it.” He tapped his chin, looking up at the bright blue sky in a mocking way.

“Oh, shut up you brat!” You shoved him lightly with your shoulder. “Or I won’t let you teach me.”

“Your loss.” Malik hummed happily. This man, you swear.

“Now I’m not sure who’s more annoying, you or Altaïr.” You joked, strolling away from the edge of the training grounds, the other man close behind you.

“I’m not annoying.” The assassin retorted with mocking annoyance.

“I shall you give you my opinion after the training. Ready?” You smirked at him, parting legs and turning your hips slightly for balance. 

“I won’t go easy on you.” The assassin smiled with soft eyes. You could tell that he missed this.

From a distance, Altaïr shook his head, lips quirking up easily. “He acts like a child sometimes.” The man mumbled more to himself, recording how Malik begged last night to let him teach you swordship, suggesting Altaïr to train her wrongly the next day.

Damn infatuated friends.

Movie Nights

Words: 3197
Sam x Reader
Warnings: none
Requested by anonymous
A/N: A sweet little bit of fluff with Sam!

Your name: submit What is this?

You sat with your feet up on the couch, curled slightly under you, and wrapped in a blanket. You were staring at the old black and white horror movie projected on the wall of the library. In your lap was a gigantic bowl of popcorn, which you were munching on absentmindedly, not tearing your eyes away from the scene.

The violins in the score rose, building in intensity and holding you in suspense. Your heart beat faster as you remained engrossed in the action on the screen.

A sudden hand firm on your shoulder made you jump, almost spilling the popcorn everywhere. You gasped and clutched your hand to your heart, which was absolutely bounding now, breathing hard, and turned around to give Sam an exasperated look. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” you asked as he laughed at you.

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7 Years part 1

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Prompt: Childhood friends, a surprise reunion. 

Warnings: none

Word count: 479

Originally posted by sebastiianstan

Outside of the lecture theatre you lean against a pillar and wait for the arrival of your unusually late friends, trying to spot them over the crowds of people collecting around you. You pull out your phone, anxious to find out if they had all skipped and failed to inform you when you see them hurrying inside whispering to each other. Before you can launch too far into your questioning however the doors open and people start filing inside, the noise and commotion drowning you out almost immediately.

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BTS Reaction to: Losing You in a Crowd

Hi Anne! Thank you for your request, I hope you like these reactions :) — Admin M


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“Let’s go this way!” You said just when Hobi declared, “I think it’s this way!”. Hobi thought that for a romantic change, it’d be fun to visit a botanical garden that was famous for its large hedge maze. The both of you failed to realize just how hard the maze would be. You barely made it into the maze and you had already been separated. When you noticed the sudden quiet you turned around to tease,

“Why so quiet Hobi? Maze got your-” But there was no one behind you.

Little did you know that he was already on the other side of the maze about to realize that he too was alone.

“I guess I was wrong, Y/N” he laughed, “This is a dead end.” His laughter was cut short when he saw that you were nowhere in sight. “Uh-oh.”

Hobi took off running, not bothering to find the exit anymore. His new mission was to find you. Tripping, his jeans were covered in grass stains, but he could care less. “Y/N?” He called out hopeless.

“Hobi!” Your voice rang out in the distance. “Where are you?”

“Uh, in a maze?” He shouted back, hoping to hear your laugh. But you were only prompting him to talk so you could track his voice down. As Hobi shouted for you, you could tell that you were close to him. Turning a corner the two of you literally ran into each other. Landing ontop of your boyfriend you laughed out of the hilarity of this situation and from relief.


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Jimin was holding your hand as the two of you weaved your way through the crowded city street. The size of the bustling citizens that pushed past you on this busy Saturday afternoon was too much for your nerves. Jimin was doing his best to find some place quiet to take you so you could rest. Just when he thought he found you a safe place, your hand was ripped out of his. He immediately ran off in the direction of where you disappeared. Jimin couldn’t stand the thought of you panicking and away from the safety of his arms. Every time he thought he saw the color of your shirt or a flash of your hair he’d call out your name only to find out that the woman in front of him was not you.

Desperate, Jimin searched the entire street before returning to the spot where his hands lost your’s. There, across the street Jimin could see you seated on a bench, talking excitably with the woman next to you. It was as if he learned how to breathe again. “Y/N!” He yelled out making his way to where you sat.

“Oh Jimin! You found us!” You said to him. You could tell Jimin was on edge by your sudden disappearance and so you took the time to explain, “You remember our old neighbor Mia right? She saw us walking by and pulled me aside to catch up!”

Mia apologized to you both for causing such a fuss but Jimin could care less. What was most important was that you were back at his side.


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Jin had decided to surprise you one day to tickets for your favorite bands concert. They day of the concert, he took you out to eat because you had been sulking over the fact that you didn’t get tickets. You were oblivious to the fact that your tickets were sitting in his coat pocket. The way your face lit up when you read them was the only thanks he had needed. Leaving dinner Jin drove you two to the outdoor venue. It was perfect for a large, summer concert. Because his large stature, Jin found it easy to weave the two of you through the crowd. What he hadn’t anticipated was the power of the crowd as the band gave their encore performance. One minute you were next to Jin, bouncing up and down as you hoarsely sang along to the music. In the next second, the crowd had swallowed you whole.

“Y/N-ah?!” Jin’s voice was drowned out by the band and the fans. He desperately searched for you in the crowd. Finally he reached the edge of the crowd where he found you hunched over and panting. Fearing the worst he ran to you to see if you were injured. You snapped your head up as a figure approached you but you were greeted by the sight of your boyfriend. A smile plastered onto your face you threw yourself at Jin.

“Oh thank god,” he sighed, “You’re okay.”

“Of course I’m okay!” you giggled, “When we got separated I was getting thrown around by people dancing so I just decided to make my way out of the crowd and wait for you.” Jin’s grip tightened around your body.

“I’m never letting go of you, ever again.”


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Jungkook thought that the two of you were over prepared for trip to the beach to watch some fireworks but nothing could prepare him for the moments he thought you were lost from him. The fireworks were beautiful, the kind that you could feel echoing in your chest. When they went off you were resting your head on Jungkook’s chest and found yourself focusing on the way his heartbeat in reaction to the fireworks. What you hadn’t expected was to fall asleep before the night ended. Jungkook shook you gently awake so the two of you could pack up and head home. You swayed in your spot sleepily as he packed things away. Walking through the crowd you were still too drowsy to realize were you were going. You thought that Jungkook had gotten ahead of you and prepared yourself to scold him for leaving you behind but when you took the man’s hand you immediately realized you were mistaken.

Jungkook stopped for one second to shuffle the bags around in his grip so he could have a free hand to hold onto your’s. When he looked back up you were gone. Panic erupting in his chest he ran forward. Calling out your name and pushing past groups of people, it seemed hopeless. There was no way he could find you in the dark like this. He almost tripped as he brushed past a man. “Excuse me?” the stranger’s voice stopped him. Jungkook was ready to apologize but was surprised when the man asked if he was looking for a girl that matched your description.

“Ye-yes! That’s her! Have you seen her?” Jungkook stuttered. The man pointed you out just a little ways away. Stumbling forward Jungkook dropped everything from his arms and replaced them with you. Hugging you tightly, Jungkook promised to never let that happen again.


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“Y/N!” Namjoon called over his shoulder, “keep up!” But when he turned around fully, you were nowhere in sight. This was the stuff of nightmares to Namjoon. The airport was the last place he could stand to be separated from you. He knew the way you’d react to being alone while stressed out from traveling. Not to mention all the horror stories you’d hear on the news of women being taken by criminals at the airport. He retraced his steps, trying to keep a level head, but still couldn’t find you. Namjoon’s mind spun as worst case scenarios flooded his thoughts. Unable to think straight he double checked everywhere he could think of before realizing he should probably report this to security.

Running as fast as he could to a security soon the speakers overhead buzzed to life. “Would Kim Namjoon please report to gate A?” Confused he hesitated between continuing towards security or listening to the announcement. Following the latter option he ran across the airport once again. Out of breath he was greeted by the sight of a worried you seated next to an airline employee.

“Y/N!” Namjoon was never more relieved in his life than when you were returned into his arms.


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Tae had to admit, he often did get separated from you when you’d go to crowded places together. But he never expected to have the roles reversed. Now Tae knew how you felt when he did this to you and he vowed to be more careful. The two of you had been to an award show together when the various flashing lights that shone in Tae’s eyes and distracted him long enough to lose sight of you. If Tae didn’t find you soon, he would never forgive himself for abandoning you on a night as busy as this. He loosened his tie as he frantically searched various rooms for your figure. Tae cursed himself for not remembering the exact look of your dress. During his search he bumped into Jimin.

“Hey have you seen Y/N?” Tae asked eagerly.

“Yeah I saw her like five minutes ago!” Jimin provided, “I think she was trying to find your assigned dinner seats or something?” Tae didn’t even thank him before making his way to the general area of the table. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted you looking scared and typing frantically on your phone. Just then Tae’s phone buzzed in his pocket. It read, “Y/N: Where are you? I couldn’t see from the paparazzi lights and I kinda fell and then ran inside but I can’t find you.” He look back up to where you stood and could see you were close to crying. Tae ran to your side and shielded you from curious strangers.

“Shhh” His warm hands wiped the tears away from your eyes, “I’m here now.”


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You had dragged Yoongi out to your local amusement park. He went along though he wasn’t too excited to ride the new attraction. In Yoongi’s, unheard, opinion the ride went too fast and high to actually be entertaining. Not to mention the line was too long.

“Aw come on Yoongi” you whined, “It’s going to be so worth it! Maybe we could get one of those picture souvenirs where we look scared shitless at the best part of the ride!” Yoongi couldn’t deny your wishes, even if it meant he was going to have to compromise. And so he stood in line next to you for the next 45 minutes, withstood the horrifying new ride, but managed to have fun through it all. The way you curled into him and hid your face against his chest caused his heart to flutter more than the ride had. As the two of you stumbled out of your seats in laughter you told him to wait for you while you retrieved your purse from the ride attendant. But soon 10 minutes had passed by and Yoongi didn’t see you anywhere. He immediately called your phone over and over again, worry growing each time he reached your voicemail. Yoongi decided he had to contact whatever park employee he could find and report you missing. As he struggled to find one, he walked past you as you exited the bathroom.

“Yoongi!” You called out, running after him. Yoongi turned around just as you crashed into him.

“Y/N!” He pulled you back to check you for injury. “Are you okay?!”

“Yeah of course, why wouldn’t I be?” You then explained to him how you tried texting him after you got your purse back that you had to use the bathroom but your phone had no service. Not knowing that the bathroom line would be long you went anyway thinking you’d be back before he noticed you were gone.

[Gifs not mine. This fanfic was requested by @nightlovechild​ detailing the Jokers interaction with Griggs before Harley enters the room in this fic WARNING: THIS FIC IS GOING TO BE FAIRLY GRAPHIC AND TWISTED. (Surprisingly less twisted than I intended but if again, you all would like the original just shoot me a message. Again, I do take requests]

            Y/N was curled up in the limousine with her head in my lap like a child. So pale, so fine, and back where she belongs. 
           “Are you my friend?” I asked, stroking Y/N hair.
           Griggs looked at me in that half stupid half frightened way that made me want to staple his tongue to his forehead. 
           “Yeah man, yeah, we’re cool, you know me.” 
           The car stopped and I grinned at him, “I’m going to need you to be quiet for this part.” 
           “What part?” He asked before Panda yanked him from the car.
           I absently stroked Y/N’s hair as he struggled yelling “get off me” before he was dragged out of hearing range.
           I got a little surprise for ya, honey. I carried her up to the penthouse, laying her down on the bearskin rug before covering her up. When you wake up the real fun will begin.

***Time skip, Griggs P.O.V

           I woke up with a headache worse than initiation week in college when I woke up naked and hog-tied on the dean’s desk. This wasn’t as funny though, not even close. I was bound to a chair in the middle of the Joker’s decked out pad. When I had got up here I had tried to run only to get tackled and my head smashed on the kitchen floor. I struggled against my restraints.
           “Yo! Yo Mister J, what’s up? What did I do?”
           The man himself walked around barefoot and shirtless like I wasn’t tied to a chair in the middle of his living room. In fact, he almost danced around, waving his arms with a knife in one hand like he was conducting the dopest concert in the world. Walking past me I yelled out as he cut my shoulder, then again as he cut my cheekbone.
“What’s the deal man?!” I demanded.
“Shhh, you’re going to ruin the best part.”
           He waltzed around the penthouse, banging around in the kitchen and carrying a silver tray with a bottle of grape soda and a rose to another area of the house. I’m not gonna’ lie I was panicking, this was worse than being held at gunpoint by Floyd during his ‘Tryouts’. 
           “Tell me, friend, do you like films?” The Joker asked, appearing once again.
           I gulped. “Yeah,” My voice was high and I cleared my throat. “Yeah, I like a good movie, action ya know, that’s my shit.” 
           “Action,” he repeated, his eyes lighting up when saying “Violence.”
           “Yeah, yeah, you know the deal.” 
           “What about… torture films?” He asked, his breathing coming out heavy and sweat dripped down the back of my neck.
           “Nah, I uh, I like action. Torture kinda isn’t my-”
           He held up his cell phone and all of the air in my lungs left in a whoosh as I watched the video I had filmed of me and his girl. I watched as security footage played footage of the prison that I didn’t want to know how he got access to. I licked my lips. 
           “Torture isn’t your thing? Isn’t your thing? Isn’t. Your. Thing?” He said mockingly.
           “N-n-n-n-now hey man. We’re cool. I-I-I-I-I was just doin’ my job, i-i-i-it was before I knew you man, ya know? I-I-I-I helped you remember? I g-g-gave her the phone, don’t look at me like that m-man.” I stuttered and he sat down in my lap, grinning.
           “Don’t frown, we’re all friends here.” He purred.
           “Yeah, yeah man, we’re friends.”
           “Let’s turn that frown upside down buddy, LETS PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE!”
I nearly blacked out; all I could do was scream as he grabbed my face, sticking the blade of his razor in my mouth as he carved it open. Tears streamed down my cheeks as saliva and blood dribbled down my chin.
           My speech was garbled as I tried to beg “Puh- puh-leesh mista J. I’m shorry, puh-leesh, I’ll do any-fing you want. Any-fing.”
           He laughed, smacking my face with a purple gloved hand and I whimpered, hearing the squelch of my blood, and feeling the tug of my flesh as it flapped open. 
           “You hurt my Y/N. You tortured her, you touched her, you find my baby sweet, pal?”
           “Huck you man, huck you.”
           He grinned again, pulling a long tube from his pant pocket he grabbed me, jamming it into my nose and I cried out.
           “The doctor says don’t move,” he cackled.
           I struggled, feeling it in the back of my throat. I started to gag, tears burning my eyes. “Now swallow, pal.”
           I was crying, gagging as I felt the tube go down. “Strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla?”          
          He asked as he hooked up the tube to a machine with thick, mucky looking shit in it that in no way looked like strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla. Almost as soon as it pumped into me I was vomiting it to the side, I felt the odorous liquid come out my nose and it burned on its way out. The taste of it made me fear what the concoction contained but after a few minutes he turned it off. 
           “My job is to keep you alive until you die!” He quoted me.
           “My girl is going to have so much fun with you.” He purred. 
           All I could do was bow my head, and regret ever taking that fucking job at Belle Reve. “Go to hell,” I managed to croak after a few tries. 
           “Awww pal, we’re already there!” He sat down on the metal table across from me. 
           “Don’tcha just love Spring break?”
           “I shouldn’t have touched her,” I croaked.
           “No, you really shouldn’t have.”


“You were hanging out with Jungkook and Taehyung in the dorms watching a movie, you and Taehyung got a bit too close and Jungkook gets jealous and decides to show you that you’re his.”

This scenario my friend requested and it’s the first smut to be published on this account. I’ve only written a bit of smut before so I would really appreciate it if you guys would tell me how I did.

 Admin Hunie~ 

Jungkook x Reader Smut 

Word Count: 2,147

Movie night, your favorite night of the week. Even though it was a Tuesday night, and you had to wake up early tomorrow for work, you didn’t care. Movie night was the night where you could hang out with the two people you love. Your boyfriend Jungkook and your best friend Taehyung. It was tradition for every Tuesday of every week, when the boys weren’t busy on tour, you would meet them at their dorms and watch a movie. Tuesdays were the only days of the week where all three of you were free, so that’s why movie night took place during the beginning of the week.

Right now you stood in front of the dorm’s door, two movies in your left hand as your right hand knocked on the door. It hadn’t even been ten seconds until the door swung open, Taehyung on the other side. “TaeTae!” You squealed and , wrapped your arms around him. “Y/N!” He laughed and hugged you back.

“Aren’t you forgetting someone?” A deep voice interrupted your moment with Tae. “Kookie!” Your face lit up and you ran to your boyfriend, standing on your tip toes so you could wrap your arms around his neck and plant a kiss on his lips.

“How’ve you been?” You pulled away and asked, your head tilting slightly to the side. “We didn’t get to have our movie night last week.” A small frown now replaced the smile from before.

“I’m good, but I feel much better with you here.” He shot you a sly smile and pecked your lips again. “Hey! No PDA!” Taehyung walked over to you and jokingly pushed you and Jungkook away from each other. “What movies did you bring Y/N?” Tae turned to look at you, curiosity evident in his voice.

“I brought two scary movies. Insidious, Chapter III and Annabelle, you decide.” You knew Jungkook and Taehyung didn’t really like scary movies, but you loved them. Tae crossed his arms and pretended to rub an imaginary beard as he thought of what movie to watch. “I vote Insidious, Chapter III.” Tae finally decided.

“Kookie?” Taehyung turned to look at Jungkook, brows raised high in questioning. “I haven’t seen it before.” Jungkook shrugged his shoulders and smiled as he saw how excited you got. “Let’s start the movie, I’ll get the popcorn.” Tae put a hand on your shoulder and then walked towards the kitchen.

Tae and Jungkook sat on either side of you, an arm draped over Tae’s shoulders as he covered his eyes with a blanket. Jungkook stared blankly at the tv, not showing any emotion, but you knew he was shaking on the inside.

“Shhh, this is the best part!” You squealed and sat on the edge of the couch, the popcorn bowl in your lap. The girl on the tv let out a blood curdling scream as the twisted knife pierced her skin. “Aish, Y/N why do you like these types of movies?” Taehyung placed an arm around your waist as he buried his head in the side of your stomach, resulting in your shirt lifting up an inch or two. You could feel his breathing evening out and you immediately knew he had fallen asleep, typical. You quietly giggled as you felt his breath tickling your exposed stomach; staring down at the sleeping boy in your lap, a small smile tugging at the corner’s of your lips.

Out of the corner of your eye you noticed Jungkook roll his eyes and lean against the couch’s armrest, putting space between the two of you. You couldn’t turn your body because of Tae’s head, which had replaced the popcorn bowl’s spot on your lap.

“Kookie,” You whispered, watching him from the corner of your eyes. He didn’t look away from the screen in front of him. “Kookie!” You whispered a bit louder. “What?” His annoyed voice finally answered you.

“What’s wrong are you okay?” He finally looked over at you, his eyes clouded with irritation. “Nothing, I’m fine.” He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “I’m tired so I’m gonna head to bed.” Jungkook stood up and walked away from the living room and towards the dorm room that he shared with Taehyung.

You carefully slid to the side, your hands holding Tae’s head up as you slid a pillow underneath him. Once you turned the tv off and placed a fuzzy white blanket on Tae you followed your boyfriend.

 The door to his room was shut and you already knew he was mad.“Kookie?” You slowly pushed the door open and peeked your head through the cracked door. All the lights were off except a lamp beside his bed, he stood beside the bed only wearing a pair of black boxer shorts.

“Y/N I said I was tired.” He grumbled to himself and looked at you standing by the door. “I’m not an idiot Jungkook. I know you’re mad at me, what did I do?” Your lips turned into a frown and you stomped your foot, your stubbornness feeding your curiosity.

“You really wanna know why I’m mad at you Y/N?” After you just stood there with a blank expression on your face he sighed. “I’m mad at you because you’re my girlfriend and all you did tonight during the movie was flirt with Taehyung.” He ran his fingers through his hair, clearly annoyed at both you and Tae.

The puzzle pieces had finally started to piece together. “Kookie, you know I love you. Tae is just a really close friend of mine, you know that’s all. There’s nothing going on between us.” You stepped towards him and grabbed his hand, gently rubbing your thumb back and forth on the back of his hand.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you Y/N.” Holding your head tenderly in the palm of his free hand, thumb running along your bottom lip. “You’re mine. And mine only.” He growled into your ear, sending shivers down your spine as his hot breath tickled your ear.

Jungkook crashed his lips onto yours, his tongue trailing along your bottom lip, begging for entrance. You parted your lips and he immediately sprung into action. His tongue battling for dominance with yours as his free hand wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

You gasped as you could already feel his bulge through the thin black fabric of his underwear. “Kookie…” You murmured, feeling your core grow wetter by the second. “Yes, Jagi?” Jungkook pulled away and flashed you an innocent look, driving yourself crazy.

“I-I need you,” You stuttered and skimmed his bare chest with your hands, traveling down to his muscular stomach. Jungkook’s innocent face turned into a devious smirk, “anything for you Jagiya.”

In the blink of an eye you were laying on the bed with Jungkook looming over you, his eyes clouded with lust. “I think I’m a bit overdressed,” You cooed, squirming underneath him.

Jungkook’s head was tilted slightly to the right, deciding what he was going to do with you. You could tell he had a plan laid out, the way his eyes hungrily scanned your body sent a chill down your spine. With his right hand he slipped it under your shirt, and discarded the fabric in one swift motion. The next clothing item he removed was your black bra.

He licked his lips hungrily and leaned down to kiss your collarbone, leaving a trail of kisses leading to your sweet spot, causing a moan to escape from your plump lips. He gently nipped the sweet spot located at the base of your neck.

“Kookie,” You moaned and arched your back, your bare chest pressed against his. Jungkook smirked in the crook of your neck and pulled back, attaching his lips to one of your breasts. His tongue roughly swirled around your nipple releasing a cry of pleasure.

Jungkook raised a brow and pulled away, leaning back so that he was now straddling your waist. “What are you-” before you could ask the rest of your question Jungkook rolled his hips against yours, is bulge brushing against your dripping core. You let out a small whimper as he continued to grind his hips; after each hip roll he slowed his pace.

You were now a sweaty mess, your core drenched. Jungkook had now removed your shorts and was face-to-face with your core, staring wide-eyed at your black lace panties. Being the tease that he is Jungkook kissed the inside of your thighs, purposefully skimming over the spot where you most wanted him. He licked his lips and leaned in to kiss your damp panties. “Jungkook, please.” You had been begging for the past couple of minutes and he was finally granting your wish.

Jungkook grabbed your panties and pushed them down to your ankles, his face now only an inch away from your hot core. He didn’t hesitate before licking your slits, his tongue pushing open your core lips. “Kookie ah.” His cocky smirk only grew wider whenever he heard you moan his name.

“Do you like it when I do this?” Jungkook teased and without warning plunged his tongue deep into you. Your head flew back against the bed and your eyes rolled in the back of your head, your fingers were now entangled in his hair as you trembled under him. “I take that as a yes?”

The only response he got was a quiet inaudible whimper. He repeated the action a few more times, but then slowly moved up to your clit. He swirled his tongue around your sensitive spot and you couldn’t stop yourself from screaming his name.

Normally he would’ve panicked if you were making such loud noises, but tonight he didn’t care. He wanted the other boys to know that you were his and that he was the only one who could make you feel this good.

“Jungkook,” you let out a pitiful moan as his tongue swirled your clit one last time before pulling away. Jungkook sat up now and shimmied out of his boxers, which were now constricting the large bulge in his pants.

After grabbing a condom from a nearby nightstand he slipped it on and lined his manhood up to your entrance, “You ready Jagiya?” Even though he was being more aggressive than he has ever been before, he still wanted to check to make sure you were ready.

You bit your bottom lip and nodded your head. Jungkook slowly pushed himself into you, leaving himself buried in you for a few seconds so you could get used to him.

After watching your expression change he wanted to check to see if you were still okay. “Want me to move?” You quickly nodded your head and a smirk replaced the worried look on his face. Jungkook moved in and out of you at a slow and steady pace. “Kookie…faster,” you pleaded. 

Jungkook had so much sexual tension building up inside of him ever since you walked in the dorm. He didn’t hesitate another second before he took himself completely out of you and then slammed his member back into you.

“Jungkook!” You screamed his name loud and grabbed fistfuls of the blankets underneath you. Every time he pulled back and then slammed back into you-you raised your hips up to meet his.

His length rammed into you at a ferocious pace, the bed was squeaking as Jungkook rocked into you. Hopefully the members weren’t awake or the two of you would surely be getting hell for this.

“Y/N,” His head rolled back as his thrusts became more sporadic, making it clear that he was reaching his climax. “Jungkook, I’m so close.” you groaned as you felt his member brush against your G-spot. “Yes, do that again. Right there!” You screamed out ecstatically.

Jungkook continued to ram into you, his member twitching inside of you as your walls clenched around him. “Jungkook, I’m so close!” you screamed out, “It’s okay Jagi, so am I.” He reassured you.

Your moans filled the room as your felt your body quivering as pure pleasure coursed through you. His hooded eyes looked deep into your lust filled ones as you felt your orgasms ripping through your bodies, you screamed his name as he screamed yours. “Kookie…” you whimpered as you felt Jungkook get off the bed; already missing the feeling of his body pressed against yours.

“It’s alright, Jagiya. I’m here.” He chuckled under his breath. He grabbed a new pair of boxers and one of his white shirts, throwing you the soft t-shirt. You slipped it on and shimmied under the covers, pulling the blankets over your body.

“You’re mine and mine only.” Jungkook slid in the bed beside you, hooking his arm around your waist and pulling you close, “I love you.”

#18 He cries because he's worried about not being a good dad

A/N I’m back! Sorry it’s been a while posting. I know I say this every time but seriously I wish I could write these more often It’s just hard because I don’t know what to write these about. I get so many asks a day about them though so that’s great you are all excited to read these! This one was requested. It’s pretty long so I hope you like it! 


Ashton- You slept in today and you couldn’t be more thankful due to how uncomfortable you had been lately. When you rolled over and found Ashton’s side of the bed empty a frown grew on your face. You really wish he was here cuddling with you all morning but clearly that wasn’t the case. You saw his wallet on the bedside table so you knew that he was still home. Where is he? You thought to yourself. “Ashton?” You called out as you searched around the house. You found the door to the nursery cracked open and Ashton was sat in the rocking chair in the corner of the room with his cup of coffee. Normally he would sit downstairs on the couch but this was new for him. “Oh here you are. Good morning.” You said as you rubbed your eyes and walked over to him before sitting in his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck, leaving a kiss on his cheek. “Morning.” He said in a soft, sweet voice. “What’s wrong? What are you doing in here?” “Nothings wrong. I’m just thinking about stuff I guess.” he replied. Ashton looked tired, Like he’d been here all night, or a long time anyway, You could tell by his eyes and the way that his unruly wavy hair peaked out from under his beanie, normally he would fix his hair before anything. “What are you thinking about? Don’t keep it a secret, lets talk about it.” You said. “I’m just thinking about Avery, Like I"m really nervous that I’m eventually going to be touring and leaving all the time. What if she doesn’t remember me? It’s going to be months at a time Y/N I’m going to miss so many important things in her life. I’m scared, I want her to know me because I didn’t know my dad and I know how horrible it feels.” He let out a big sigh and a single tear fell down his cheek. You wiped it away quickly. “Ash baby don’t think like that. You’re her daddy, Of course she’s going to know who you are. She already knows your voice she kicks like crazy whenever you talk, Don’t worry we’re going to skype every night and come visit and hopefully you won’t miss too much but hey that’s what videos are for. It’s going to be ok I promise you. You’re never leaving forever you’ll always be back…” He pulled you in for a tight hug. “I Love you so much Y/N you always know what to say to make me feel better.” “How long have you been in here?” You asked him as you cuddled closer into his chest. “Since like 3am. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want too wake you up since you were finally sleeping peacefully.” “That’s sweet but you should have woken me up so we could have talked. I don’t want you to freak out about this anymore you’re going to be such a good dad. You already are. It’s going to be ok. Ok? He nodded and stayed quiet as he looked around the room trying to take it all in. 

Luke- "Oh and we have to get this car seat, I heard its #1 rated for safety in more than half the world and look how cute the options are!” You pointed to pictures online. Luke didn’t reply to you. He bit his nails and was looking off into space. “Luke? Did you hear what I just said?” “Oh what? Sorry I was just.” You sighed and frowned a bit before taking his hands into your own and facing him on the couch “What’s wrong Luke. You’ve been like this all day.” “Honestly?” He asked with a nervous look on his face. That scared you, What could he be thinking about that he had to question if you wanted his honest thoughts? He couldn’t be breaking up with you. Not at a time like this, You really needed him. “Yeah Luke honestly.” You looked into his blue eyes which were filled with worry. “I’m scared Y/N like really scared.” “About what?” You asked as you rubbed circles into his hands with your thumbs. “Her” He said as he nodded his head toward your now very large stomach. “Talk to me about it, Why are you scared?” “Can we handle this? It’s so much. Like we’re only kids ourselves and I’m going to be so busy and leaving a lot and I just don’t want to leave you alone. I have a lot to worry about.” You didn’t answer for a second and you looked down at your lap. “Y/N no I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant like….. I’m so scared. What If we mess something up. What If I’m not a good dad? I wan’t to be everything for her I don’t know if I know how.” His voice cracked and you could tell he was about to cry. Luke doesn’t cry often so it was really strange and broke your heart. You slowly looked up at his worried face, eyes glossy, tears threatening to fall. “No don’t cry Luke. Shhh please.” Your right hand went up to stroke his cheek. “You’re going to be incredible. I don’t know what I’m doing either but We’re going to learn together because we’re a team, We need to be. Don’t worry about the whole leaving part. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Listen whatever you do she’s going to look up to you like it"s the best thing ever just because you’re her daddy. You won’t mess up Luke. It’s going to be ok.”  "You’re so calm how?“ "I’ve had a lot of time to think about it when you aren’t home I guess.” You gave him a slight smile and he pulled you into his lap. “I love you so much. I’m going to try so hard to be the best I can ok?” He whispered in your ear. “You already are.”  

Michael-  Michael was strumming his guitar and humming along but apparently he wasn’t doing something right because he kept groaning and cursing. “DAMNIT.” He almost yelled. “Michael… What’s going on with you babe?” You said as you walked in “I can’t concentrate.” “Why not?” You asked him as you sat next to him on the couch cuddling into his side. “I keep thinking about stuff.” “Like… band stuff or?” You asked curiously. “No I mean life stuff. Like you and the baby.” “What about us?” “I’m freaking out. Because like how is it all going to work?” He wasn’t giving you very much to work with so you were still really confused by what he was trying to get at. “How what’s going to work Mikey?” “Like what do I do when he won’t stop crying, How do I know I’m not hurting him when I hold him. How do we know what he wants?” “Aw Michael don’t think about that kind of stuff. You won’t hurt him. We’re both going to figure stuff out together I don’t know what I’m doing either you know.” You tried to reassure him. “I’m literally freaking out. What If I suck at this?” “You won’t suck at it. Michael he’s going to love you so much you have no Idea.” You told him. He smiled at that. “Seriously Y/N you think I’m going to be ok?” His eyes turned glossy and It looks like he might cry.“ "Mikey baby I’m totally serious. You shouldn’t be so worried. You’re going to be great. You’ll learn ok?” You kissed his cheek and handed him his guitar from the ground. “Do you feel a little better?” He nodded. “A little.” “Good try and play now. He loves it.” You said as you put your hand on your stomach. As soon as Michael played a chord he kicked. “Oh see I told you he loves you.” Michael chuckled and continued to play.  

Calum- Both you and Calum liked to stay up late. Not really doing anything ever just hanging out. One of the main reasons was that you both liked to sleep in. Tonight it was around 12:30- 1 AM Calum was playing Fifa on the xbox and you were folding baby clothes that you just washed. You were both minding your own business, The only noise to be heard was from Cal when he missed a goal or something happened in his game which was happening a lot tonight. It was unusual for him. He groaned and shut off the game in anger and came to sit next to you on the couch. “Woah rough game or what?” You asked jokingly. “Yeah I just couldn’t focus I don’t know. Stressed I guess.” “How come?” You asked. He didn’t answer. He bit his lip and watched you fold for a second before deciding to grab something from the basket filled with tiny things and help you. “How are you already so good at this whole mommy thing?” He asked. “What?” You said as you giggled. “Yeah.” He said. “I’m just folding clothes I’ve been doing that forever…” “No but look how carefully you’re doing it. And you have that little smile on your face every time you pick something up and you admire it. It’s so cute. Even a few days ago when we were decorating his nursery, You wanted everything to be perfect. You’re so prepared and I’m like not…” He explained. “You don’t think you are? Cal I think you’re doing a great job actually sweetie.” “Really because I don’t feel like it. Compared to you anyways. You’re so calm and you know what you’re doing. I’m a mess.” “Calum I don’t know what I’m doing trust me. I’m just trying to do the best I can.” You stopped folding and looked at him. He was looking away but his face said it all. You knew he was getting really emotional and he was trying to stop himself so he didn’t cry. “What If I do something wrong. What If I drop him. Oh my god.” You moved so you were sitting behind him and you rubbed his back while you talked to him. “You won’t drop him Calum. You’re going to be so great. You’re thinking too hard and stressing yourself out. How long have you been feeling like this?” “Since the beginning pretty much I just didn’t want to make you more stressed out but you’re doing a better job than me.” He said. You were pretty sure he was crying now. “Don’t worry about that babe. You’re going to be great. I know just as much as you do. Trust me I’m freaking out too. Come on Cal let’s go up to bed you need to rest.” He nodded, Grabbed your hand and followed you upstairs where you laid all night and talked about you you both felt until he was feeling better about everything. 

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