shhh sh sh shhh

you don't have to say ‘i love you’ to say ‘i love you’

instead, you could say….

  • there’s nothing to be ashamed of
  • it was really nice getting to know you. you seem…sympathetic
  • take what you need
  • you okay?
  • i think you’ve exerted yourself enough for one day
  • to us
  • i wanted to see you again
  • you’ve unlocked something in me
  • i-i wish i could- i just- i don’t know…
  • i understand
  • [you’re] quite magical
  • do what’s in your heart
  • may i? free of charge
  • if anything were to happen to you…
  • i thought i’d see how you were doing
  • i meant to thank you for your advice
  • i get it. you’re part of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” culture. i’m fine with it
  • so you get it?
  • you’ll be lonely all your life and so will she. neither of you deserve it. and i don’t either
  • i don’t know what to do with these… you keep them for me
  • what about love? even shadowhunters fall in love
  • you’re confusing me
  • confusion is part of it, that’s how you find out if something’s there
  • emotions are never black and white; they’re more like symptoms. you lose your breath every time they enter a room, your heart beats faster when they walk by, your skin tingles when you stand close enough to feel their breath
  • i know you feel what i feel
  • even if i did feel something for you…
  • [i thought “if i just follow the rules, everything’s gonna be fine”. and then you came along and pushed me off that path]
  • i’ll leave if [you] ask me to
  • i can’t breathe
  • you never cease to amaze me
  • i have to hand it to you, you certainly know how to make a statement
  • love? what? no… it’s-it’s eh… sort of a different- it’s not…
  • we still haven’t gone on our first date yet
  • you wanna… i don’t know, get a drink sometime?
  • i plan to get to know [you]
  • you watch the people you care about age and die
  • when things get crazy, don’t push me away

Everyone wants to know her, cuz she looks so cool with the Ray Bans on

Star vs The Forces of Earth Fashion amiright? Monday cannot come any slower I stg. Clothing practice with my favorite fashionable princess. 

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the term “adulting” makes me want to throw things

maybe it’s because i’m 19 and i’m desperate to prove that i am, in fact, a functional adult, but something about it really rubs me the wrong way

i feel like too many people my age are still so immature, there’s no need to make it an acceptable, relatable thing

i’m not tryna say you hit 18 and must never screw up again, i’m just saying that further coddling & infantalizing people who, like it or not, have duties and responsibilities, is a recipe for disaster

obviously everyone is gonna mess up, but that’s part of adulthood–as is dealing with the consequences of your mistakes

immaturity is not a desirable quality, friends

What, you wanna fix all the things that go wrong?
You wanna snap your fingers and erase your screw-ups?
Sure, who don't?
I mean, pssshh, I wish I hadn't dropped outta dental school.
Good money there.
I REALLY wish I hadn't washed my white boxers with my red sweatshirt...BUT!
Is deletin' your edits gonna change any of that?
...Of course it ain't, punk!
That kinda thing only happens on social websites!
In REAL life, in the REAL world, it ain't happenin'.
And that's normal.  Hear me?
That's the way it is, right?
It's takin' whatever comes your way, the good AND the bad, that gives life flavor.
It's all that stuff rolled together that makes life worth livin'.
Deletin' the text you typed 'cause you didn't get an idea you really, really wanted?
Or tryin' to backtrack and avoid some kinda sticky situation?

things i saw today that have stayed in my memory:

that old cat asleep in the window of the small shop where they sell yarn and buttons and knitting needles

two men in their fifties lying in grass looking at the sky smoking cigarettes and laughing

an old lady with very beautiful hair wearing a dark blue coat even though it was very warm (i saw her twice)

a man in a light brown sweater eating and feeding ducks a loaf of bread