shhh jane go to sleep

I just saw The Huntsman Winter’s War to see The Colin Morgan. I mainly saw it because no other film he has been in has had a wide enough release in the U.S. that it played anywhere near me. I finally saw his face on a giant screen…and it was good. He’s in it for 30 seconds and says two sentences…well, one sentence twiceI mean all the child background actors have more screen time than Colin (and in most cases more lines), but he looks like an actual Disney prince, so that’s a-okay. The movie mainly consists of jingling metal dress porn. I was entertained. I liked it better than the first one. That is all. Night night.

freyambrosius  asked:

I would LOVE to hear you talk about that jacket TELL US ALL ABOUT THAT JACKET

This is an open discussion because I don’t even know where to start. It’s just- he’s wearing Arthur’s jacket…to Arthur and Gwen’s wedding. The costume department really didn’t think that one through…or maybe they did. I mean was it just like “Oh too girly Merlin get rid of that” and then Merlin kept it. Or was it like “Arthur I have nothing to wear to your wedding” -“Oh, here Merlin borrow my girly jacket that will look stunning on you” Someone write a thing.