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“I don’t get it. We have a life. You and I. We got out. And you want to go back to the cage?”

“No. I want to b r e a k the cage.”

Joyride #11 (Boom! Studios)


one fitzskye moment per episode:
s02e04 - i will face my enemy

Security Blanket

Troye didn’t know when or how, but having his hair in quiff helped calm the anxiety he got every time he had to meet large groups of people. It helped him transform into the person he’d always wish he could be. Cute. Confident. Flirty. You name it, and he was it when he is hair was in a quiff. 

Thus, the reason he never liked his hair flat. He felt too exposed and opened when his hair was down. 

Troye can’t exactly pinpoint the moment he stopped styling his hair in its usual quiff. But what he does know that it usually points in the direction of a certain kitten enthusiast. The same kitten enthusiast that’s managed to change his life completely upside down.

It was one late Skype call, early for Connor, and Troye was tired, but eager to talk to the older man. His hair was a flat, curly mess. Troye was almost certain he had horrible bags under his eyes. But Connor didn’t seem to mind. Or he just didn’t mention it. What Connor did mind was that Troye was refusing to go to bed, despite the late hour. 

“By the way, why don’t you leave your hair flat?" 

Troye was thrown off by the question. Why was Connor bringing that up? Weren’t they just taking about the many different brands of coffee there are, or something along those lines?

"I-I don’t know? I mean, quiffs are my thing. Why would I stop it?" 

Troye watched as Connor pondered over his answer. A fleeting thought of how cute Connor looked at that moment ran through Troye’s mind. To which, he quickly shot down. He couldn’t start crushing over his best friend. It could ruin everything. Or make it all better rang at the back of his head. 

"Well, ‘Troyler’ is basically like your thing, and you want to stop that, right?” Connor retorted.

Troye sighed. Troyler was such a complicated topic. Most, if not all, of his fan base is centered on Troyler more so than anything else. If he just stopped it then there was no doubt he would lose most of his following.

“That’s different.” Troye finally replied.

“Well, what’s different?” Connor asked, looking at Troye from the top of his coffee mug. The same mug Troye had given to him a couple weeks ago.

“I don’t know. It just is.” Troye sighed. He could tell that Connor wasn’t pleased with that answer.

“It’s like… It makes me feel safe in a way? Like I can be this cute, confident nineteen-year old man that can easily get anybody I want. All that anxiety that makes it hard to talk to you, or anybody, goes away, and I feel more normal.” Troye added, looking down at his keyboard.

“So like a security blanket?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Troye agreed, looking back at the screen.

“Your hair isn’t in a quiff right now. Can’t say I don’t like this look of yours either.” Connor winked.

Troye felt his cheeks burn red. He hated how much his stomach flipped whenever Connor made passing comments like that. It wasn’t much help that Connor was gay too. It all only made Troye’s mind play a huge game of “what if"s.

"Oh, I hadn’t noticed.” Troye mumbled, not looking at Connor.

“Tro, don’t get shy on me. You know there’s nothing to worry about.” Connor gave him a warm smile.

But there is. The nagging thought at the back of his mind. The butterflies that flutter all over Troye’s stomach whenever he sees the older man. Troye didn’t need an expert to know what it was that he was feeling.

“R-right.” Troye tried to get their conversation back to normal, but that was turning out to be harder than he thought.

“I really like it, ya know?” Connor commented.

Troye wasn’t sure how they got back to talking normally, but they did. And soon enough Troye was yawning 'goodnight’, and ending the call so he could get some sleep before the sun rose.


Troye couldn’t believe it. Connor came to Australia for him. They’ve only been dating for a short amount of time and for him to do this, it was overwhelming to say the least.

Troye quickly styled his hair in his usual quiff before heading to pick up his boyfriend.

“Con?” Troye tapped the older man who was waiting for his luggage.

“Troye!” Connor exclaimed happily before wrapping his arms around the younger boy. Making sure to not hold on for too long in case a fan was around.

“How was your flight?” Troye and Connor were soon talking about the pros and cons of flying when Troye comes across a huge sign with his face on it.

“Oh my god, what?” Troye said, baffled as to why that was even there for.

“This is amazing! I’m so proud of you.” Connor beamed as he took the picture of Troye with the sign.

Troye looked at the picture on his phone before feeling Connor’s hand cup his cheek. Troye glanced up, confused as to what Connor was doing.

“There’s nobody around. And I’ve missed you a lot.” Connor whispered before closing the space between them. Troye eagerly responded bringing Connor closer to him until Troye’s back hit the sign. Connor ran his hands through Troye’s hair as Troye played with the hem of Connor’s shirt.

Troye heard footsteps approaching from behind him, and quickly broke the kiss.

“We should get going.” Troye coughed as the security man walked by.

“Yeah, we should.” Connor smiled, picking up his suitcase.

“You made my hair flat!” Troye exclaimed, once he noticed the strands of hair that kept getting in his eyes.

“Why yes I did. I like it better, and you don’t seem to mind having it down when I’m around.” Connor smiled.

“Well, I don’t feel the need to pretend when I’m with you.” Troye responded shyly as he helped Connor put his things I’m his car.

“I would really hope for that considering I’m your boyfriend.” Connor said, hugging Troye and pecking his cheek before getting in the car.

Troye quickly followed and got in the driver’s seat. Troye hesitated before reaching across the seat and pulling Connor in for a kiss.

“You’re, like, my security blanket in a way.”

“I’ll keep you safe, don’t worry.” Connor responded, resting his forehead on Troye’s.