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why u torture me with the things u write with kiki why u so mean //anon

OH ANON YOU POOR THING wait let me soothe your pain with k2 wincest right before dean went to hell feels 

After finding a spot in the middle of some field surrounded by trees and under a blanket of dark night sky and stars, Dean had parked the Impala, downed a beer and took a spot laying on his back on the Impala’s hood next to Sam. This was comforting. It was absolutely silent, completely still, and the familiar firm, cool metallic feel of his baby underneath and the contrast of Sam’s warm larger body next to him was, if he had to choose, the exact way he’d want to spend his last night on Earth. Which was exactly what this was. “Whaddya think? Planet or star? And just lie to me if you think it’s an airplane.“

When Dean spoke up, Sam glanced over at hi, surprised by the fact that he didn’t want to look away. He wanted to memorize every feature on his brother, the way his eyelashes fanned over his cheeks every time he blinked, the faded dotting of freckles that Sam loved but would never admit out loud, the strength in his features, but the vulnerability in his eyes… All of that was Dean, and all of that was something that Sam needed to hold on to. Realizing that he hadn’t answered Dean’s question, Sam cleared his throat and glanced back up at the sky. “Planet,” He replied softly, his eyes fixed on the bright light above them. “Do you see the way all the others are sort of glimmering? Planets don’t do that.”