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there’s this growing trend of marginalised people claiming that it’s “not their responsibility” to educate others when asked to clarify something, and to an extent it’s true. no one is required to provide information on a subject when asked, especially if the asking itself is voiced disrespectfully. but when somebody asks an honest question about something they don’t understand, in an attempt to better themselves and be more sensitive/aware in the future, it’s kinda bullshit to just shut them down for no reason. after all, it doesn’t take long to explain something, and by reacting so harshly you’re just going to scare that person off and possibly stop them from wanting to learn more about that topic. 

so yeah, you’re right - it’s not your responsibility. but it’s a nice thing to do, and why wouldn’t you do it? you’re not losing anything, except maybe five minutes of your time. educating people is always better than slamming them for daring to ask questions - and in the long run, it works out better for everyone.

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Enomoto accidentally sends a dick pic to Reisi and Reisi thinks he wants to have sex with him. In the end the misunderstanding is cleared up.

Poor poor Enomoto, he would probably be so embarrassed and nervous about the entire thing (though then again where was he sending that picture anyway, you and Fuse live together Eno you don’t have to text it to him). Maybe it’s not even necessarily his dick pic, like Enomoto’s busy doing clean up work on the computers at Scepter 4 and there was some virus that got into the system which needs to be taken care of. Fushimi’s been complaining about it for days, like the next time Hidaka clicks on a ‘click here for naked boobs’ pop up Fushimi is going to strangle him. The virus flooded a small number of the computers with NSFW images and Enomoto has seen more dicks in the last few days than in the Scepter 4 communal bath. He’s in the middle of taking care of one of the pictures when he gets distracted by Fushimi storming in holding Doumyouji by the collar and giving him a lecture about how no, just because the pop-ud ad says you won an iphone does not mean you should actually click it you moron. Enomoto’s so distracted trying not to incur Fushimi’s wrath himself that he accidentally clicks the wrong button and attaches one of the virus-induced dick pics he was trying to erase into an email instead. Specifically, the email he was sending to the Captain containing some budget items Fushimi was working on. And he doesn’t notice what he did until he hits send, at which point Enomoto just slowly gets paler and paler as he realizes that yes, he just sent a dick pic to the Captain.

Enomoto is super nervous about this turn of events, like at first he’s all ‘maybe the Captain won’t notice…?’ until he promptly gets a text on his PDA asking him to meet in Munakata’s office in ten minutes. In despair Enomoto tries asking Fuse for advice, Fuse’s like oh what happened and then when Enomoto’s like 'um, so…I sent a dick picture to the Captain’ Fuse’s just like wait what. The rest of the Alphabet Squad overhears and soon they’re all discussing while Enomoto just gets more and more red in the face, like Hidaka’s kinda impressed that Enomoto was the first one to accidentally text a dick pic to the wrong person (and then everyone stares at him and Hidaka’s like 'what?’). Akiyama and Benzai try to console him, like well it was an hones mistake surely the Captain won’t suspend you or fire you or bring you up on sexual harassment charges. Doumyouji tries to be helpful by noting that hey, at least you didn’t send it to Fushimi-san. None of them are very helpful except Kamo, who says that Enomoto’s been overworked lately and if he just explains his reasons to the Captain it will all be fine, Enomoto just needs to be firm and admit that it was a misunderstanding and apologize for being distracted.

So Enomoto miserably peers into Munakata’s office, Munakata invites him to come in and sit down and have some tea. Enomoto’s really on edge, like his mind is going a mile a minute wondering what the Captain’s going to say and okay if this was an anime how would I get out of this situation. That’s when Munakata very somberly informs Enomoto that he cannot return Enomoto’s interest. Enomoto’s like 'huh?’ and Munakata goes on this whole thing about how he is very flattered by Enomoto’s interest in him of course, sadly Munakata fears the power imbalance may make it seem inappropriate but don’t worry, Munakata is confident Enomoto would be desirable to many sexual partners. Enomoto realizes that Captain thought that the picture really was meant for him as some kind of sexual invitation and immediately he’s like no no wait that’s not what I meant. As he explains Munakata looks somewhat perturbed, Enomoto’s all confused because he was being politely rejected a minute ago. Munakata quickly regains his composure and tells Enomoto that he can leave, as Enomoto gets up he realizes that there seems to be a bottle of wine and two glasses near the Captain’s desk and he just ducks his head and hurries out. Fuse’s immediately there wanting to know how it went, Enomoto fidgets a bit before saying that he thinks he broke the Captain’s heart.

I honestly hate it when people say “The Straights” as if every single straight person holds these homophobic views and thoughts. The people you’re referring to are homophobes. Those that start with, “I have no problems with LGBTQ but…”

As a lesbian, I’m so fucking happy that Tracer’s one. But I’m honestly so annoyed with some of the posts coming from the saltier side of the queer community. Yes, there are a shit ton of dumb homophobic idiots. The forum posts are clear as fuck. But to say “The Straights” as if the entire group thinks exactly the same over this matter is not only dumb as all hell, but alienating as well. Call out the homophobes, I’m all for it. But to alienate a large portion of people from that group that were genuinely happy for the LGTBQ community and were also excited for a queer character is not only stupid, but it also damaging.

wtf guys I just found out I was hacked a few days ago, I got some messages back from people I hadn’t even messaged first because apparently the person who hacked me was too dumb to not go on anon every time they also followed like a bunch of fucking porn bots so yeah thanks changing my password for sure now

Stories - dad!Bucky x daughter!Reader

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Words: 1460
Pairing: dad!Bucky x teen!daughter!Reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers
Warnings: nightmare? fighting (kinda)
Requested by anon
Hi! Could you write a dad!Bucky x teen Reader? Maybe he has a nightmare and she gets freaked out. Or just a cute snuggly imagine idk
Authors Note: Idk why but i had a really hard time coming up with an idea for this; aka dad bucky is hard. BUT I FINALLY HAD AN IDEA AND since it was kinda a vague request i went with a random idea I had. PLOT: you are the daughter of Bucky Barnes.But once you were born, he retired from the Avengers. Now, he rarely talks about his experience on the team and how he got on it. When something bad happens, it’s up to you to figure out why he’s acting so strange.


“You never talk about what it was like to be an Avenger, dad; you don’t even let me talk to Steve about it,” You sighed as you were trying to get through to your father.

“That’s because my history into becoming an Avenger was not a good one, (Y/N), you know that,” Bucky told you, “Why can’t you just get some sleep tonight?”

“Becuase I’m a rebellious teenager,” You raised an eyebrow, grabbing your phone.

“You have school tomorrow, please put the phone away and get some sleep,” Bucky begged.

“If you tell me about you saving the world and how you got involved in it, then I’ll turn my phone off an hour early for the rest of the week!” You offered, showing him your phone and how you started to scroll through social media.

Bucky’s eyes closed, sometimes he didn’t know what to do with you. “What would your mother think?”

“I don’t know; she died when I was a baby,” You shrugged, “Please, dad?”

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In the Mango Orchard

It was the summer of ‘99 that we noticed each other. Bhaiyya had built up his body by going to the gym with his college friends and he looked nice and muscular, not the skinny boy I knew from my childhood. His face had also hardened a bit due to the protein diet he was on and the little chubbiness that remains with all of us from childhood finally left his face. Now it was all sharp and handsome.

He also started noticing me I think. When I wore my tight yellow salwar kameez once, I could see his eyes on me, looking all over my body. He thought I couldn’t see him but I saw from the corner of his eyes the way he looked at me and how his hand moved to his chest, to caress himself. I wondered if he was thinking he could touch my breasts.

Little incidents like that built up until I knew I had his attention on me. Lots of times I could feel him following me with his eyes when he thought no one was looking. He also started brushing against me when passing in the hallways or going up and down the steps in our large family house. As the summer passed, the heat in his eyes and behaviour also built up until I wondered if he would do anything about it.

Every night as I lay in my bed and touched myself naughtily, I pictured bhaiyya coming up to me and touching me. Really touching, not the little brushes he had given me till then, even though that one time he had actually taken hold of my ass cheek briefly before letting go.

Then the brushings kept getting more and more. He couldn’t pass me without getting his body in contact with mine. Then slowly, his hands started wandering. Once when taking down the big pot in the kitchen, I had climbed up onto the little parapet and he held me around my waist to steady me. The pot was taking a long time coming loose from all the other things stored on the upper storage area, and I could feel his hands slowly moving on me. He first cupped my ass in both his hands and squeezed gently, then started moving towards the front. I took a longer time with my task as I wanted him to touch me more. He did, by reaching around to the front and putting his hand directly on my mound through my clothes. Behind me, he buried his face in my round ass.

If at that moment, auntie had not shouted for the pot, I don’t know how else he would have touched me.

After that moment, we both knew what was going on. I knew bhaiyya was interested in me in that way and he knew that if he touched me, I wouldn’t tell anyone. His touching kept getting bolder and bolder. He started grabbing my front while passing, or giving a light squeeze to my boob. Each time he gave me a small secret smile, like only we knew what was happening.

I liked what was happening, but I wanted more. I wanted to explore with bhaiyya. I was not so naïve about sex but there was so much I didn’t know. I had seen naked cocks but I wanted to touch one, and really see it. I wanted to know how I would feel when he really touched me, not these little grabs and touches while passing. I wanted bhaiyya to do something and take us somewhere so that we could give in to our passion.

The day came when I was wandering around in the mango orchard behind our house. I was picking some ripe mangoes for the chutney that we would make the next day and so was in the trees, picking the ripe fruit and putting it in a basket. I was a very good climber, as I had climbed these very trees so many times from the time I was a little girl. I thought nothing of leaving my dupatta down on the ground and clambering through the branches in search of the fruit.

After a while, I became aware of bhaiyya watching me. I met his direct gaze through the cover of the mango leaves and knew he had been there for a while. I had been stretching and moving from branch to branch in my pursuit for the mangoes and knew I had given him good glimpses of every part of my body in my salwar kameez without the covering of my dupatta.

As he met my eyes, he raised one hand and motioned for me to come down from the tree.

I hurriedly slithered down and bent to pick up my dupatta. He was right behind me when I straightened up. He took my hand and started pulling me along behind him.

“Bhaiyya, where are you taking me?” I asked.

I was not alarmed, I only wanted to talk to him because he seemed a little tense.

“Shh. Just follow me,” he said, not stopping or turning back.

I meekly followed him because I knew wherever he was taking me meant that we would be alone and he would finally touch me like I wanted.

He took me to the caretaker’s little shack and we went inside. Bhaiyya turned and shut the door as soon as we were inside. He searched for a key to lock it but when he didn’t find it, he just moved a chair under the door handle to keep someone from opening it. Then he turned to me and came towards me.

He took me in his arms and just hugged me for a minute. A strong hug, like when we were children, before my breasts had popped out and come between us. It felt good as my breasts pressed against his hard chest.

“Oof, bhaiyya, your chest is too hard,” I muttered.

He laughed and asked, “Does it press you too much?”

I sighed against his chest, not letting go of him and replied, “No, it feels nice.”

He responded by tightening his arms across my back, pressing my poor boobs even more into his rock hard chest and driving the air out of me.

I played with him, trying to snuggle up closer and pressing into him more.

Then his hands started moving on my back, wandering up and down, finding the clasp of my bra and snapping it against my back. He moved them lower, covering the top of my ass and then put both hands on my ass cheeks and pulled me against his loins.

“Babli, you have grown up to be so beautiful,” he said against my hair.

I smiled. I loved the compliment and I knew I was exciting him by my beauty and also by my sexy ways. My full boobs had kept him interested for weeks now and I knew he had wanted to cup my round ass so many times since he had felt its softness by burying his face in it.

We finally moved away when he guided me away from him and made me move towards a table against a wall. There was no bed in this shack, just a table with a pot of water on it and a couple of chairs. It was clean enough, but the atmosphere was of a lazy summer afternoon under the shade, with only enough light coming in through the dusty window panes to make us see each other as lazy shadowy shapes. No one had thought to clean the windows as it was only a place the caretaker used occasionally at night if he felt like resting.

As bhaiyya led me to the table in the corner, he moved the pot from it and settled it on the ground. Then he took my hand and told me to sit on the table. I faced him and climbed back on the table, settled my ass on the edge and sliding back. Bhaiyya took my knees in his hands and spread them a little, coming to stand between my legs. Then he started kissing me.

His mouth was warm and soft, not slobbery or hard. His lips came apart and he started taking my lips into his mouth and sucking on them. Little by little, as I got bolder he stuck his tongue between my lips and opened them, making his tongue go into mine and touching my tongue with his. It was beyond anything I had ever imagined. His hands were on my thighs, and I was clutching his biceps, both of us just concentrating on our first time of kissing each other. It was so erotic that I could feel myself getting wet down there and suddenly felt shy. I tried to wriggle away from him.

Bhaiyya stopped what he was doing and asked me, “What happened?”

I looked down and just kept quiet.

“You are shy?” he guessed.

I nodded.

“But you like this?” he asked.

I nodded again, keeping my eyes down.

“Then don’t worry, just do what I tell you to do, okay? You will be shy the first time or even the first few times, but after that it will be okay,” he reassured me.

I nodded and he took my chin in his hands and raised it, his mouth coming back to kiss me like we were. When he was sure I was kissing him back, he removed his hand and placed it on my waist. He started squeezing my waist and with his other hand, my thigh. I also started clutching his biceps as the emotions overtook me. We were kissing so intimately now, and his hands started moving to different parts of my body, wandering to my stomach and finally to my boobs. He started squeezing and pinching them hard. I moaned against his open mouth, trying to move away from his greedy hands. He softened then, massaging my boobs slowly and not pinching them anymore. I relaxed.

He suddenly put his hand under my kameez and started moving it up towards my breasts. He got stuck because it was too tight.

He stopped kissing me and said, “Move a little, Babli, so I can get my hand around your boobs.”

I squirmed a little and moved my kameez a little and his hand pushed through to my bra clad boobs. He started kissing me again and his hand moved up over the cup and started pulling my boob out above the bra. It was really tight in there and he was struggling to do it.

“Bhaiyya, you will tear my kameez or my bra,” I said in desperation, breaking away from his hot mouth.

He stopped his hand from what it was doing and extracted it. “Ok, then,” he said as he moved back, pulling me with him off the table. I stumbled a little as I was not expecting it. He caught me in his arms and then moved back again. Bending, he took hold of my kameez and started to move it over my head. I instinctively raised my hands, as children do when their clothes are being changed. In an instant, before I knew what was happening, my kameez was balled in his hands and he was looking for a place to put it. Finally he just tossed it over his shoulder.

I felt naked in front of him, standing in only my bra and salwar so I moved my hands up to shield my boobs.

He looked and my action and a little frown appeared on his face. “No need to get shy, Babli, I told you,” he said.

I bowed my head and just stood there in the same position.

He came forward a step and took me by my upper arms. He guided me back to the table and pushed me back against it. I wriggled into to my previous sitting position and loosely opened my legs myself this time so he could step in between them. He started kissing me again, his hot wet mouth demanding and firm on mine.

Slowly his hands removed mine from across my chest and his big ones replaced them. He took one boob in each hand, massaging like he had been doing before. Then he started removing my boobs from the bra cups again. This time they came out as there was no tight kameez to stop them. He started pulling on my nipples and pressing my boobs while kissing me.

I liked the sensations too much and I kept squirming as his hands touched my breasts. They almost felt engorged and a lot more heavier than before, hanging out from my bra. My nipples were like little hot buttons and so hard. When he pulled on them or rolled them between his fingers, I felt a current from there to between my legs each time. I was pushing my breasts into his hands and moaning into his hot mouth as the minutes wore on and he unmercifully kept up the assault.

Finally, my boobs started feeling tender and started to hurt. I put my hands on his biceps and started pushing him back. Bhaiyya resisted for a minute, trying to keep up his squeezing and massaging on my breasts, while still taking over my mouth with hot wet kisses. But I pushed against him and started moving my head from side to side so that he had trouble kissing me. His open mouth landed on my lips and on my cheeks and my jaw as I struggled.

“Bhaiyya please, it hurts,” I said.

He didn’t stop kissing me or touching my breasts.

“What hurts?” he asked against my neck.

“Your hands,” I replied in a breathless voice.

He stopped caressing my breasts then and moved back. He started to unbutton his shirt and when it fell open, I could see his magnificent chest. It was hard and solid with just a little hair on it. My hands itched to touch him but I was shy. He continued opening the button on his jeans and slid the zipper down. I wondered if I would finally get to see and touch a cock, but he didn’t take it out. I could see it bulge in his briefs as he separated the parts on his jeans and moved them partway down his thighs. Then he moved back and took hold of me around my waist.

“It will hurt a little bit, Baby,” he said, calling me by my childhood name given to me as the youngest member of the large joint family. “But it feels so good also, doesn’t it?”

“Yes it feels good, bhaiyya,” I answered. It did.

“To me too, Baby. It feels so good. See how you have affected me,” he said, and taking my hand in his, placed it on the lump in his briefs.

I didn’t know what to do. I just held my hand in the same way he had put it there.

“Press a little,” he instructed, “but not too much. Gently.”

I cupped his bulge and pressed my hand against him tentatively. It felt hot and hard and soft. His hand covered mine then and he pressed my hand against himself more, his hips coming in towards me. My hand was trapped between his hand and his briefs, cupping his member. He kept pressing against my hand, moving it a little, just brushing against him, while still pressing towards me.

“See what you do to me?” he asked.

I nodded.

He let go of my hand. “Then don’t ask me to stop when I want to do the same to you, Baby. Let me touch your ripe boobs and squeeze your stomach and thighs and touch you between your legs also. I have been dying to do this for so many days,” he said.

I nodded again. After that impassioned plea, I would let him do anything he wanted however much it hurt me. What was a little bruising and tenderness on my boobs when there was so much pleasure to be had?

Bhaiyya this time did not get back to kissing me. He made me lean away from him with my hands supporting me on the table behind me and reached around to open my bra from behind. Freed from their last confines, my boobs were exposed, pointing straight up. He looked into my eyes and said, “Let me lick and kiss your tender boobs. My suckles will act like a balm on your soreness. My poor, Baby. Maybe I am being too hard and rough with you.”

With that he bent his dark head to my boobs open to him like an offering and started licking and kissing them. My hand automatically went into his rich dark hair and started clenching and unclenching handfuls as he licked, nibbled and sucked on me. He sucked on my boobs and my nipples thoroughly, taking hungry mouthfuls into his mouth and letting it out, then taking my nipple between his teeth as the last of it slipped out. Pulling on the nipple with his teeth, he bit gently, then moved closer and suckled on my breast like a small baby drinking milk. All the while, his hands roamed my stomach and my other breast, squeezing and pinching me.

The tenderness in my breasts rose to a gentle pain at this assault, but I didn’t say anything, just biting my lips between my teeth and letting out small moans when it hurt a little too much. It was not like I was not enjoying it. I loved him to suck on my nipples. When he did that, I felt so aroused between my legs. I was getting so wet down there that I thought I would embarrass myself in a few minutes if he kept going.

Bhaiyya kept this up until I felt I couldn’t take it anymore. Finally he pulled me back to a sitting position and started kissing me again hungrily. His hand was scrabbling at the tie of my salwar and I felt him get impatient as he couldn’t find the way to open it. He stopped and looked down, concentrating on opening the cord. It had become entangled and he bent down to see what the problem was.

After a while, in his impatience, he shoved his hand between my legs, touching me directly on my pussy through my salwar and panties. I gasped, taken aback at this boldness and tried to move back. His other hand came around my back, holding me in place as he proceeded to paw at my pussy with his fingers. It felt really good after the surprise, but I was thinking of my salwar too.

“Bhaiyya, stop,” I pleaded with him. “My salwar will get wet.”

“So what? It is already wet,” he replied, his voice hot and heavy with desire. His changed voice sent a shiver through me; I had never heard him talk in that voice.

“Please, I can’t go home like that,” I pleaded once more.

He moved away a little, taking my mouth in a kiss and saying against my open mouth, “You untie the cord of the salwar then. I have to touch you in there.”

My fingers fumbled with the cord and finally it fell open. His hands grasped mine and pushed them out of the way when he realized I had it open. He immediately plunged his hand inside and brushed my mound. My pussy was always shaven or trimmed. This time it was freshly shaven and he started caressing me.

“Baby, you have no hair down there?” he asked, still caressing.

“No, bhaiyya. I shave,” I informed him.

He smiled against my mouth and said, “It feels good. So smooth.”

He pushed his hand deeper but my panties came in his way as he tried to touch my naked pussy. He didn’t stop at the problem, just lifted me up with one hand around my waist and started pulling the salwar and panties down over my bottom and over my thighs. When he put me down, my bald pussy was open to the air and with my legs spread out to accommodate bhaiyya between them, it was gaping open. Bhaiyya immediately put his fingers down there and slid them in between my pussy lips. I was so slick down there with my overflowing juices that I felt that there would be puddles by the time I got up from that table.

Bhaiyya groaned as he fit his fingers between my slippery lips and started moving them up and down, wetting them thoroughly and spreading my wetness around. His breathing was heavy and he had stopped kissing me, his attention solely on what he was doing with my pussy. I was also breathing heavily and gasping by the sensations of his hands down there.

“Baby, you are so wet,” he said. “Sopping, dripping wet. You want this so much.”

He moved his fingers to the top of my slit, trying to find my sensitive spot. He took hold of the flesh there between his thumb and fingers and rolled.

I almost screamed and bucked up into the air. I brought my hand to clutch at his wrist to stop him, but he persisted, rolling my fleshy hard clit with his thumb and fingers and just pressing on it. We struggled like that… me trying to push his hand away and he holding it there and doing what he was doing. His strength was no match for my feeble attempts anyway, and he got his way.

“Let me get you to a shattering orgasm, Baby,” he said to me. “I want to see you bucking and trembling and shouting.”

I was close to doing just that as the torture on my sensitive clit continued. Whenever I had touched myself down there, I had only fingered my clit, sometimes pressing a bit against my finger, but what bhaiyya was doing was so new. I had never taken it in my fingers like that and rolled it and squeezed it.

Bhaiyya use his other hand to cup my boob and pinch at my nipples. He gave the same treatment to my nipple that his other hand was giving to my clit.

“Move your hand, Baby. I want to suck your other breast,” he commanded.

By this time I was as tense as a drawn bow and it was impossible for my pleasure fuddled brain to offer any more fight. I did as he said and his dark head descended on my other boob, biting and suckling on my other nipple. The simultaneous pleasure pain built up in all my three sensitive points as I finally came, twisting and groaning and pleading with him to stop. My hips lifted off the table like he wanted me to and I bucked against his hand, my lips between my teeth in an effort not to shout out as my shattering orgasm filled me from the inside out. I felt like every nerve in my body was alive, breaking me into a thousand pieces and my blood flowing hotly and sluggishly to pool in the bottom of my stomach in the aftermath to the most wonderful orgasm I had had in my life.

When I came to my senses, I found bhaiyya looking at me with a half-smile on his face.

I suddenly felt shy, spread so nakedly and languorously in front of him shamelessly. I struggled to cover myself but didn’t find anything.

Bhaiyya took my grasping hands in his and shook his head. “No need to feel shy, Baby,” he said kindly as he guided my hands to his briefs.

His cock was peeking out from the top of his white underwear.

“Take it out,” bhaiyya commanded.

I tried to obey but my shyness still had a hold on me.

He took my hands in his and pulling at the waistband of his briefs, put them inside. I could feel his hot naked cock against my hand. I was surprised by the feel of it. I didn’t think it would be so hot, and so hard. The few cocks I had seen when I had got glimpses here and there of babies and older family members were either limp or in a semi-hard position… I hadn’t known that it could become so hard, like a stick of sugarcane in my hand, only softer. This soft hard nature of the male organ fascinated me and I started exploring, my shyness forgotten in the curiosity that took over.

I slowly moved the elastic band of his briefs lower so his cock was freed. It came out from its confines and stood proud and erect. This was another surprise. In all my earlier glimpses of cocks they had been pointing down, not up like this.

“Bhaiyya?” I said, surprised.

“What? Do you like it?” he asked.

“How is it standing up like that?”

He started chuckling, amused at my naiveté. “When the males get ready to fuck, their member stands up in preparation,” he explained.

My eyes couldn’t leave the sight I had so desperately wanted to see in the past few weeks. I kept staring at him and he finally asked me to stop staring and touch him. I tentatively moved a hand forward and stroked the head. It suddenly twitched and I withdrew my hand quickly.

Bhaiyya chuckled again. “It likes you,” he said. “See how it is standing to attention and even responding to your every touch?”

I giggled and moved my hand to it again. This time when Bhaiyya thrust his hips forward a little to scare me, I was prepared and didn’t draw back from his teasing. I started touching the head of bhaiyya’s cock with two fingers, running them over the head and the little slit on the top. A few beads escaped and smeared my fingers.

“You get wet too?” I asked him.

He laughed. “Yes, but not like the Ganga you had in your pussy,” he replied. “Mine is just a little puddle compared to your flowing rivers.”

“It’s not my fault girls have so much juice coming out and boys don’t,” I replied in my defence.

“No, I like your rivers,” he replied. “It makes my hand slide so nicely when I touch it between your pussy lips.”

Saying that, he moved my thighs open again, which had closed a little when I had reached orgasm and afterwards when I was concentrating on his cock. He opened them back again so my pussy was again gaping and touched me between my pussy lips, running his fingers up and down the length to demonstrate his remark. With two fingers between the lips, the pushed them open widely too, giving my pink pussy its first view of a cock right in front of it. With his other hand, he started massaging me there lightly, his fingers still holding my pussy lips open.

“Baby, don’t just touch my cock lightly like that. Grip in it your hand and massage it like I am doing to your pussy,” he instructed.

I obeyed him. Bhaiyya’s velvet hard cock felt nice when I moved my hand down to the shaft and took him in my fist. I moved my hand up and down, loosely circling him with my hand, just to feel it slide on my palm. It felt so nice and different from anything I had ever touched.

His fingers had started idling a bit when I started touching his cock like that. I didn’t mind though, I wanted him to get the same good feelings he had given me. I tried to reach down to his balls with my other hand but both our hands between us was an awkward position.

Bhaiyya understood and moved his hands away from my pussy, resting them on my breasts. They were wet from my pussy juices and he started rubbing these on my breasts. “I can’t get enough of your heavy breasts, Baby,” he moaned. “They are so big and juicy. And now with your pussy juices on them, they will taste even better when I suck on them.” He started kneading on my breasts again.

As his hands were removed, I was free to reach both my hands between us and put them on his cock and balls. I cupped his balls in my palm and started kneading him too.

“Gently, Babli,” he said. “Don’t press too hard.”

I adjusted the pressure a bit but kept kneading them, my other hand gripping and sliding over his hard cock. It was getting bigger and fatter as I played with it, and I was getting scared.

“Bhaiyya,” I said, tentatively, trying to get his attention.


“Bhaiyya, what happens now?” I asked him. I was too shy to tell him I knew what happened and I was too scared to tell him that the big object in my fist I thought was too huge to fit in my little pussy.

Bhaiyya looked at me and I moved my gaze down. He slowly took his cock from my hands and started stroking it himself. Then he moved that little distance we had between each other and touched it to my pussy lips. I tried to close my thighs but couldn’t as he was standing between them. Then I tried to move back but he had grabbed me from behind with an arm around me when he had moved forward and I found that I couldn’t move away.

“Don’t worry, Baby,” he said soothingly.

“Bhaiyya,” I said, my voice small and tearful. “I am scared.”

“Why?” he asked. “You really don’t know what happens?”

I shook my head in a negative motion. “I know,” I replied. “But… how?”

“What do you mean how?” he asked.

“How will it fit?” I whispered.

“Ah,” he said, understanding my apprehension. “It looks big but don’t worry, Baby, your pussy will stretch to take it in. It is made to be like that,” he explained.

“Will it hurt?” I asked him.

“A little bit, but like you were good when I was squeezing your breasts, you must be a good girl with this too, Baby. It will feel good later, like your breasts felt when I was doing those things.” He stopped and considered something. “Baby, have you put anything inside yet? Fingers, anything?”

I nodded.

“What?” he prompted.

“Fingers,” I answered.

“Only that?” he asked again.

“Even a little bit of the back of my hairbrush,” I whispered.

“Did it go in?” he asked.

“A little bit then it started hurting and I thought I was doing it wrong so I stopped,” I replied.

“Achha. That’s good,” he said. “You have had something in there, however small. So it won’t be new. Just be a little patient, it will hurt a little and then it will be okay.”

I nodded and clutched his biceps, closing my eyes and planning for the pain.

Bhaiyya looked at me for a moment and said, “Not like that, my little Baby. Don’t act like you are going to be killed. Open your eyes and stop being scared. If it hurts too much just grind your teeth together. You can even cry out if you want but don’t stop me or push me away, okay?”

I nodded and opened my eyes to look at his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He was stroking me with it the whole time he was talking to me and it was covered almost half way down by my juices. The top part of bhaiyya’s fist was also slick and wet.

“Ok, now be a good girl and lie back on your hands,” he directed.

I did like he told me, my position again half lying on the table and my breasts pointed upwards. Bhaiyya took one of my legs under my knee, raised it and positioned my foot flat on the table. Then he pushed the knee in the air to the side so that my pussy was even more wide open than it was before. The second leg he told me to wrap around his waist, and I did.

“Relax, Baby,” he said and started to rub his cock against my pussy more insistently. The whole head and shaft was in contact with my slit and got covered in my juices. Then suddenly he stopped the rubbing and positioned his cock to my entrance and pushed, all in one motion before I could know what was happening.

I felt a sharp pain as I felt the head of his cock trying to enter into my small entrance. I instinctively tried to push myself back and to push him back from me.

“Baby, stop it,” he said angrily as he struggled to remain where he was.

“Bhaiyya, it hurts,” I whined, grimacing with pain.

He didn’t stop pushing against me but started talking to me in a soothing voice. “Don’t worry, Baby. Remember what I told you? I will hurt for some time then you will enjoy it. Now be a good girl and let me put in inside.”

“No, bhaiyya, no. It’s hurting a lot. Let us stop and do it later, please,” I pleaded.

“Baby, you are making me angry. Stop acting like a little girl and shouting like this,” he said sternly, pushing against me and trying to get his cock inside.

I kept pushing back and started sobbing. “Bhaiyya, it is painful. Please stop. I want to stop. Please.”

“It’s almost over, Baby” he said.

I could see his biceps bulging with the effort and he was pushing towards me so hard. His cock was still stuck a little way in my entrance and I felt pain and burning down there. It was a lot of pain, not just a little like he said. I tried to grind my teeth like he said but I couldn’t stop sobbing and I started crying when the pain wouldn’t go away.

“Baby, stop that,” Bhaiyya snapped. “Stop acting like a small little girl.”

I didn’t want him to get angry with me so I tried to stop crying and bit down on the inside of my cheek. I could taste blood but I still didn’t stop biting down. The pain was not easing and my whole body racked with sobs I couldn’t hold back.

Bhaiyya finally grabbed my waist to steady me and put one hand behind, cupping my ass to pull me against him while pushing his hips into me. I had stopped struggling by then. I didn’t want my brother getting angry with me and if that meant I had to take some pain for a while, that should be ok.

Finally I felt his cock move a little into me and bhaiyya grunted in pleasure and renewed his efforts. He tried moving a little out and then pushing it in again. This time, a sizable part of his cock went inside and the pain was unbearable. I cried out a little then snapped my mouth closed, worrying that he would again think I was acting like a little girl. But all of bhaiyya’s concentration was on sliding his cock in and he didn’t seem to notice.

Little by little, trying the same manoeuvre of sliding his cock in a little bit out and then pushing it in, bhaiyya finally managed to get all of his cock inside me. He stopped for a bit then and rested. He looked at my face, drenched in sweat and tears and stroked my hair back from my forehead. He took one breast in his hand and squeezed it. “It’s almost over, Baby,” he said tenderly. “It’s all in. I am buried into your sweet pussy up to my balls. Now I can just fuck you and you will also enjoy it.”

He just leaned his whole weight into my pussy then, before withdrawing his cock and little bit and pushing it in again. “See? That’s good, no?” he asked.

“It’s sore, bhaiyya, very tender,” I moaned. “It still hurts.”

“Come on, Baby. Be patient. Stop crying like this,” he cajoled. “It will be better in a minute.”

He started to thrust into me rhythmically. In and out he went, holding me around my bent leg to adjust him and his other hand massaging my breast, maybe trying to get my mind away from what he was doing to my pussy.

The worst of the pain was over I thought as I tried to relax. His big cock was already inside me and it was now just the soreness of my pussy being pulled to accommodate him. His cock rubbing against my tender hole and walls didn’t help but at least the tearing pain had gone and I could at least know it wouldn’t ever be like that again.

Eventually, as I saw his dark body moving over me, I could feel a little bit aroused. I concentrated on his hand that was playing with my breast rather than his cock in my pussy and I tried to focus on the rhythmic push and pull of my movements as he thrust into me. It reminded me of when we used to lie on our back across swings as kids and see the sky moving up and down and meeting the ground as we moved the swing with our feet. I wished we were outside so that I could compare this movement with the old swing one. But in my mind, it was like I was in the swing and bhaiyya was pulling me towards him and then moving me away, in the same gentle rhythm.

Then he started going faster and my analogy started breaking up. I opened my eyes to see his face. Sweat was running down his forehead and I could see a vein standing out and throbbing near his hairline. He was looking down to where his cock was plunging in and out of my pussy and I could hear him give a small grunt with every push he made inside me. I tried to abandon myself to the swing fantasy again and closed my eyes, but he was going too fast now. I could only think of the erratic and jerky fast movements of a saw cutting one of the limbs of a fallen mango tree in our orchard that past monsoon.

Bhaiyya was grunting loudly now and thrusting so hard into me that I felt that the end would be close. I didn’t know if I was expected to do anything or just lie there until he finished. The pain had risen a little by now, my sore pussy being rubbed by his hard and unmerciful cock. I tried to get up or move a little but bhaiyya’s hand on my breast pushed me down.

“Just… a little… bit… more, Baby,” he gasped between thrusts.

He pinched my nipple and started thrusting even faster and harder. I felt like my entire insides were being pounded each time he came against my hips. Each time the noise as our bodies joined was a firm slap and my pelvis started hurting also from the way he was pounding into it. All of the various hurts and pains became one and separated into different ones, as I lay there, being rocked by my brother’s fucking.

Finally, he started groaning loudly and thrashed once more into me before pulling his cock out of me and pumping it furiously in his fist as I saw his cock jerk and let out huge sticky blobs that spattered my mound, my stomach and even my breasts. His cum was thick and white, coating me heavily in ropes, unlike my clear and slippery juices. His face was still contorted as he finished milking the last of his cock and rested a hand beside my body, holding himself up on unsteady legs.

In a minute, he opened his eyes and looked at me lying there, with his cum all over me. He took my hand and started moving it on my body to rub his warm cum into my skin. There was a tired smile on his face as he looked at me.

“That was fantastic, Baby,” he grinned.

He bent down to kiss me chastely on my forehead like a brother, and then moved his head down to kiss me on my lips like a lover. I opened my mouth to him and we shared a last kiss, my hand still rubbing my brother’s cum into my body, and he lazily moving a hand down to cup my gaping pussy.

After a while of kissing like that, he moved away and I tried to get up.

“No, Baby, wait. Let me see your pussy,” he said.

I was shy but couldn’t stop him as he spread my legs and my pussy lips to inspect me. He ran his hand over my tender pussy gently and looked up at me.

“There’s a little blood,” he said.

I was startled.

“You said you had put a brush in there?” he asked.

“Yes, but I told you, it didn’t go inside very much,” I replied.

“Oh, Baby,” he said as he gathered me up into his arms and took me to sit with him on his lap on a chair like I used to when I was smaller. “Your pussy was still intact then. I thought you had broken your cherry when you said you had put the brush in.”

I just laid my head down on his shoulder and enjoyed the togetherness of being in my bhaiyya’s arms, as I had dreamt for so many weeks.

“It’s ok. Next time it will not hurt so much,” he murmured. He slid his hand between my legs again. “It will go in smoothly now that there is no barrier,” he said as he slipped his middle finger inside me.

I squirmed and tried to dislodge him. “It is still tender and hurts, bhaiyya,” I moaned.

He wriggled his finger inside me and chuckled, sliding it in and out a couple of times before removing it. “Such a cry baby you are,” he scolded. “Look at all these tears. Who cries like this, hmm?” he asked.

I smiled and settled into him. “Like you said, it won’t hurt so much again, so I won’t cry the next time,” I told him.

And it didn’t. The next time we fucked was the next day and it was better like he had promised. Over that summer, bhaiyya and I fucked every day, often more than once every day. The shack in the mango orchard was our hideout until bhaiyya started stealing into my room at night. We fucked all night in my bed, and in the mornings I woke up tired and sore in every part, only to repeat the same the next night as I saw my handsome and strong brother come into my room the next night under the cover of darkness.

After that summer, he had to go back to college in another city and I missed him, lying in my large bed alone, my pussy aching with wanting his hard cock in it. Over the years, we fucked when we got together until I got married. He came over to me on the morning of my wedding day and took my breast in his hand possessively. “I will share you, Baby, but remember that I am not giving you up,” he said.

I sidled up to give him a hot kiss and murmured, “Why would I want my bhaiyya to give me up?” against his mouth. “I was first yours and I will always be available whenever you want me,” I said, calming his fears.

He squeezed my breasts and my pussy possessively and went away.

Over the next few years, I kept my promise and we fucked as and when we got the opportunity, and then there came the time for his marriage. He was marrying a beautiful girl and I was jealous. He could see it.

The day of his wedding, he found me alone in my room and came up to me.

“Baby,” he said. “Remember what you told me when you were getting married? The same way, you are not giving me up, just sharing. My cock still gets hard for you,” he said, drawing my hand to his front, to feel the truth of his words.

We each have two kids each now and we are still hot for each other and fuck each other when I go back to my childhood house or he comes over to mine when my husband is out for the day. We have the best relationship and I feel that every girl should have such a loving and sexy big bhai to fuck her for the first time and initiate her into the ways of sex.

anonymous asked:

Imagine dating Jen and having a bath together

Dating Jen and taking a bath her would involve…

-Doing this for her after a long day at work.
-She would come home exhausted, and you’d lead her into the bathroom.
-“Where are we going?”
-“Shh just follow me Jen.”
-You would open the bathroom door, and she’d gasp.
-“What is all this?”
-She would see the candles in the room, which would make her smile.
-“A little something for you and I, I know you had a long day and I thought that we could relax.”
-Jen would be very happy, and would be eager to get into the bath with you.
-You would sit in the bath and talk for a while, getting things off of your minds.
-It would lead to some more enjoyable things…
-“I feel like I’m floating. Tonight’s been amazing Y/N.”
-“Anything for you. You deserve it all.”

Tease - (REQUEST)

“Shh baby, just follow me.” You giggled as you took two of Justin’s fingers and lead him towards the bathroom, away from everyone else. The squad and a couple of Justin’s family members were over just for a small ‘gathering’ which soon pretty much turned into a christmas party with all of the plus ones added. “You’ll like it.” You smirked, biting down on your bottom lip before shutting yourself and Justin in the bathroom, making sure to lock.

“What now?” Justin asked, confused over what was even happening. You couldn’t blame him though because you hadn’t said a single word about this all day, maybe he’d understand once he opened his present.

Biting the insides of your cheeks to hold in either a smirk or a smile, you handed Justin a red and pink striped box, Victoria Secret written huge on the front, killing the surprise straight away. Watching as Justin snickered to himself at the logo, you stood with your hand on your hip, feeling the excitement and flames rush through your body. He was pretty quick to unseal the box and dig through layers of white tissue paper before tossing the packaging to a side.

“Holy shit..” He cursed, an immediate smug look appearing on his face. You kept your eyes glued to Justin, watching as his eyes widened after holding up what you had bought. It was an all red, somewhat to represent santa, or mrs claus even, laced and mesh lingerie outfit set with a pair of red mesh panties to match.

“I thought you’d might like it for tonight” You smirked again, confidently this time and glad that he seemed to like the present.

“I fucking love it babygirl” Justin licked his lips, wandering his eyes back and forth from you to the outfit over and over. “I wanna see your tight little body in this right now, i’m not waiting for tonight, i need you” He continued, showing the weakness in his voice.

“Oh, that’s too bad… We have guests remember” You teased before tracing your finger lightly up and down against his tatted arm, still keeping that smirk on your face.

Pulling yourself closer to Justin, you wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing almost every inch of it, slowly but passionately and purposely leaving hickeys. You knew it was his weak spot and could almost feel his blood sizzling. You could see the desperation in his eyes.

“So?” He cried, having the urge to move his hand towards your ass, ready to squeeze but missed the chance after you slapped his hand away and laughed.

“You have the nerve to give me this” Justin muttered before holding up the outfit again, licking his lips as he struggled to take his eyes off. “You have the nerve to get me hard, baring in mind we have guests over and you wanna leave me this frustrated?” 

“Mmhm” You moaned, still with your lips attached to his neck, yet to pull away, feeling every beat of his pulse, maybe he really was as desperate as he sounded. “Well…Hailey is probably wondering where we are, so I guess I’ll have to-“

“I swear to God if you leave this bathroom without letting me-“

“What are you going to do?” You whispered close to Justin’s ear, twisting your tongue between your two lips as you spoke. Lifting your finger, you trailed it softly against his plump lips, already wanting to kiss him senseless.

“Nothing just yet” He lowered his voice, causing it to become raspier. God, his raspy voice.. It made you to want to give up this teasing stage already, but you held your head high. You weren’t going to give in, not this easily. You didn’t spend $125 on lingerie for Justin to get it that easily. “But daddy will punish you later if you-“

Rolling your eyes, you pulled away from Justin, but somewhat kept your touch and kisses lingering around him, knowing it would keep him turned on, especially for the next few hours when he couldn’t have you.

“Ooops” You giggled as you unlocked the door, leaving Justin in the bathroom. You knew deep down that if you were to stay in there any longer you’d give in to his dirty talking because he knows you too well and somehow knows what your secret kinks are. As weird as that sounds. He just knows what to do. At least your teasing was a success.

“Poor, poor Zipperflash, always on the go! Your aura is so anxious! You need to learn to relax, angel.”

“You need to learn to go away, you goddamn loon.”

“Shh. Just follow my breathing, and try to synchronize your heartbeat with mine.” Rosemary pulled Zipperflash in, close to her chest, and the pegasus squawked like an indignant chicken. “Follow my breathing. Deep, cleansing breaths. In and out.” Rosemary lilted, snuggling him close, oblivious to how Zip’s cheeks had flushed deep crimson.

“Ay, get off! I don’t have time for this!” Zips struggled in her grip, wildly flapping his wings, to no avail. “I got a race to win, and your pal Aerostorm ain’t gonna harass himself!”

“Ah, yes. That’s actually why I’m here, dear Zipperflash. I’m going to help you learn to relax, so that you stop your childish bullying of Aero.”

“Fat chance.” Zips scowled.

“Really?” Rosemary hummed. “Because Aero is my very best friend in the world. He’s like a brother to me.” Rosemary stroked Zipper’s mane gently. “I understand you have a rivalry with him, but should you fail to calm down, and continue to harass my dearest friend-” She suddenly flexed the muscles in her arms, and Zipperflash felt an uncomfortable amount of pressure around his windpipe. He went still, gawking at Rosie, who only smiled down at him, serene as always.

“It would be quite regrettable.”


the moral of this story is don’t mess with Rosie’s friends, hippie or not she will fuck you up
calm yo-self before neck go snap

Zips is kinda terrified and confused and also bizarrely attracted to this super strong mare
he has a panic wingboner

It’s been so long since I’ve drawn Rosie XD. For those of you new to the party, Rosemary is my Fluttershy/Bulk Biceps daughter, while Zipperflash is a Lightning Dust/Thunderlane son

Newt x Reader: Don’t Leave Me Again

requested by anon: Could you please write an newt imagine where you are his girlfriend and you are taken by wicked and he finds you being drained eg the scene from Scorch and he saves you please

Originally posted by gangsterthomasbrodie

*Not my gif

You and the remaining gladers have finally survived the maze. You were taken onto a flying machine, you knew it had a name but unfortunately for you, you couldn’t remember. You were sitting next to Newt, you’re boyfriend ever since you got to the glade. You, Newt and Alby were the only ones in the glade at the time so he fell for you and you were the only girl until Teresa.

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Hi!can I request a Myungsoo AU university scenario that you guys are friends,Myungsoo has a girlfirend and his girlfriend is just using him for popularity and cheating on him but instead he insulted you being too judgemental You do the rest happy end

This week feels like forever Dx Hopefully I can make it through the rest of this week. I kinda rushed with this scenario cause I wanted to finish it before I forgot what I wanted to do with it so hopefully it makes sense… Also the title doesn’t fit with most of the scenario OTL


Promise Me (Myungsoo) 

“_____.” You looked up when someone called out your name and there stood Dongwoo smiling and waving a little before pointing towards the clock. You saw that it was time for lunch so you started packing your things before going to Dongwoo. “Did you wait long?” You asked. “Nope. The others are waiting for us in the cafeteria though.” “Even her?” He nodded while you sighed. “I still don’t understand what he sees in her. We all know she’s only using him but only he can’t see that.” He told you. “Love blinds you.” You told him as you stepped into the cafeteria.

“Hey guys.” You greeted the rest of the guys as you sat down in your seat. “Ugh why is she sitting here again?” Myungsoo’s girlfriend, Eunsung, said. She never liked you and you never liked her. The only difference is that you tolerated her for Myungsoo’s sake while she voiced out her dislike. “Cause she’s our friend.” Sunggyu said while shooting a glare towards her. “Whatever.” She huffed, “Myungie, I’m really hungry. Can you get me some food?” Her ‘cute’ acting was annoying to the group but only one person didn’t mind it.

Once Myungsoo left, her smile left her face and was replaced with a smirk. “How does it feel, _____?” “What?” “Oh, you know, seeing the guy you love loving another girl in front of you. How does it feel?” Your hand tightened around the utensils you were using. Hoya noticed this and lightly kicked you to snap you out of your trance. “Here’s your food, Eunsung.” Myungsoo said while placing her tray in front of her. “Sorry guys, I forgot I had to help Mrs.Choi with something. I’ll leave now.” You got your stuff and hurried out the cafeteria before they could ask questions.

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