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I’m a few days late but I sort of doodled some of my best friends names and am going to talk about them for best friend day (sorry if y’all don’t consider me a best friend though oops)

Linh ( @bullcrappery) WOW this girl gets me like no one else does. even when I’m in abad mood and want to talk to no one I want to talk to her. I love her with every fiber of my being. She’s SO talented, like her art is crazy good. She supports me and encourages me to take risks, she’s an all around beautiful, wonderful person. I’m so blessed to have her.

Temp ( @imaginebeinghamiltrash) Im still sort of shook that Temp is my friend. She is so kind and supportive and such a good listener. She’s funny af and like super relatable! She’s a stunning writer, and not of just fanfic y’all. She’s been there for me the last week or so as I frantically have applied for something and been anxious about hearing back ever since. I hope Temp thinks of me half as lovely as I think of her, 

Frankie ( @angerybisexual) The Joey to my chandler!! This kid, wow.Where do I begin? They are so kind to me, and so so funny. I love talking to them cause we both want to get hit my a truck driven by lin/anthony. We’re equally obsessed with our favs and talk about them a lot. I want to always make sure they know I’m here for them, support them, and love the. No matter what.

@butlinislin Rosie! Me and rosie kinda go back to like the beginning of the year? We’ve had some rough spots but Rosie is so fucking nice, and just like linh and temp has really pushed me to take risks and given me confidence to go through with things I never thought I could. I’m so lucky to have this gal in my life

@1781styles JORDAN THE CHRIS TO MY LIN Jordan is so fucking funny I’m almost always laughing when we talk. She’s always got a story to tell and is one of my fav people, like ever. 

@burninglaurens B R I I love Bri a lot. She’s one of the hardest working people I know. She’s working so hard din school and this years been rough for her and she’s powering through. Ms. Fisher better know that I’m here every step of the way. AND BITCH! I can’t wait to meet you in Brooklyn.

@hxmiltonmusicxl Mikayla is the kind of person who is constantly surprising you. She’s so kind and humble, and on the quiet side. But then all the sudden this girl pops out a joke and a roast and you’re like where did that come from!?!?! but its a aways so funny. For some reason she seems to like every thing I do??? no idea way. This girl is the bomb dot com

@sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens Angelina, wow. What kind, loving soul. She’s got big goals and I have no doubt that she’ll achieve them. Im hoping maybe she’ll let me work with her, cause that’ be BOMB (Let’s write a musical together my dude). She can sing so well and she’s so gorgeous and a talented writer. This girl has it all.

@always-blame-jefferson Charley! is! So! Cute! Like no joke. SHe’s so adorable. she’s a little ray of sunshine and for some reason associate her with bubble gum??? the world may never know why. She works so hard playing two sports at the same time while in school, and now she’s doing basketball over the summer and made JV and I’m proud mama.

@icanttakethemonmyown Anje, well I do not deserve her. For some reason she continues to tell me I’m the most amazing person ever which can’t be true cause that’s her. Her accent is the literal cutest and I love hearing it. She is so beautiful, caring, lovely, and all of the good things. I wanna hug her real bad y’all

@secretschuylersister Taylor, I remember she was like the first or second Hamilton blog I followed. I messaged her and at the time didn’t realize how amazing she was , I mean I was new here. But still when she followed me I was so so happy. Every time she messages me or tags me in something I grin like an idiot. She’s the personification of happiness

@icanneverbesatisfied Rose!!! She sends me pics of ant and has all the time god bless. Not only that but we talk about so many different things. Girl works so hard don her writing and her art and I’m amazing. Plus she plays the trumpet which is so cool!! She’ always a ray of sunshine on my gloomy days. What a lovely human.

@getupoffathathang Me and she both hate our jobs and complain to each other about them frequently. But thats not all we talk about of course! We both want to go to NYC and I believe she’s on her way (and I might be, I’ll keep you update!) Shae is so pretty and loving and wowowowowwow I’m so luck to have her on my side.

@love-doesnt-discriminate Autumn is such a joy, I could just discuss how wonderful she is for ages. She’s so loving and compassionate and deserves all the happiness in the entire universe. I’ll tell her how great she is all the time until she believes me

this is part one! I’ll be making a part two with some more incredible people soon :) I love you all so much thank you for being amazing.

sudkaraks  asked:

Could you please give me explanation on how 아가야 is used in Korea? There were 2 times I noticed JM calling JK 아가야. (The very first time I heard the word 아가 was when I watched a Super Junior variety show where Kyuhyun's mom said "어 아가?" when she got a call from him. From the SJ video, I got the impression that 아가 is probably a veeery dear way of calling someone) After I heard JM said that, I was like oh god this is so sweet, JM must love JK so much to be calling him that and RIP replay button. (1)

But I kind of have a feeling that 아가 was not meant to be romantic(?). Does this word used by couples? Does it really that “sweet” to be called 아가야? I ship kook/min both platonically and romantically, so tbh its not really a problem to me if the word doesn’t mean anything romantic. I’m just so curious about how 아가야 is usually used in Korea. Thank you and sorry english isn’t my first language, I hope I didn’t confuse you. (2)          

Your English is fine^^ There are about 4 ways 아가/애기 is used in Korea:

  1. It’s literal form and meaning, i.e. babies.
  2. Traditionally, when a woman marries, her in-laws may call her this. It’s supposedly because she’s new and precious to the family like a baby.
  3. Couples also use it (like how people call each other babe or baby overseas). But in Korea it’s usually the older person in the relationship who calls the younger partner this. Usually
  4. Anything cute or young.

So, depending on the relationship and context, baby can be platonic or romantic!

Teenage Dream / minkey / pg-13 / 7.2k / teenaged!neighbors au / (inspired by the prompt ’grew up as best friends but you got hot over the summer can i touch ur biceps AU' from this)

In which Minho returns home from soccer camp just a little too sexy for his bff Kibum to handle.


Some Months Ago

Sunday summer nights are usually Kibum’s favourite nights of the week. These nights are when he goes over to Minho’s house to sprawl on his best friend’s extraordinarily comfy living room couch, eat way too much pizza and watch reruns of their favourite anime until they both fall asleep together beneath heaps of thick, fuzzy blankets. It’s a tradition that stems from their middle school days, and it’s been going strong ever since. 

Tonight, however, Kibum isn’t enjoying himself nearly as much as he usually does. Possibly this is because he had let Minho choose the series for tonight, and so been rewarded with some ultra-shounen nonsense which is more fighting, explosions and affirmations of friendship will save the world! than anything actually interesting. But possibly this is also because Minho is going to some awful soccer camp early tomorrow morning, and Kibum will therefore be deprived of his best friend’s presence for most of the rest of summer.

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oh hai, twenty years late, but the activity feature is actually a lot cooler than i thought it was

did you guys know that you have the option to change the time period from 3 days to 24hrs, 7days, and 1month, and also to filter by new followers and total followers as well?

because i had no idea

i just thought it was notes for the last three days


do you ever just listen to a song that just really hits home or it’s just so beautiful and you can’t do anything other than just sit there and be completely enraptured by it and do that silent kind of crying where it’s just tears falling down your face and nothing else