Betty & Jughead’s I love you scene. And almost sex scene. And Hotdog. I’m not dead. You are.


Aries can usually keep a secret, if told to. If that isn’t specified they won’t know. Many times Aries are too focused on themselves and their life to spread rumors or share secrets. 

Taurus is a good secret holder due to their loyalty. Many people feel safe around their calmness and find them to be good listeners. 

Gemini is famous for their gossipy side, they aren’t always the best secret holders. To good friends and family they try.

Cancer will keep your secret until the end. They understand the need for privacy, how it feels to be vulnerable, and they value trust and loyalty.

Leo can keep a secret or two, but they can use those secrets for their benefit or sometimes they don’t understand why a piece of information is to be kept hidden.

Virgo will keep your secret but they still might judge you because of it :o

Libra will keep your secret as long as they remember it is a secret! They have good intentions but loose lips.

Scorpio, the master of secrets can keep one to the grave but they also know how to get information out of others and how to use it for their agenda.

Sagittarius can be impulsive with information they have and might let a secret out. They can also think along the lines of, “I’m an open book, so shouldn’t others be too?” 

Capricorn is very, very good at keeping secrets. But this sign is also associated with blackmail, be cautious.

Aquarius will keep a secret if requested but they won’t lie on your behalf. Also their gossipy side tempts them sometimes.

Pisces will keep all your secrets locked away but anything you do to them is part of their story too and they can share that.

Dick is the kid who pulls on the seatbelt so much by like moving around in the car and leaning forward that it does that thing where it gets stuck when you lean back and won’t let you pull it forward anymore and kinda like traps you against the chair unless you unbuckle the seatbelt