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Lance with a really high fever. Bonus points for: being confused and scared by a necessary treatment, getting carried or dragged, fainting, shaking/trembling, slowly becoming incoherent during a conversation.

I’m combining this one with @wonderingwhereileftreality‘s suggestion:  “ (i’m a multishipper in a shance mood) Lance overworks himself trying to catch up with everyone else (Bonus points if he’s secretly wants the praise of a certain sexy Space Dad) and Shiro finds him and takes care of him because “I care about your you, Lance!" 

I hope it’s okay!!!

It was movie night for the Paladins. Lance had instigated it, which is why Keith didn’t understand why he was being so moody now. 

“You got to watch your film last week; it’s my turn to choose, so stop pouting,” Pidge chastised. Lance looked up blearily, as if his mind hadn’t been anywhere near the topic of movie night or Pidge’s (admittedly, gorier than anyone cared for) film tastes. 

“What are you waiting for; press play,” Lance instructed softly. He seemed almost asleep. His head kept falling toward Hunk’s shoulder even through just the opening credits, and by the time the actual film had started, he was out cold in the yellow paladin’s lap.

“What’s with him?” Keith whispered to Hunk.

“Shh,” Pidge shushed. “This part’s important.” She seemed upset when she turned around to see that Lance had fallen asleep. “Hey,” she said, indignant, “I stayed awake through your crummy cowboy movie; you don’t get to doze off through my choice.” She kicked him lightly from her place on the ground, and he startled awake. 

“S’goin’ on?” Lance asked blearily, blinking heavily. 

“You fell asleep,” Shiro replied.

“Oh, sorry, Pidge,” Lance apologized sheepishly. She nodded and turned her attention back to the screen, but Shiro didn’t take his eyes away from Lance. The blue paladin rubbed his face tiredly and pulled his jacket tighter around his torso. Shiro himself was a little warm in the heat of the crowded common room, so he pulled off his hoodie and tossed it to Lance. 

“You can borrow it,” he whispered, and Lance looked grateful. 

The truth was, Lance was exhausted. He’d created Paladin Family Movie Night™ before things had gotten so real. Now that he spent most of his nights awake, worrying about comparing with the other paladins, worrying about what might happen if he couldn’t compare with the other paladins–well, he usually woke up in the middle of the night and found that he couldn’t fall back asleep unless he got up and trained. So he spent most nights sparring a punching bag instead of sleeping, and most of his sleep was spent thinking about how he should be sparring a punching bag. 

It wasn’t Shiro’s fault. Not in the slightest; in fact, the opposite. No one had ever made Lance feel more important or worthy than Takeshi Shiro. And that’s why he had to do this for him. He would become the best he could be, for Shiro’s sake.

Lance dozed for most of the movie. He’d managed to keep his eyes more or less open through most of it, but his focus was bleary and warm. It came as a genuine shock when the film ended and the rest of the paladins sat, looking quite pale and queasy, and Pidge asking them excitedly what they thought of it. 

“It was… graphic,” Shiro said. “Lots of blood.”

“It was Hershey’s syrup!” Pidge gushed, “but you can’t even tell because it’s black and white!”

“The plot was lacking,” Hunk offered, “but I liked that they didn’t kill the dog.”

“The special effects were awful,” Keith commented. Pidge’s face fell, realizing that they had not liked her film choices at all.

“What did you think, Lance?” Pidge asked. 

Lance stirred and looked at Pidge, blinking confusedly with his teeth chattering. “Super good,” he sort of shot in the dark, having missed the whole thing. He guessed that was the right answer, because she looked excited.

“At least Lance knows quality films when he sees them,” she boasted. 

“Next week, it’s my turn,” Shiro said uncertainly, “But I don’t know what to choose. I haven’t seen a lot of movies. Lance,” he called, trying to perk the sleepy paladin up and get him involved in what used to be his favorite part of the week, “What’s your favorite movie?”

Lance looked confused and muttered something under his breath.

“I didn’t quite catch that,” Shiro informed. Lance just shook his head and buried his face deeper into Hunk’s shoulder.

“M’too tired to watch another,” he moaned, “I’m sorry.” He sounded way more upset than he should be for just thinking about movie choices.

“Lance? Are you feeling okay?” Shiro asked. The boy’s teeth were still chattering despite wearing Shiro’s too-big hoodie, and he hadn’t taken his face out from the crack between Hunk’s arm and the back of the sofa. 

Lance muttered something about being fine, tired. 

“Something’s not right,” Shiro observed. “He’s been off all evening.”

Hunk pried Lance’s face away from the couch and tried to get him to sit upright, but Lance’s body was limp and hot. He dind’t want to cooperate.

Shiro took Lance’s face between his hands and was alarmed by the heat radiating from his skin. “Keith, find a thermometer,” he instructed, “he’s got a fever.” Lance stirred a bit to look at Shiro’s face.

“Don’t be mad,” Lance pleaded. Shiro’s heart broke.

“Why would I be mad at you?” he asked gently.Lance knew that he was only so ill now because he’d been running himself into the ground, but his fevered brain didn’t understand that Shiro wasn’t following.

“S’my fault,” he replied. “I ruined movie night, and m’not even a better fighter than I was before,” he muttered. 

“What are you talking about, Lance?” Shiro asked desperately.

Keith returned with the thermometer. “Coran said you have to swipe it across his forehead,” Keith explained. 

“Okay, Lance, I’m going to take your temperature,” Shiro said patiently. Lance flinched away from the thermometer as it approached his face, but Shiro had his flesh hand securely around Lance’s neck and it made him feel safer. The machine beeped and Shiro cursed. 

“He’s got a fever of 104.2,” Shiro informed, “This isn’t something he can just rest off.”

“He sat through the whole movie like that?” Pidge asked. “And we didn’t notice?”

Shiro supported Lance’s back as he helped him sit up. “Hey, buddy; you’re sick. Did you know that?” It was entirely possible, he thought, that maybe the bug had struck so suddenly that Lance hadn’t even had time to register what happened. 

“Yeah,” Lance admitted, “M’sorry.” 

“Don’t apologize,” Shiro scolded. 

“You’re mad.”

“I’m not mad, just worried. I care about you,” he explained, “And I don’t want to see you sacrificing just because you think other people expect it.” 

Lance nodded.

“We should get him to the med bay,” Shiro announced, and the rest of the group, quietly and guiltily, carried him there.

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First of all: I love you and you’re amazing

  • 1: Summarize any AB rendition in 1 sentence [includes the god forsaken 09 movie, RIP]

AtB: a cocky irresponsible 16 year old and his older less important friend (shh I love ochan its ok) get lonely in college and decide to build a robot to do their chores.  

  • 2: Favorite fan fiction?

Okay listen this one is a little embarrassing but in my opinion it’s great so uh

*quietly shoves link forward*

  • 9: How would you describe the fandom to someone else unaware [Y'all better keep this civil or imma come for u pls]

4 ½ artists and a bunch of repressed nerds scream about robots. basically. also rooster man and ochan. 

or even better

basically this guy angers his child who dies and in his crazed grief he makes a robot version of him and we are all obsessed with a dead robot child. 

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Hurrhurr, My turn! Okay, so what would Starish + QuartetNight + Teacher's say to woo their S/O and make their S/O blush like crazy? ^v^

Otoya: When the red haired play his guitar when his s/o listen to his song and smiled “Otoya you getting better playing on the guitar” They said smiled and otoya looked at them and he blushed a little when he also smiled “You have to try too” He said when they shook their head “No no, Its your guitar” They said wich he chuckled and he gave the guitar to them and sits behind them “I can help you” He whispered in their ear when the started to blush “Moah, Otoya no” They said giggled when he stroke their shoulders getntly “___-chan, Its oke because its you… “ He whispered when they blushed more and smiled “Oh otoya…” they whispered

 He sudden stroking their hair when they watching tv together with him when they notcied he is troking their hair “Tokiya?” they said and blushed a little “Hmm, What is it?” He whispered when he keep stroking their hair and he smelled on it when they now blushing more “Tokiya, What are you doing to my hair, Does it smell bad?” They said and he chuckled and shook his head gently and wrapped his arms around them “You smell like a flower, You feel like a pillow” he whispered when they blushing more.

Ren: He is the king of the flirt he make any single minutes make his s/o blush like an idiot in a teasy way. “Lady, What are you doing?” He entered their room when he sees they changing any clothes on them “Every clothes does it not look good on me… I fell unsexy in it..” They said, He smiled and he keep staring at them when they keep changing their clothes when they turning their head to him “See?” They said when he shook his head and he walked to them and lifted their chin up “Lady… You look darn sexy to me… Its unfair you make my heart melt” He whispered when they widded their eyes and start to blush like a tometo.

Masato: He’s not really a flirty one on his s/o but he truly love them for sure, He putting some tea for himself and for them, They watching outside at the falling sakura blossoms “Oh.. The blossoms are so beautifull” They said when he glanced at the trees and then he glanced at them “The tea is ready” He said and they turned their head and they sit with him when he keep glancing at them “Ah, I love the colors also” They said when he put his tea on the table and he crawl closer to them when he sudden hold their hand “You’re the most beautifull blossom person i ever seen” He whispered when he staring in their eyes and sudden they blush like an idiot but also he realized and start to blush.

Natsuki: “Whoah ____-chan you look so cute in that dress!” Natsuki is shopping together with his s/o choosing a dress “R- Really? Does it not look fat on me?” They ask wich natsuki gently smiled and walked closer to them and hold them close to him “___-chan, You’re the most cutest fairy i ever see and met, You’re beautifull” He said when they blushed like a tometo “Na-chan where that come from?” They ask wich made natsuki chuckled “I had feeling i need to tell you” he whispered and they blushing more.

Syo: He’s pretty a shy type when he want to flirt his s/o, He’s watching his favorite serie Prince Of Fighting “Moah are you watching this again?” They ask when they pout reading their magazine, When his serie is over he turn his head to them and pick them up in a bride style when his s/o now blushing a little “Sy- Syo, What are you doing?” They ask wich syo smile but he’s also blushing “Me as hero need to protect my princess” He said when they blushed more and they laughed a little “Moah and thats why you watching Prince Of Fighting?” They ask wich syo looked serious and narrowed his eyes gently “No.. I want to protect you from those evil guys who trying to flirt with you instead of me”

Cecil: He cuddle his s/o all day when they laughed softly “Cecil, You’re so claiming today?” They ask when he gave kisses on their cheeck wich made they blush “Euh- Cecil?” They said cecil looked at them and smiled gently “You’re my only princess” He said when they laughed a little again “I know, You said that all the time” They said and smiled wich he push them gently to lay down on the bench and he stared at them in their eyes “____-chan… I might saying that all the time, But you’re such beautifull person”

Reiji: Ofcourse he like to flirt them in a playfull way, When today he do alot now “Reiji you do it again” They said pouty wich he chuckled and grinned “Sorry sorry, I can’t help it, My girl”” He said when he watching them when they busy cooking when he step closer to them “Reiji, What is it?” They ask when they cocked their head when sudden he stroked over their butt when they now blushing “R- Reiji i told you” They said which he stared at them “I can’t help it teasing you…” He whispered when they blinked their eyes twice “Is it that so hard?” They ask wich he smiled “because, You’re my only My Girl, I don’t want to do another” He whispered and kisses their lips wich they blushing more.

Ranmaru: “RanRan” his s/o called him and he is napping on the bench wich he looked at them “What?” He replied back moody when they gave a pouty expression “Moah, RanRan you always anwer moody at me” They said when he raised an eyebrown “So?” He said when they now turned around “See? This is what i get from you” They said when they have teary eyes wich he fell bit sorry and stands up and walked to them and wrapped his arms around them “___-chan…. I’m sorry” He whispered when they turn their head at him a little “You’re not!” They said when he sudden kissing them rough but still soft when they gasped and blushed heavy “Ran!?” They said when he stared at them and laid is hands both on their cheecks “Listen, I love you… I always do… And i’m sorry…” He whispered.

Ai: “___-san” He stared at them while they watching movie together with him “Shh shh, Ai there is a importent part there” They said when they watching the movie, The scene is about two lovers, They eyes are blinking “Come one… Kiss” They whispered when he also watching that part. “Aaaaw, Those two are so cute ~” They said when smiling when he sudden hugged them and start kissing them on their lips softly wich made them blush like an idiot “Ai?” They whispered when they looked in his eyes “Thats what lovers do, Right?” He whispered wich it made them blush.

Camus: He’s writting an importent letter when his s/o entered in their room “Camu~, What are you doing?” they asked wich camus keep writting the letter “Writting a letter” he said when they cocked their head “To who?” They ask when he sighed a little “None of your busniss” He said when they pouted and they crossed their arms “A love letter to someone huh?” They ask and pouted more “Yes” he said wich made their eyes teary “I knew it… I knew it you would fall for someone else!” They said he looked up and took the letter “What are you talking about” he ask when he stroking their hair gently when they push his hand away “Don’t touch me” They said wich he frowned and he sighs and show the letter when he blushing a little “Its for you” He said when they widded their eyes and blushed when they read the letter and blushed more “Camus….I though..” He hold his finger against their lips “Shh… Don’t say…” He whispered and he wrapped his arms around them. 

Ringo: “___-chii, How do you think of this dress?” He asked with a blush on his cheecks when his s/o stared at “So cute! I want to wear it also!” they said when ringo pouted “No, I want to wear it” He said when they both laughing a little “Ah, I gonna dress up” He said when later he came in his male form and his s/o suprise stared at him “Ringo…?” Why are you dressed in your male form?” They asked when he smiled and wrapped his arms around them “Because i want to make love for you.. In my male version“ He whispered in their ear and sudden they blushing like an idiot “Ah..Ringo..” They whispered and he smiled at them “I’m happy i met you, You love me as male and female…” he whispered and blushed when they also blushed, He kisses their cheeck.

Hyuga: He had a long day working with Ringo and Shinning and he entered his house “I’m home” He said when his s/o looked happy “Hyuga, Welcome home!” They said and he smiled at them “Yeah, Good to be home” he said smiled gently when he sits on the bench with them and sudden he nuzzled them and they start blushing “Ah, Wh- What is it? How was your day?” They ask which he don’t stop nuzzling them and start give kisses on their cheeck and neck now “Not now.. I’m with you now…I want you now..” He whispered when they blushed more “Hyuga…. Ah…” They said and bit their lowerlip and he stroking their back “I love you….” He whispered sudden and they blushed again and hide their face in his chest.

*Dean trying to tell Castiel how he feels*

Dean: Hey Cas I lo I long jump on the weekends. I’m in a league. You should come watch.

Castiel: Okay Dean.

Dean: Hey Cas, I lo-l-lost my car keys. Have you seen them?

Castiel: They’re in you’re room

Dean: Hey Cas, I lo- love this movie. It’s awesome.

Castiel: I like it too Dean.

Dean: Cas, I love your shoes.They’re really nice.

Castiel: I’ve had these shoes for 7 years Dean.

Dean: Cas I gotta tell you something. It’s really and important and I don’t know how you’ll feel about but I I I lo-

Castiel: *puts finger on Dean’s lips*

Castiel: Shh Dean. You don’t have to say it. But just so you know I love you too.

Castiel: *Kisses Dean on the cheek*