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12 - Jake Riley

[can you do a Jake Riley imagine please? Like something where he’s in the cordon and before they stop the Internet he’s video chatting with Y/N and their daughter & the whole time they are keeping hope and talking about all the good/fun things they are gonna do when it is all over ? :)❤️ love your account btw]


“Jake.” I whisper, smiling widely as tears slip down my cheeks.

He smiles to me, taking a deep breath. “Hey Y/N.”

“I miss you.” I say, trying to control myself into not crying. Jake runs his hand through his hair, sighing and nods.

“I miss you too, baby.” He replies, I smile feeling my tears continue to fall. “Y/N, please don’t cry.”

“I can’t help it.” I confess, wiping my eyes. “Jake, you’re stuck in there.”

He nods, biting his lip as he adjusts his camera on his phone, so its a better angle. I’m using my laptop, that is rested on the table. “I know.” He replies. “But its just 48 hours, baby. I’ll be out soon.”

I nod, wiping my eyes with my sleeves. “Please be careful, Jake.” I plead.

“Course, Y/N.”

I take a deep breath, choking on a sob. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He replies, giving me a warm smile.

“Daddy!” I turn around at Olivia’s voice, she looks to me confused. “Mummy, why are you crying?” She asks, appearing in view of the camera. “And why isn’t daddy home yet?”

I lift her up, setting her on my lap. “Olivia, sweetie. Daddy isn’t coming home tonight or tomorrow.”

Her face drops. “What?” She turns to Jake. “Daddy, why aren’t you coming home?”

Jake sighs. “I’m busy, princess. I’m very busy with work, but I’ll be home soon.” He lies, I nod wishing his life was true and not the truth.

That he is locked in a hospital with a dangerous disease.

“Oh.” Olivia says, looking upset. “What about tomorrow? Daddy was suppose to come to my school play. He said he would.”

I cover my mouth with my hand, looking away for a second. “Olivia, I wish I could be there. But I can’t, my work is keeping me busy.” Jake tells her, while I focus on not crying.

Olivia’s eyes go glossy and I see her bottom lip tremble. “You promised.” She says, tears leaking down her eyes. “Daddy, you promised me.”

“Olivia.” I say, making her look at me. “Your dad is too busy, but he’ll make it up to you.”

“Yes.” Jake says. “Princess, I swear. As soon as I’m finished with my work, we’ll to that water park you showed me.”

Her face instantly brightens up and I smile a little. “Really?” She asks. Jake smiles, nodding. “With the big slide?”

“Yes.” He says, I smile mouthing thank you to him since she isn’t looking. I run my hands through my daughter’s hair, taking a deep breath to calm down.

“Daddy why I can’t visit you at work?” Olivia wonders. “Mummy does it.”

“I’m not at work, sweetheart.” Jake says. “I’m somewhere else.”


“I’m at the hospital, I was just delivering something.”

Olivia nods and I kiss her head, my arms around her. “Why can’t you come home?” She whines, pouting with disappointed.

“Because I’m busy, princess.” Jake tells her.

“But who’s going to tuck me in at night?”

“Your mum is perfectly capable.”

“Yeah, but its not the same. Mummy isn’t any good.”

I gasp, making her giggle. “I am good, you cheeky monkey.” I tease, squeezing her cheek. My daughter giggles and I smile as does Jake, I kiss her forehead.

“Daddy is better, mummy.” She tells me.

I roll my eyes, resting my head on my hand. “I’ll tell you what.” We both to look to Jake, he smiles. “When I can get home, I’ll buy you a present.”

Olivia perks up. “What?”

“What’s the one thing, you’ve been asking for?” Jake asks her, raising his eyebrows. My jaw drops as I realise and he nods to me, I shrug.

Olivia scrunches up her face as she thinks. After a few moments she realises and gasps. “A puppy!”

Jake laughs, nodding. She practically screams with excitement in my ear and I wince. “Mummy, mummy, daddy is getting me a puppy.”

I nod. “I heard, Olivia.”

“But you have to be a good girl now.” He tells her. Olivia nods, rapidly and I laugh as does he.

“Thank you, daddy. And can we take it for walks?” She asks, resting her head on her hands.

He nods. “Course, princess.” She smiles. “You need to make sure to look after it now.”

“Yes.” Olivia replies, nodding. “But do I have to clean up after it poops and pees?”

“No, your mum can do that.” Jake says, I raise my eyebrows.

“Excuse me.” They both laugh and I roll my eyes but smile. “I will not be doing that, since its daddy’s idea to get the puppy. He can clean it.” I say, looking at Jake.

He rolls his eyes. “Whatever you sa-” Suddenly, the call ends and I bring my eyebrows together with confusion.

“Where did daddy go?” Olivia asks me.

“I don’t know, maybe he had work.” I reassure her. “Why don’t you go and make him a card for when we he gets home.”

She nods and rushes into her bedroom, I get my laptop trying to recall him. However, I get a sign saying the connection has gone.

I gasp, close to tears. “I can’t contact him.” I whisper.


The sounds of the door closing makes me jump and I drop the plate in my hands, food scattering over the floor.

“Wow.” A voice, I’ve missed desperately, says. I gasp, looking and up and run to Jake. My arms around his neck, as I sob a little into his chest.

“You’re here.” I say, smiling. He laughs, lifting my head and kisses me, I kiss back my hands deep in his hair. “How? What happened?”

“A cure was found quicker than expected, everyone has gone back to normal.” He kisses me again. “I’ve missed you so much, Y/N.”

“I missed you more, Jake.” I reply, smiling. He smiles to me and I kiss him once more, just enjoying the fact he’s with me.

“Never again, am I going to that hospital.” He tells me, I giggle and kiss him.

“What happened with the connection?” I ask when the kiss ends.

Jake shrugs. “It went, I have no clue why.”

I nod, my arms still around him. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, Y/N. I love you.”

I smile. “I love you too.”

Another gasp makes our heads turn. Jake smiles and I smile as well. Olivia smiles back, her face brightened up. “Daddy!”

She rushes to Jake, who picks her up kissing her forehead. “Hey, beautiful. I’ve missed you.” He tells her, kissing her forehead again.

I smile as does Olivia, her arms around him. “I missed you too, daddy.”

Jake smiles. “Olivia, remember I said about getting you a present?” She nods, looking excited. Jake chuckles, setting her to the floor and leaves for a split second.

Olivia screams with joy, seeing him arrive back with a tiny dark brown puppy in his hands. “Mummy, mummy. Its a puppy, a puppy.”

I shh her, calming her down. “What its name?” Olivia asks Jake.

“What do you want to call him?” He asks her.

“Max.” She decides, grinning. Jake smiles and I kiss his cheek. “Can I hold him?”

He nods. “Be careful, alright?” She nods and takes the puppy in her arms. I guide her to the sofa, letting her pet him and sit next to Jake.

“I love you.” I simply say, knowing he is just the best.

Jake smiles. “I love you too.”


[New imagine, hope you enjoyed it. There will be no more parts, also requests are open]

Shopping with Seventeen

S.Coups: hed buy you anything and everything you want plus hold your bags for you. 

Jeonghan: he woud genuinely tell you what he thinks about the outfits you chose but then hed say it would look better on him. which is mostlikely true.

Joshua: hed tell you “uhm isnt that too revealing? WWJD?”

Jun: instead of him shopping with you, itd turn into you shopping with him. but hed only try on the clothes just to take it off. “how does this one look…ON THE FLOOR….

Hoshi: hed try on all the clothes at the same time while running around the store screaming YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Wonwoo: hed be sitting down in the corner on his phone shopping online and when you come out to ask his opinion on the outfit he would say “i like it, but do you have it in black?”

Woozi: he would go the mall with you but he would just sit in the food court working on something and ask you to come get him when youre done. “but if you need anything, which i hope you wont, ill be here”

DK: hed want couple everything. “ooh lets get couple tees! oh and couple shoes. OH and couple PAntS!!!”

Mingyu: it would be a good i dea to take him with you. hed prob get you coffee and hed be able to reach the things on the top shelves that you never could. 

The8: hed be so excited to go with you but during your shopping trip you’d lose him. *you end up finding him 1hr later at a pet store “whered you go minghao?! im in the habitat, shh the puppy is sleeping”*

Seungkwan: hed make you trying on clothes like hes hosting a fashion show. “ and here we have our lovely lady wearing *whispers* what you wearing? a pair of black pants? A PAIR OF BLACK PANTS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! EXCLUSIVELY FOUND AT JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEANS WAREHOUSSSSSE!”

Vernon: confused the entire time overalls????  ITS PANTS CONNECTED TO YOURE SHIRT?! what is the difference between a dress and a skirt? OMG i dont understand this. i dont understand girls. i dont understand anything. im so stupid.

Dino: youd have to bribe him. “we go shopping for an hour and after we can go get ice cream, ok?” “ okayyyyyyyyyyyy :D”

Blue was a bit distracted as he walked through the club. His eyes were on Red as she danced on stage. How could he not stare at her when she was up there? He imagined it would be hard for anyone not to. But his lack of attention got the better of thim when he walked into a chair, nearly tipping it over. “Oh, oh my god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he stopped when he suddenly realized the chair was empty and gave an awkward smile to the person sitting across from it. “Oh. Um. Hi. I’m not crazy and I don’t speak to nothing like that very often,” he said though the fact was that he very much did.


Please do accept this humble WaterTribe!Zuko… I mean, Li, aka SWT’s favorite adopted baby.

You guys, I depicted Zuko from Dracze’s ongoing rad fic, in which Zuzu’s brought up in Ba Sing Se’s brothel and eventually bailed out from there with help from his hot new BF Hakoda - it’s a long story - and then the SWT basically adopts him. That’s in big short. I should probably stick to drawing instead of writic fics’ summaries. You, on the other hand, should totally check out her writing. And send her love and possibly cats/bunnies/puppies pics. Shh just do it, her submit box is open, send her baby animals, just do it