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Hey, followers! Let’s jump right in, shall we? (please don’t scroll past just yet, what if you miss out on something you’d really enjoy??? ehh?)

Sooo, everyone watches youtube right? There is this really neato youtuber named Phil and he’s been on youtube for 9 years and is 28 years old. He’s super nice, and his bffl Dan just hit 5 million subscribers. 

Phil is so close to 3 million, and it would really be so great to get him there today. Some things bout him arrre that he has reflective blue eyes (oooh), dyed black hair, he created the 7 second challenge and the tumblr tag, and is basically just a really creative cinnamon roll.

he looks like zis:

the aforementioned bffl looks like zis:

Many fans would agree with me if I said Phil is really under appreciated, which he is. He’s humble, I feel like he actually cares about his fans (which i’m finding is becoming rare with other youtubers tbh), and he’s so smart he literally has like a million degrees.

I know this doesn’t fit on a lot of blogs, but if you could just read this and subscribe that’s be so freaking awesome. Check out a few of his videos please? If you have free time? (I recommend Phil Is Not On Fire 4 and Dying My Hair Blue but they’re all p freakin great tbh)

I know his videos are like, some of the only ones that can cheer me up when I’m sad. (besides markiplier and sometimes shane dawson and iisuperwomanii)

For my followers who are subscribed to Dan but not Phil, let me tell ya something. I know it’s easy to like Dan, bc he’s vcute and relatable and quite articulate. I got on tumblr in 2011 and that’s when I started watching Dan, bc I saw gifsets of him and Phil. His sense of humor really resonates with a wide variety of people, I think that’s why he’s so popular. We see ourselves in him. But there’s a reason Dan loves Phil (platonic or nah, that isn’t the point), and really I wish I would have started watching Phil earlier, because I find that where as I am more like Dan, I’d want a friend like Phil, you know? It’s the little things about Phil that make us care about him so much. He may have less subscribers than other youtubers, but I feel like the ones he has really really care about him (opposed to people with LOT’S of subscribers who aren’t necessarily dedicated I guess)

Plus, it’s great because Phil is a cinnamon roll who makes innuendos even better than they already are (just trust me on that one)

Please, it would mean a lot to me personally if I saw someone get something they’ve deserved for so long. I’m sure it’d mean a lot to Phil too. Just consider it, if you’ve even read this far anyway.


(dan is a meme phil is a cinnamon roll, just in case you wanted to know. subscribe to phil for one free ticket to phan hell)