shh just go along with it

BTS Reaction: Girlfriend is running a fever and accidentally calls them “oppa” even though they are a year older

Seokjin: He’s to busy trying to get your fever down to care about the slip up. “eat this it will make you feel better”

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Yoongi: People say he’s cold and doesn’t care but that’s not true. He’s a silent lover meaning he watches over you even when you sleep. The slip up will put a smile on his face. “shh jagi just rest”

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NamJoon: “whatever you say babe” He understands you’re too sick to care about proper honorifics, but expect some teasing about it when you get better.

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Hoseok: “ahh! so cute!” He knows you’re sick but he can’t help it. that was just too cute.

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Jimin: “Y/N, you’re older” It didn’t necessarily bother him but it caught him by surprised that you called him that.

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Taehyung: He is going to go along with it to make you feel better. “yes oppa, im your oppa”

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Jungkook: “I know you’re sick with a fever but im still not your oppa” he loves you it’s just a pet peeve for him.

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33-35 Fahc and your choice of ship

Going with a rarepair for no reason: jackael

33. Who would wear “not guilty” t-shirt/ Who would wear “sin” t-shirt?

Jack def wears the “not guilty” and Michael the “sin” shirt. Though every once and a while they like to switch it up as well. Because why not.

34. Who would wear “if lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt?

Michael wears the “if lost return to..” because the boy has no sense of direction, let’s be honest. It’s almost necessary for him to have it. and Jack wears the “I am…” though she also has one that says “Keep him”

35. Who goes overboard on the holidays?

Jack. Fucking loves the decorations and shit. Michael will usually go along with it just because of how happy it makes Jack. (Though Michael secretly enjoys it too, shh don’t tell)

Being an artist, and dating Peter would include…


  • Sketching Peter when he’s not looking
  • Doodling in class, which usually ends up with you having a notebook full of coloured-in animals, instead of class notes
  • Bringing your sketchbook with you everywhere you go
  • “I might see something that I just have to draw.”
  • Peter having to remind you to eat or drink whenever you sit in front of a canvas, staring at it blankly for hours at a time
  • “You’ve been staring into nothing for nearly two hours.”
  • Giving Aunt May one of your masterpieces, since she’s always so sweet to you
  • Sharpening your pencils. Constantly.
  • Dragging Peter along with you whenever you need to buy new supplies.
  • “Y/n, we’ve been looking at the same box of pencils for nearly forty-five minutes.”
  • “Shh, this is an important decision.”
  • Acing every art class you attended
  • Your work desk being extremely cluttered and messy, filled with empty paint containers and broken pencils
  • “Where did I put the blue paint…?”
  • Stretching your hands 24/7, since they always get sore whenever you hold the pencil for hours at a time
  • Your hands always being smudged with pencil lead
  • Drawing on your test papers, which both irks and amuses your teachers at the same time
  • “Y/n, you drew a giraffe over question 27, but it is a very detailed giraffe, so I’m going to give you an extra point.”

“Shh,” she whispers, a giggle resonating through when her lips kiss the corner of Skye’s mouth and Skye’s fingers tickle over her ribs.

“Shh yourself,” Skye counters, laughing quietly and clumsily unbuttoning Jemma’s blouse.

“What if they hear us?” A smile surges when Skye plants open mouthed kisses down her neck. She shrugs. “They hear us.”


“Mhm,” Skye mumbles when Jemma combs her fingers through her hair, “as if you mind.”

“Not really.” She gasps when Skye softly bites down on her shoulder.

“Shh,” Skye teases when Jemma squeals as she lifts her up and carries her to the bed, then quickly kissing her way down Jemma’s body.

“Just shut up and go on, Skye, please,” Jemma nearly begs when her fingertips tickle along the edge of her jeans.

Skye grins and sucks a hickey next to her navel. “Yes ma'am.”

imagine road tripping with bestfriend!calum. you’d be sitting cross-legged in the passenger’s seat, while calum drove. the music blasting through the radio would be an immense variation of things. it would go from green day, to chris brown, to a song that calum would quickly skip because “it’s very inappropriate y/n, your virgin ears don’t need to hear that filth”, then it would finally get to some of 5sos’ songs and man would you get into it. you’d hear the opening chords to skh and dramatically yell “OH MY GOSH, CAL HAVE YOU HEARD THIS SONG?? THIS IS THE BEST SONG I’VE EVER HEARD JUST LISTEN TO THIS.” and he’d giggle and go along with it, and as it was about to be calum’s part you’d go “shh shh, this is best part. this guy is really good. what’s his name?? calvin?? clam?? cay-lum?? oh wait, it’s YOU!” and he’d smile to himself really softly because he’s so happy to have such a fun and lovely person in his life and now i want to be
cal’s best friend :-(