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this plant vaguely matches my underwear & i’m very pleased about that | my pictures, pls don’t steal


At the sound of Megatron’s voice, Red Alert froze before he jumped back with a small yelp. He twisted to face the larger mech, his optics were blown open wide. He quickly drew out his gun with shaking servo’s, “You’re not supposed to be back for hours?! How did you know I was here?! Who have you been talking to?! Are you going to kill me?!”

Megatron’s wings flared wide in response, before curling around his frame - a makeshift shield of sorts. “I didn’t know you were here. But, since you were digging through my possessions, perhaps it was fitting that I decided to return.”

He vented, warily, and considered how to make the situation less tense. The mech was obviously agitated - skittish and nervous - and one wrong word might spell disaster. 

“I have no intention of killing anyone.” Megatron answered truthfully. “And, if possible, I’d prefer not hurting you either. Or getting shot. Just put your weapon down and we’ll – talk.” 

ender-kun  asked:

I want to get buff so I can carry you everywhere.


Friendo, i have so many weird disorders and shit that healthy living is nigh impossible

so im like… a size 16-18

so um

you have fun with that *pats head*