shh i like this line


Found some semi-old WIPs (at the still-testing stage before I even start looking properly at proportions, so excuse those) from this summer I believe.
Thought some might be interested - if you can look past the obvious mistakes etc (Also, it’s lacking panel #3, wonder where that went…)
Figure I should maybe get over my reluctance of sharing WIPs
(Also I kind of want to go back and redo/finish these when I have the time, hopefully this’ll get me motivated)
All my art these days is ridiculously self-indulgent /shrug

things that matter to me

  • tahno is alive
  • tahno has his bending back
  • tahno is still a sex falcon jerkbender
  • the way he lips off at korra in the video game leads me to believe they have a healthy, playful rivalry (i know he has like 2 lines shh)