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i find it kind of odd that some people in the fandom are hating on their relationship especially since we know nothing about him and there isn’t a reason to hate on them being together ?? like just let them live lmao aren’t some of y'all tired

Scenario: Blitzed Birthday

Prompt: Today was Kevin’s birthday, so you, Amber, and Eric decided to surprise him by going to the noraebang (karaoke). However, things get a bit crazy when everyone—but you—decides to get drunk.

“______! Where are you?” Eric shouted. You put your phone on speaker before setting it down on the bathroom counter top.

“I’m getting ready!” you replied as you quickly curled the last section of your hair.

“Ooh~, I bet Kevin will appreciate that.”

You rolled your eyes and laughed. “Will you stop? Kevin doesn’t like me.”

“Whoa, who said anything about that?” Eric asked innocently. You glared at your phone as if it was Eric himself.

“You always mention Kevin around me, and now you’re pretending to be innocent?”

Eric chuckled. “Okay~, you caught me. But really! He so does like you!” You ignored his comment and resumed back to fixing your unwanted hair flyaways with some hair spray. “Hello~? Don’t ignore me, ______.”

“Sorry, but I don’t like it when you give me false info.”

“It’s not false!” he countered. “I’m pretty sure he likes you! Don’t you think he’s been acting strange ever since last week?”

“No? What happened last week?”

“Uh, your comeback? He visited you backstage at Music Bank and took pictures with you, remember? He practically wrote an essay over how much he loves you in the description on Instagram.”

“Eric!” you said with a laugh. “It was not an essay, don’t exaggerate. Besides, he took a picture with Amber too when it was her comeback.”

“So? You’re still the only one who got an essay for a description. He so likes you.”

You sighed. “No, he doesn’t. It was just a sweet, normal message. He is one of my closest friends, after all.”

“But even Amber thinks he likes you, and Amber is… Amber,” he emphasized. “We’re all friends, aren’t we? It’s so easy to tell that he likes you.”

You puffed your cheeks up, frustrated. “Eric, I’ll believe it when he says it himself. For now, don’t make assumptions.”

“Aigoo, you’re so clueless. Hurry and pick up the birthday boy from his house because Amber and I are already done decorating the noraebang room.”

“Okie dokie. I’ll be there soon. Bye!”

You ended the call and looked at yourself in the mirror one last time. ‘I think I look pretty decent.’ You were wearing a black, long-sleeved turtleneck blouse that had lace around the collar with some normal skinny jeans and white bow flats. Your plan was to look naturally pretty, so your makeup was very minimal, and your curled hair was spot on. ‘Good job me,’  You looked at your phone to see it was 8:00 P.M. ‘Now let’s go get Birthday Boy.’


“So~ where are we going?” Kevin asked, full of curiosity and anticipation after he got into your car. You shook your head and smiled.

“Not telling. But it’s nothing special.” you replied as you made a sharp turn onto the next street.

“Aw, that’s not true. I’ll love whatever you guys schemed.”

Schemed?” you questioned. “You make us sound so evil!”

Kevin threw his head back and laughed. “Well, you guys aren’t… that evil, I guess. Especially not you. You’re the nicest one to me.”

You smiled at his words but didn’t know how to reply to them. You figured maybe silence would be best for now since you were afraid of letting Eric’s assumption slip out into the open and making things awkward. ‘Why is this bothering me so much? Even if Kevin did like me, I don’t feel that way about him… do I?’

Kevin noticed your odd behavior and wondered why you weren’t talking as much as you normally would. Believe it or not, you two actually met because you were the chatty one—not him. You were the one who approached him first backstage during his “Standing Still” era as a newly debuted soloist, and he was amazed at your sweet, friendly nature. You two just happened to click really fast, and he then introduced you to Eric and Amber.

“We’re here!” you exclaimed as you parked your car.

“Yay!” Kevin unbuckled his seatbelt and got out immediately.

“Wait, wait, wait! You can’t look yet!” You literally bolted out of your car and ran behind him in order to cover his eyes with your hands.

“Huh? It’s dark! I can’t see!” Kevin cried. You giggled at his panicked expression.

“That’s kind of the point. I’ll guide you into the room.” You practically had to stand on your tippy toes to cover his eyes.

“What room?”

“You’ll see. Just start walking forward.” You hadn’t really noticed it before, but Kevin looked really handsome in his grey button up shirt with dark blue jeans. You could tell that he spent some time styling his blonde hair because it looked flawless, as usual. ‘When did he get this handsome…?’

As you and him kept walking, you realized your hands were becoming more and more shaky. Luckily, Kevin didn’t really notice, but it was so hard for you. You didn’t know why you were feeling so… nervous.

“Just a little more. Turn right here.” you told him.

“Ooh~, I’m so excited for this!” he said happily.

You then saw the room that you, Eric, and Amber had rented up ahead, so you instructed Kevin to open the door and walk in.

“Surprise!” Eric and Amber shouted. You immediately removed your hands off his eyes, and he gasped loudly. The decorations were done beautifully with a colorful banner that read “Happy Birthday Kevin!” along with plenty of balloons and streamers strung across the room.

“Happy Birthday! You’re getting old!” Eric teased while throwing confetti at Kevin’s face.

“You’re older than him though.” Amber pointed out.

“Shh! Details!”

“Aw, thank you guys!” Kevin said, full of joy.

You laughed as you closed the room door and sat down on a sofa, observing the room once again. The lights were dim, but there was a multicolored disco ball that kept rotating continuously. There was also a stage, a big screen TV, and a table in the center of the room with a birthday cake and bottles of soju on it. “Oh no… were you guys planning on drinking?” If there was one thing you couldn’t tolerate, it was alcohol. You didn’t mind your friends drinking it, but they always told you that they overdo it. That’s why you never went out with them when it involved drinking. ‘Guess I’ll experience seeing them drunk for the first time.’

“Heck yeah! Come on, ______! Let’s party!” Eric cried as he plopped down next to you. “Even Amber is going to drink, and you know she normally doesn’t.”

“Hey, someone needs to be able to drive you guys home.” you said with a giggle.

“Eric’s right. Let’s get this party started! How about every time ______ laughs, we take a drink?” Amber suggested as she sat down on your other side. You gasped and shook your head.

“No! That’s a terrible idea!” you said, laughing once again.

“Oh! She laughed! Let’s pour the soju!” Kevin cried.

“Oh boy…” You smiled to yourself. ‘This will be a long night.’


I, want you to, shake shake that brass,” Amber sang confidently on the stage with a mic in one hand and a soju bottle in the other. You couldn’t help but laugh at how drunk she looked because her eyes could barely stay open. “I, want you to.” she repeated.

Ooh~ yeah, yeah.” you sang beautifully. You were also on stage with her, singing Taeyeon’s parts to the best of your ability.

Yeah, I, want you to, shake shake that brass. I, want you to…

Shake that brass~.” You then sang the bridge powerfully while Eric and Kevin were screaming in the background. Once the high note came, you hit it perfectly and sang the run flawlessly too.

“Whoo!” Kevin yelled as he took another shot of soju.

“Yeah! Go ______!” Eric added as he chugged down the remaining soju in his bottle.

As “Shake That Brass” came to an end, you set your mic down in its proper location while Eric slowly staggered over to the stage to snatch Amber’s mic.

Ooh, ooh! Oh, pretty baby!” he sang loudly. “Ooh, Ooh!

“Hey! You can’t do that~!” Amber whined. “I love that mic… give it back~. ______! Tell Eric to give my mic back. Please~?”

You giggled. “Eric, give Amber back her mic.”

“No wait~. I have one more song to sing! Ooh ooh~.

“Boo! Get off the stage!” Kevin said while cackling. You were quite alarmed because you had never seen him laugh like that before. He was so… obnoxious. It was quite hilarious, actually.

“K-Kevin! Kevin… it’s your turn to sing again.” Amber said, slurring her words together. She slowly navigated her way to the sofa and plopped down on it, face first.

“I think it’s getting kind of late… maybe we should end the party…” you suggested.

“Hahahaha! You’re so~ funny, ______!” Kevin said happily. He slowly walked up to the stage and snatched the mic from Eric.

“Yah! How dare you!” Eric shouted. “______! Control your boyfriend!”

Your mouth hung open. “H-He’s not my boyfriend! What the heck are you saying?!”

“We all know it’s gonna happen~.” Amber said into the sofa, muffled. Eric nodded as he walked over to the sofa.

“I’m going to sleep. Good night~.” he said as he collapsed on top of Amber.

“Oh no. Eric! You can’t sleep on top of her like that!” You immediately dashed over and strained to lift him off of her. “Oomph… you’re heavier than I thought.” You wrapped his arm over your shoulder and successfully carried him to the other side of the sofa. “Geez… this is why I don’t drink.” you said while shoving him off of you.

“Hey ______!” Kevin called out. You turned around and saw him swaying back and forth on stage with a dopey smile. “I think I’m drunk… Hehe! Aren’t I adorable?!” He started to do random gwiyomi actions with his hands and kept pouting at you without a care in the world.

“Kevin! Aigoo…” You ran back on stage and took the mic from him. “You’re really out of it. How much did you drink?”

“I don’t know. 3? 4 bottles? 6? I forgot how to count… what are numbers?” he asked cutely. You quickly set the mic down and shook your head at him.

“You know that your tolerance for alcohol is low. Go lay down.”

“Ok!” He suddenly fell forward, and you barely caught him in time in your arms.

“K-Kevin! Not on me! Do I look like a bed?!” You were becoming red.

“Hmm~ but you’re warm…” he murmured. You looked at him resting on your shoulder with his eyes closed.

“Are you falling asleep on me? Wake up!”

“You smell nice…”

“This boy!” You awkwardly carried him to another chair and plopped him down on it. “Kevin… open your eyes. Wake up.” you demanded while shaking him.

“But I’m tired~!” he whined. You crossed your arms and frowned. He was such a child.

“Then let’s get you into my car, so I can drive you home. I think Amber and Eric’s rides are already taken care of by their companies.”

“You’re such a great friend to me~,” he cooed while suddenly grabbing your arm and hugging it. “Don’t leave me!”

“What are you talking about, you idiot? I just said I’m taking you home.”

“No no. Not that~.” He slowly raised his head up to look at you. “Why am I losing you to someone else?”

You raised an eyebrow. “What are you talking about?”

“T-The comeback~. Your comeback. Your song is about wanting someone to give you a chance, so who were you talking about?”

“What? No, it’s just a song, Kevin.”

He slowly got up from the chair and gave you another pout. “Then why can I relate to it so much? Why won’t you give me a chance?”

Your eyes widened. ‘Is he being serious?’ “I think you’re really buzzed. Let’s get you home.”

“No~! I’m not! I… I like you~.” he said with a giggle.


“You’re so adorable… and short and kind and talented,” he said while poking your nose at each adjective. “So I know you would never give me a chance because you’re so perfect.”

You were really touched at this point because you had no idea he thought those things about you. Your mind was blank, but your heart was practically beating out of your chest. You had never really looked at Kevin as more than a friend, but it’s not like you never considered it. You did imagine what it would be like dating him a couple of days ago, but you figured it would never happen.

“Kevin… are you sure you know what you’re saying right now?” you asked, nervously.

“Duh~. I just said I like you~. Want me to say it again?”

“No, it’s fine. Don’t—”

I, Kevin Woo, like you ______!” he yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Shh! Oh my gosh! You’re such a dummy sometimes!”

“Hehehe. So sue me.”

“Aigoo… now you’re just being stupid. I’m going to leave you.” you joked as you started heading out. You suddenly felt a warm pair of hands covering your eyes from behind.

“You can’t leave me if you can’t see~,” Kevin said sing-songy. “Besides~, don’t you want to know what I really wanted for my birthday?”

You removed his hands off your eyes and turned around to look at him. “What is it?”

“You…” He pointed at you. “… and me…” He pointed at himself. “Together!” He made a heart with his hands, causing you to giggle.

“Aigoo~, you’re so cute… but you’re really out of it. I know you’re going to forget this all tomorrow.”

“Nuh uh~,” He suddenly hiccuped. “Hehe. I’m hiccuping.” *hic*

“Let’s just get you home.”

He shook his head. “Nope. I’m staying here.” *hic*


“I want to know how you feel about me. If you reject me, I won’t remember anyway.” *hic*

You frowned. “You stubborn little… I’ll tell you how I feel… tomorrow. That is, if you remember.”

“No way~. Tell me now!”

You sighed and gave him a tight hug. “… I like you too, Kevin. I just never realized it until today.” you whispered.

Kevin hugged you back just as tight. “Yay~,” he said faintly while resting his head on your shoulder. “You’re mine now.” *hic*

You smiled. “Yeah, I guess I am. Ready to leave now?” You didn’t hear him reply. Or even hiccup. “Kevin?” All you could hear was the sound of him snoring softly. “Aigoo~… Happy Birthday, my cute drunk.” you whispered.

A/N: I know it’s not Kevin’s birthday, but I had this idea in mind for a while and just had to type it out! How was it? Thank you for reading! :) Blitzed Kevin sure is adorable, huh? Lolol.

UPDATE: Hi everyone! Out of all my scenarios, this one has the most responses/likes/reblogs! I just wanted to inform you all that I have finally posted an actual fanfic with a plot line and everything on asianfanfics and it would mean a lot if you guys read it! Please comment too. :) 

Link is HERE

Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte

Our Lady of the Holy Death

He was out to make a conquest 
Didn’t care what harm was done 
Just as long as he won 
The prize 

She was just another conquest 
Didn’t care whose heart was broke 
Love to him was a joke 
‘til he looked into her eyes 

And then in the strange way things happen 
The roles were reversed from that day 
The hunted became the huntress 
The hunter became the prey 

Now you know who made the conquest 
She, with all her female guile
Led him helpless down the aisle 
She had finally made a conquest”

~Conquest by the White Stripes

Aaaaah~ Hola señora hermosa. <3

I loved this movie. It was just the most gorgeously animated film I’ve seen so far. THOSE DETAILS. THE ART. asdfghjkl;

And yes… I took a break from drawing by… DRAWING. XD I had sooooooooooo much fun with this! I don’t remember the last time I drew something with this much details. 
ALSO listen to the song! And watch the music vid. HAHA! That song = The Book of Life.

The urge to draw La Muerte was TOO STRONG UGH. Oh and can I just share… I wanted La Muerte to be voiced by Sofia Vergara because of reasons. XD XD 


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What are your OTPs? (One true pairing, but then again, I'm sure Aphrodite knows the meaning of OTP).

dID SOMEBODY SAY OTP!!!!????? -Aphrodite

Oh gods. -Apollo


Thalico? -Zeus

sHES A HUNTER! -Artemis

He’s gay! -Hades

Shh, details, details. -Aphrodite

Pothena?? Aphrodite, no. -Athena