Sam Winchester-One Shots

One Shots

Sam’s Christmas Present

That’s What Makes You Beautiful

You’ll Always Be My Valentine

Can’t Bring Me with You

PMS, Red Wine, and Dr. Seuss

Take Me with You

I’ve Got You

Sweet and Lowdown

Beach Day

Not on my Watch

Jealousy is a Green-eyed Bitch

Under the Mistletoe

Snow Day

The One with the Blind Dates

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere, Right?

I Hate Myself For Loving You (Alpha! Soulless! Sam/Omega! Reader)

I’ve Got This

Book Smart

You Don’t Own Me

Rule #1

Martha Stewart has Left the Bunker

The Lore Can Wait

Getting Inked

A No-Win Situation


Face Your Fears

Suck-It, Cupid

Sam to the Rescue

You’ve Been Warned

Overdue (Alpha! Sam/Omega! Reader)

Look What You Made Me Do

Fall Day

Look How Far We’ve Come

Bring It, Winchester

The Moose Will Be Mine

Sit Still, Look Pretty (Soulless! Sam)


This is Inky Demon

Her age is unknown

She is demon and she works at the devils casino (if thats ok with you), she had a very bad past with her stepfather and she ran away to the devils casino and lost against the devil so instead of giving up her soul she decided to work for the devil.

Hope you except this for future use.
((Dun hate meh but i kinda based it off of king dice but not exactly like king dice, just the clothes))

Response: NICE! The more casino workers the better! :’3 I love it! And to answer your other ask, you don’t have to @ me in the submission, only if you make the post on your own blog, then you @ me so I can see it! A submission will automatically be seen whether you @ me or not!

But anywho, thanks for the submission!


“Benicio drew, notorious gang leader, responsible for the deaths of thousands, and owner of the biggest monopoly in drug cartel. and he feels left out cuz he doesn’t wear a hat” @thelostmoongazer

Yea but.. I’m not sure he could wear a hat cause of ya know.. his head. 

Rumor has it that the Son of Ink is a master of the head shot, though there is a strange amount of those head shots that happened to have been wearing hats when they were killed. How peculiar