These days, I see people are angry all the time. Angry. From men to women, young and old, rich and poor, healthy and the sick people. Everyone is so angry. Especially Americans, very angry people. You know how to smile, fake, but you are very angry inside. You are trying, trying, trying but you don’t know what to do. That’s why the anger it comes up to there, (Sheykh points to the head) and suddenly, what do you do? You just take it out, and if you have the power you are going to destroy everything. You have children, that because of that anger, they can take that gun and they can kill everyone in front of them, their friends.  We have parents not understanding what that anger is, how to deal with that anger. Allah is sending us everything that is necessary for us to live in this world. If we are not taking the teachings, we will not know how to live in this world. We would live like animals and we would die like animals, and we would treat each other like animals. We are going to treat each other like animals. Just to be used, to abuse it, to kick it aside and to kill it and to finish it. ‘Because I have to fulfill my destiny, my pleasure, my idea.’ So the prayer it is very important for you. Because the prayer, Allah SWT is saying, it will stop you from committing the evil, the prayer will teach you how to stop yourself from being disobedient ones. Not the prayer of going up and down, the prayer of understanding what that prayer is.

-Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz.

Bint Helwa - “The broken legged mare”

Aziz x Helwa

As told by Lady Anne Blunt: 

“Bint Helwa had come from the Egyptian stud (Sheykh Obeyd) with two other mares (Johara and Fulana) and the three turned to pasture together on arrival in England. In the evening the other two came up to the stables but Bint Helwa was missing. On searching, she was found in a ditch. She had jumped the enclosing fence of the pasture, landed in the ditch so that her leg and shoulder were terribly broken, and the other mares following had jumped on top of her, breaking two of her ribs. As she was within six weeks of foaling it was decided not to destroy her, but take her to the stable and try to save the foal. The mare was gotten out on to a drag, pulled as gently as possibly to her box stall, suspended in slings, and cooling applications made to the injured parts. The breaks were too extensive to knit, but such was the soundness of her health and constitution that the days passed and no rise in her temperature ensued. When the day came for her foal to be born, she was lowered gently in the stall, the little one came into the world all right, and since that time the mare has bred seven perfect foals. Now in 1906, the broken-legged mare is 19 years old and she is due to foal this spring.“

Bint Helwa lived with her injuries for 9 years before passing in 1907. 

Sheykh Faris Al-Zahrani - Spent over 10 years in Saudi Dungeons and now sentenced to death after all these years. This is how the saudi regime treats the callers to the truth, the scholars who are not afraid to speak up

May Allah grant him martyrdom and destroy the saudi regime, ameen

اللهم إرزقه الصبر والثبات على الحق وإكتبه من الشهداء في سبيلك يارب وإهلك آل سلول الكفار المرتدين وأرنا فيهم عجائب قدرتك ياقوي ياقهار .اللهم عليك بولات خمور المداخلة فإنهم أفسدوا في الأرض وظلموا عبادك الموحدين

Shaykh Faris was born in 1978 in Al-Baha province. He attended the Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University where he attained a masters degree in Islamic law. During his time at the university he was also an Imam in one of the masajid in Al-Baha region. He was arrested in Abha by Saudi police on August 5, 2004. He is known for his critics on the the regime of Sa’ud, and his harsh positions against the Tawaghit.

If you have hatred in your heart, you are going to see hatred in everyone. If you have wisdom in your heart, you are going to find wisdom in everything. So your heart is important.

~Sheykh Lokman Effendi Hz.




The faith doesn’t come from the outside. It comes from the inside. Who can say that Allah did not put faith in them? Who can say? Which son of Adam that is not born with Islam, not born with Iman, not born with guidance? And Allah is saying, ‘I am closer to you than your jugular vein,’ not to Muslims. He is not saying that to the Arabs or to the Pakistani. He is saying that to everyone. Believer and unbeliever. ‘I am close to you.’ Because what the Evliya'Allah they do is they say, whatever that you are searching for, that is so far away, that you are looking everywhere, it is right in front of you. It is there. Just open your eyes a little bit. Everything is in front of you. The mercy of Allah is there. The signs of Allah is there. The azab of Allah is there. What you are looking for, it is right in front of you, only if you understand; only of if you remove the veil; only if you take a Guide.

-Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz.

Do not become the candle that gives light to others but itself remains in darkness.

- Shaykh Abd Al Qadir Al Jilani (RA)

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Supplication (dua) is not about getting one’s desires fulfilled. That’s not the aim, it’s just a consequence. It’s all about entering dialogue with The Beloved.
—  Sheykh Farrokh Sekaleshfar
Whatever is not done by the permission of Allaah will not happen, and what’s not done for the sake of Allaah will not benefit or remain
—  Sheykh ibn Taymiyyah, Al Hadiyyah Fi Mawa'ith Al- Imaam p. 25
We’re using our eyes, ears, hearts wrongly: We look but don’t see, we hear but don’t understand, we know but don’t feel.

- Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani (q)

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What Is A Murshid (Sheykh)?

You have to have a guide in front of you. If you don’t have a guide in front of you then you are going to lose the right direction. The guide is that one who sees. That’s what Sheykh means. Sheykh is the one who sees ahead. It’s not an ordinary person’s seeing, no. If Sheykh has the ordinary vision too then it’s no good. That is a jubbah sheykh, zikir sheykh but it’s not a Murshid. Murshid is that one who knows when the road comes to fork, which way to turn. He sees the light going ahead and the Holy Prophet (sws) is holding that torch. Anyone who is following, they may go then, InshaAllah ar-Rahman.

-Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi Hz.