Dear god

I don’t understand how you tolerate me so much. Never in my entire life has someone wanted to stay with me for who I was, and not try to change me the second they got the chance. I mean the moment we started talking you were SO persistent even though I was so unsure for most of the time (and any normal person would’ve said fuck this and left). You were the one that stayed, the one who fought, who didn’t care how long it took. I’d always wonder why people didn’t “Pick me, choose me, or love me.” It was than when I met you I realized the wait for the right person was worth all the time in the world wondering why someone didn’t love me. The wait was worth it why? Because I met someone amazing like you, and I’ve never cared about someone so much. I love you so much, and have no shame in saying it. 5months on sunday baby, and I don’t regret any moment that was spent with you :) Thankyou for not being like everybody else, you were a diamond in the rough. And I’m so lucky.

Barfy rant over.